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  1. I am just starting life in the Westfield world. I am in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where, it seems, there aren't a lot of Westfields (if any)! After much consideration, (and retiring), I am finally getting around to one of those items on the list. Getting the kit at all in Canada is a challenge. Transport Canada does NOT like kit cars. Happily, the North American distributor, who is in Texas, seems to know his stuff. He provided most of the paperwork ready to submit to TC, and I have my authorization to import. I have the donor Miata sitting in the garage awaiting teardown, and am finalizing the details of the kit order. Does anyone have experience fitting a turbocharger on the Miata SDV build. My donor car is already turbocharged (a bonus). Is there any problem with clearances under the bonnet? I am hoping to use the single piece FW front end. Any suggestions on options I should definitely consider? This will be a road car, as there is no such thing as a track anywhere in Western Canada, let alone track days. If anyone is nearby, I'd love to chat with someone local about the Westfield experience. I am entirely new to forums in general; this is the first one I have ever joined, so feel free to critique my content!
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