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  1. Thanks Adam. In that case I will check my dimensions.
  2. Hi Adam. Have the rear stays and sleeves been drilled through in fitting?
  3. Oliver1

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    No just carp and roach etc. It’s great to be able to go there in the Westfield.
  4. Oliver1

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Fathers days fishing trip.
  5. Oliver1

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Look forward to see how you get on with the bonnet Gary.
  6. Oliver1

    Carbon Narrow Bonnet

    Does anyone have a Highline Narrow bonnet in carbon. My bonnet needs repainting and some fibreglass work so looking for a replacement. Nose also needs painting, so if anyone has a carbon one of these? Longshot I guess but thought it was worth a try. Steve
  7. Oliver1

    Has anyone used Carb Care?

    Stripped and rebuilt mine recently. Did not make any difference to the flat spot. Rolling road tuning and re jetting has improved it greatly but I don’t think the flat spot can be totally removed.
  8. Oliver1

    Westfield seats red/black.

    I have got a pair of these (same colour also) in my narrow body car. It would’ve checking the width with the seller.
  9. Oliver1

    Tel's Tales Silverstone 3rd June 2018

    Thanks for making me and my Dad feel welcome. A few photos.
  10. Oliver1

    Silverstone Stowe 3/6/18

    Well done Simon. Great to me you and the other Westfield sprinters yesterday.
  11. Oliver1

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    Hi Roz. Yes please, thats very kind. I will drop you a message with my address. Steve
  12. Oliver1

    Silverstone 03/06/18

    I was wondering if silverstone Stowe is good from a spectator perspective? I was thinking of coming along to watch.
  13. Oliver1

    C20xe oil change with sbd sump

    Interesting for me too. I have the same sump. Topped mine up to the max line and it does seem to be a bit on the full side. Mine has the original dipstick but cut off at the bottom. Consensus of those I talked c20XE with at Stoneleigh was around 4.5 litres.
  14. Oliver1

    Narrow bodied (duratec ST170) zetec conversion

    Very nice. Narrow body goals.
  15. There are a few people in the Sussex area who are up for a meet up. Looking at a date in June.

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