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  1. Max power at 13,000 rpm!. That’s going to sound insane!
  2. Would a db level app on your phone be adequate enough to give you an idea of where it’s at?
  3. Looking and sounding great Adam. Will be good to seeing the car with the bodywork on.
  4. Oliver1

    March 2019

    Good work. How was it when you drove it?
  5. There is a list of recommended MBE tuners on SBD’s website.
  6. Looks great Adam. Out of interest are you planning on fitting a diffuser? Ie would the added weight be worth the benefits in your opinion?
  7. Well done on the build. I think the car looks epic. I have been in some turbo’d MX5’s and this car is going to absolutely fly.
  8. I will be there on the Sunday- not in the Westfield though - too far.
  9. They look great I just wanted to be lower and less comfortable than the ones I had
  10. I have just sold my Westfield sports seats from my narrow car to make way for some fibreglass seats. I had picked out what I wanted from MK/kitcar direct in advance but when I rang up to order them, was told they are no longer being made in advertised 385mm, only wider That has left me with a bit of a problem. Does anyone have Westfield race seats or grp/fibreglass seats to sell that will fit? Many thanks Steve
  11. This is interesting stuff. I have been looking at JK’s and have been trying to contact them all week.
  12. No problem Martin, just let me know.
  13. Pair of Westfield seats removed from my narrow body. Red/Burgandy and black including runners. Good condition. One small bit of foam showing down low and some tiny holes on the back (seem to have circular tape on them) - I had never seen these until I removed the seats today. £sold Can be collected from Sussex or Lytham.
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