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  1. I guess he's sold it, no response to my calls or voicemails
  2. Is the listing yours? Looks like a clean engine!
  3. Possibly facing the worst with bottom end failure on my 1700 Xflow, and a full rebuild is a costly exercise. If you've got something spare (and in good health!) let me know. Thanks!
  4. They are no longer available from Westfield (except in white) so there's definitely going to be a growing market for them, especially if the fibre glass isn't cracked / good condition.
  5. Away on my holidays this weekend (and the car is still broken!), have a good one Are there any plans brewing for a Stoneleigh convey from this region?
  6. Hi Julian, if this is still available, can you PM Pete's number to me please?
  7. There's a rubber o-ring that sits underneath that plate with the three bolts holding it on. You're right, it is the oil pump You should be able to get a replacement o-ring cheaply enough. Try Burtons or similar. and if you haven't tried already, you could try pinching those bolts up a bit, they might just need tightening
  8. My biggest concern is the readings dropping when accelerating, it seems in most cars the pressure should go up, not down! Mechanical pressure senders are relatively inexpensive if you wanted to check the validity of your pressure gauge though
  9. Well, new pump ordered from Motorsport Tools (Burton are insisting I send their pump back to them, then they will send it for testing, then they will send me a new one...), fitted this afternoon and oil pressure started building immediately.... but again only to 2BAR and drops to 1BAR again when driving out and around. So it's had a new pump, a new sender, a new gauge and still the problem remains, which means the sump has to come off next. I'm really not looking forward to such a messy job! Especially on axle stands! One step forwards, two steps back!
  10. Welcome to the club, I have an SE too As has been mentioned, there aren't any off-the-shelf products to make the windscreen higher, but you can buy "RAC type" roll bars which will alleviate your roll-over worries (changing mine is on my to-do list too). Most likely you'll need to get the existing roof custom modified / extending to fit over the new roll bar though, I haven't worked out what to do with mine in this regard yet. Maybe some kind of extension piece on the bottom of the hood to give it the extra length...
  11. So new pump fitted and now I have a new issue, it won't build up any pressure at all! To be honest I suspect it might be a faulty / dead unit, there's been a few reports online about Burton pumps not working well or having micro-cracks, but I'm open to ideas. Filter and pump were both primed before putting them on the car. Spark plugs removed and coil disconnected, turned over on the starter for countless times. I refitted the old pump just to be sure (with the same filter) and it started pumping almost immediately. *sighhhh*
  12. Who doesn't love a bit of mystery From what I can tell, its a standard sump with a standard stick.Looking underneath and the sump has definitely taken some hits over the years though. If I do drop the sump, I might replace it with a known fitment.
  13. Thanks all, seems I'm going in the right direction!
  14. Ok @Thrustyjust you've inspired me pump first, and if that doesn't work then I'll drop the sump and see what's what underneath, then maybe plan to remove the engine and change the shells. My Google-Fu isn't helping me find a guide to do it though. More research required!
  15. I'll do the pump next, its cheap and easy to replace. There was a couple of suggestions about blocked pick-ups in the sump too. Not sure I fancy taking the sump apart myself though. If it turns out the car needs the bearings replaced, I definitely can't do that myself so I'd need to reseal and replace the sump and the oil (again) to drive it to a garage. Any one ever had to replace the bearings on a Xflow? The bearings themselves look relatively cheap, how many hours would a garage usually need for it?
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