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  1. ci_newman

    Chassis Bracket Identification, Fuel Pump?

    Good shout, thanks I'll get the rear chassis up on the jacks tomorrow just to double check.
  2. ci_newman

    Chassis Bracket Identification, Fuel Pump?

    No I didn't have a bracket like that on mine, but it's a bit close to the driveshaft for my liking anyway. There's a lot of pipes and wiring to keep away from something spinning so fast! I mounted the regulator on one of the chassis rails underneath the carbs. The one I bought came with an aluminium bracket, which I bent into shape around the chassis and pinched together to "bolt" it on without having to drill anything. Please excuse the unclipped wiring in the back, I need to get some sticky clips to secure it against the sheet metal.
  3. ci_newman

    Chassis Bracket Identification, Fuel Pump?

    I'm actually just going through this exact process at the moment. I haven't actually been able to start the car yet (waiting to replace the starter motor) but I've wired in the pump and regulator / pipework already and tested fuel delivery to the carbs. I used this pump: https://www.burtonpower.com/facet-electric-fuel-pump-kit-solid-state-4-5-5psi-fac40106k.html Mounted to the aluminium panelling behind the drivers seat (I didn't want to drill into chassis rails either). I also found a switched-live ignition in the rear trunk but through some digging I found it was part of the wiring loom for the rear lights etc. Rather than draw current from that part of the loom, I ran a new 12V cable from the battery and used the switched live as a trigger for the relay (I've also added a switch under my dashboard for a fuel cut off if I want to). Probably over-kill for the situation, but I was happier that way. Happy to provide pictures etc, what do you want to see?
  4. ci_newman

    X-flow rocker cover breather

    Thanks for the advice all. The rocker gasket is on my (long) list of things to do. The fumes mentioned above is exactly why I'm trying to resolve it, because likewise venting from the washer bottle under the bonnet just goes straight into the cabin at the moment (and makes my clothes stink).
  5. ci_newman

    X-flow rocker cover breather

    Yes, I was hoping to use that point to attach to the crankcase breather (since it sits just over the top), and then have a single pipe leading to a catch can. The car doesn't have a catch tank currently, it just has an old washer fluid bottle with both pipes stuck in the top, which vents into the engine bay. I'm in the process of removing the old mechanical fuel pump and even with the baffled blanking plate, I'm expecting an increase of oil to leave the crankcase breather.
  6. ci_newman

    X-flow rocker cover breather

    Hi all, part of my winter tinkering list is to tidy up the engine breather system. I had hoped to route the crankcase breather into the rocker, then replace the oil filler cap with a "breather" version like this: Burton Power However, when I went to swap it over the Burton unit is too small for my filler hole. I guess I have a non-standard rocker cover, but what have I got? Thanks all!
  7. ci_newman

    Identifying clamshell wings

    Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a pair of clamshell wings to replace the cracked / broken ones on my car. Mine is a 1992 SE, is there any differences between the different body types that would impact the clamshell wings, or are they all the same? I've found some for sale, the owner says they are for the ZK body type, but I don't know if they would work on my narrowbodied SE or not? Thanks all!
  8. ci_newman

    X-Flow - Electric fuel pump replacement

    I'll have to wait until it arrives then :D I couldnt find the rating online :D what rating is the loom usually safe for?
  9. ci_newman

    X-Flow - Electric fuel pump replacement

    Thanks for the advice! What size in-line fuse would you suggest?
  10. ci_newman

    X-Flow - Electric fuel pump replacement

    Bump this topic back to the top, I've finally ordered most of the parts that I need to complete this job. Couple of questions though: 1) Where / how do I mount it? I bought one of the Facet kits that comes with the rubber bobbins, how / where do I mount it? 2) How can I work out whether the wiring loom already has cabling for the pump? If the wiring is already there, what would it look like? 3) Assuming there is no wiring already in the loom, how do I go about wiring in a relay to the ignition loom?
  11. Just noticed your location, whereabouts in Hants are you?

  12. ci_newman

    Westfield SEIW

    GLWS, a couple of your pics arent loading properly for me (the last two)
  13. ci_newman

    Garage Clearance ..

    No idea what to offer for the screen...
  14. ci_newman

    Garage Clearance ..

    If the glass is in good condition, I'll take the silver-rimmed narrow-body screen please? Do you know what upright type the cycle wing brackets are from?
  15. ci_newman

    SOLD. RAC Roll Bar and Boot Tonneau

    A long shot but I assume this is for an SEW?

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