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  1. Hi Paul I have the same engine as you. Do you have an engine block breather (under the exhaust manifold) or has it been sealed off with a blanking plate? If you only have the rocker breather I guess you would have increased pressure in your block. My block breather was blanked off so I fitted a new breather with a feed around to the catch tank that the rocker breather was already feeding to.
  2. Hi, has anyone got any photos, info, sizes, positioning etc of stop locks fitted to the westfield/escort steering rack. I'm guessing people are using double split collars? Jubiles clips seam to cut into the rubber gaiters. Thanks
  3. My last car, narrow body, minilite style wheels and a 1700 crossflow, proper old school. Photo taken at south west lotus centre open day.
  4. I'm just after some views really regarding using the westfield/rally design/mlr 135mm gear lever extension. Does the modification make gear selection stiffer and more awkward to select gears? is gear selection sensitive to positioning of the extension and the lever on the tolerance of the fixing bolt holes? Many thanks Chris
  5. I have removed a damaged near side oem ford mk1 fiesta/mk2 escort chrome mirror some months ago. Ever since I have been trying to get a good condition replacement, ebay gumtree etc and have failed. I don't really want to change the upprights, this is a 1995 car and want to keep it original classic look spec if possible. I've tried the plastic pattern ones which loads of people sell and the threaded studs on the two I tried toe in a little so would not fit. Ebay ones from Austraila are far too much money. Hole centres on uprights are 40mm. So, is there a different mirror that will fit the mounting? Or any suggestions very welcome.
  6. I'm no mechanic, but my last two cars had little use before I got them, which is often the case, and they got better to drive and start the more I used them. Hope you enjoy your new toy.
  7. I did this job last winter on the rear of my seiw, its well worth doing. I bought my protects direct from the factory with some discount and found them great to deal with. Reading the other threads, it sounds like spax are great as well. The only advice I would give is be careful who you ask to remove the old bushes, because if they stretch the bush collars it's a real problem sorting it out. After a suggestion on here I ended up contacting Siltech who made me some new rear wishbones, the old ones were quite corroded anyway. Siltech are superb to deal with and very knowledgeable. Hope you enjoy the rebuild
  8. Hi all, l'm looking at either refurbing my std front wishbones or changing to wide track. On std track, is there an off the shelf alterative to using jubilee clips as stop locks on the steering rack to stop the cycle wings rubbing on the tub? Jubilee clips fitted under the gaiters seem to split them over time. Has anyone recently bought Rally Design wide track wishbones and if so how did they get on fitting them?
  9. Thanks for all the replies. I ended up with a rally design straight gear lever, cut it down and fitted the westfield 3 x grub screw gear knob.
  10. Hi Chris, was your lever straight before you cut it down? I spoke to the lad in westfield parts dept, he said their cranked lever was 18mm diameter and the hole in the gear knob was 20mm, but that seems huge, as the end of my lever has a 10mm thread.
  11. The thread on the end of my gear lever is worn making the knob loose. I have an extension on my type 9 to pull the lever back from the dash as many do. Westfield only sell a lever with a crank and its about 6 inches long I'm after a straight lever as per the original at 6 ish inches, everywhere I tried only has a long lever at 11 inches - rallye design, burtons etc I don't really want to buy a new part and then have to take a hack saw to it and get a new thread cut. Any suggestions to where I can try most welcome.
  12. Hi John, if you come off the a38 at Ivybridge , I can wait for you there, then we could all rejoin together, what time are you thinking?
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