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  1. Westi

    What kit to go for?

    Ahh yes i understand, thats i different subject Leaning more and more against Duratec och Ecoboost, found out that registration regulations don't really allow the power in the Honda, in that case i have to increase the weight to about 1000 kg more or less which feels a bit lousy! Maybe a Mazda SDV could be an alternativ too.
  2. Westi

    What kit to go for?

    Maybe i got i wrong but isn't the Sport 250 Ecoboost quite much pricier than a Mega/S200? at least when looking at the webpage. But might just be me who doesn't understand properly
  3. Westi

    What kit to go for?

    Thank you! Don't really know much about regulations and registrations, must check that up! Regarding a Volvo engine that might be a good idea, thay are quite cheap over here Honda is quite popular as a track days cars so not impossible to get a F engine i bealive but will look this up also i know K engines are quite usual here but guess they don't fit that good
  4. Westi

    What kit to go for?

    Thank you for your thoughts! Seems like the S2000 is the way to go Is there any possibility to say if there is any pricedifferens between bike and Honda engine in buildingcosts generally? And yes it seems to be a very pleasant forum i must say with great knowledge.
  5. Westi

    What kit to go for?

    Hi! New member from Sweden here and i recently found this great site. Im very keen on building my own Westfield and has set it as a goal in life Don't really know what type to go for as a stumble between a Meg S2000 as a former hondafreak or go with bike motor. Will mainly use it on road but of course track it a few times a year. Any hint or tips on how to think when choosing object? Very new to car work so nervous on if/how to fix building one but as i said its a dream and a way to prove to myself that im not that bad in handy work as i always thought! Sorry for long post

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