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  1. ci_newman

    Replacement Fan Temperature Switch

    and before you replace it, I assume you've bridged the terminals on your connector to make sure the fan actually runs properly and you don't have a fault elsewhere?
  2. ci_newman

    Front caliper advice.

    No, that doesnt look right at all. The lines shouldn't be put under tension when on full lock, rubbing against the wing stays is going to cause a failure in the lines eventually. Unfortuntely I cannot tell you how they should be fitted, as I have swept wings. Hopefully someone else will be along shortly.
  3. ci_newman

    South Hampshire and IOW meeting

    Somewhere middle of Hampshire would be great for me in future (based in Basingstoke)
  4. Another recommendation for ear plugs too, especially if your route takes you on NSL roads. The first hour it's fun, the second and third can get tiresome (and tinnitus!)
  5. ci_newman

    Narrowbody Interior refresh

    Well, the interior carpet took a bit longer than expected as the tunnel carpet had to be sewn by hand (by my lovely dearest wife) but the interior is now finished: I've done all of the work myself (my wife did the sewing), so I'm very happy with the end result
  6. ci_newman

    Air filters for 45DCOE

  7. ci_newman

    Air filters for 45DCOE

    How on earth can you navigate that website to find the part you need, without already knowing the part number...? I'm looking to replace my filters too, and the search function is awful!
  8. Hi all, The gasket on my mechanical fuel pump is weeping oil which seems as good a reason as any other to swap it for an electrical pump. Does anyone have any experience of the process to swap it out? I'm running Weber 40s and I haven't a clue where to start with which fuel pump, fuel pressure regulators etc. Cheers! Chris
  9. ci_newman

    Duratec overheating.

    Does the thermostat have bleed holes in it? Whilst mine is a XFlow, I had to drill two small holes the metal around my thermostat to allow locked air past it when filling
  10. ci_newman

    Duratec overheating.

    Is the rad and pipework getting hot? Very good chances it is an airlock though. As an experiment, have you tried running without the thermostat? Perhaps the airlock is behind that?
  11. ci_newman

    Thames Valley Meet

    Although I'd love to attend, I am visiting the banger racing in Aldershot on Sunday instead! (They have a destruction derby with caravans this weekend :D)
  12. ci_newman

    Bit of white sludge

    So I would be weighing a few extra hours of work now vs. several days worth of work in the future if you build the car and find that the head gaskets have failed...# See what you find in the sump.
  13. ci_newman

    Xflow waterpump replacement

    To finish the topic for anyone that searches on this in future. I bought this water pump from Burton Power along with this union for the pipework to connect to the inlet manifold. The water pump was supplied with a paper gasket. I cleaned the side of the block using water and a green scouring pad (being very gentle!) and then finished off with some isopropyl alcohol to make sure all of the grease was cleaned too. As recommended, I used Hylomar blue between the pump and the gasket and the gasket and the side of the block. And now it's all back together again and looking shiny, and most importantly no more leaks! :D Just for completeness, the coolant I used is this one in a 50/50 mix with plain tap water: The Xflow needs an Ethylene Glycol based coolant, you should avoid using organic acid technology (OAT) based coolants as they can cause issues on older types like the Xflow.
  14. ci_newman

    Bit of white sludge

    I guess its important to know how the engine was stored whilst it was disconnected from the donor. Inside a nice dry garage or outdoors / in a shed? With or without the ancillaries attached? Are we talking a fistful of white sludge or just a thimble full? Personally, at this stage I would drop the sump and probably start costing up / preparing to change the head gaskets based on what you find. At least it should be a straight forward replacement whilst its out of the car.
  15. ci_newman

    Narrowbody Interior refresh

    Well the refresh continues, while I wait for the waterpump to arrive. Yesterday I stripped the car, then in the evening / this morning I re-trimmed the dashboard. I removed the defunct fan switch and replaced it with a 12V lighter socket instead. The fan switch has a spare green igntion switched 12V supply, does anyone know what ampage this is rated to and whether I can reuse it for the 12V socket instead? Stripped: Then re-trimmed the dash. Before: After: How that the carpets are removed, I can start properly looking for someone to create some replacements for me. My own next task will be to recover the sidepanels

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