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  1. James_westy

    Brand new zetec alternator

  2. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    This is what I’m thinking although the rear is a much better place. The temps would have to be really high to affect it, but still not impossible
  3. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    Fan is on a switch so I’ll try that. We’re swapping the pump purely as a process of elimination. Spoke to the mechanic, Steve bogg. He’s adamant it won’t be hot enough to vapourise the fuel specially seen as the swirl pot is At the inlet side and just doesn’t get that hot.
  4. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    The fuel rail just ends and doesn’t return anywhere so I’m guessing it’s as you say, returnless. The swirl pot is under the bonnet at the inlet side mounted to the bulkhead. The rate the pump pumps does concern my as it’s nit regulated so it’s just at full whack all the time that was kind of why I thought if it was ancient it wouldn’t cope with the strain. Going on what was said about vapour lock I’m steering towards that, what would be a good solution?
  5. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    Yes it’s the cube type. Mine is filling a swirl pot which then supplies the bike fuel pump so in theory it should be up to the job as it just keeps the swirl pot full. But with it been 10+ years old I don’t think it can handle it anymore.
  6. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    Yes didn’t do anything, another thing ruled out I suppose
  7. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    Bit of an update. crank sensor found to be getting scored by flywheel, new one fitted with small copper washer to allow clearance. map tweaked to take any richness out of it in a few areas. coolant temp sensor swapped but still not giving a 100% accurate reading but registers over the cold start shut off at normal running temp so shouldn’t be in cold start mode apart from when it’s supposed to be. All these seemed to have helped then a quick run out and again. Cuts out and wouldn’t start for 5 mins. Fuel pump seemed noticeably louder when it first cut out, pump is a small square type that was used to fuel the old twin 45’s. Now it’s used to supply a swirl pot with a bike pump inside. The pump I’m now thinking isn’t up to the job. Ordered a bigger facet type. See how this goes!
  8. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    Thanks, also the ecu temp sensor was reading low when we mapped it. Maybe need to find another to use that works more accurately with the ecu.
  9. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    It’s in the air filter back plate
  10. James_westy

    Westfield st170 bike itb help. (Cutting out problems)

    Yes I would say so. They always have a slight smell of fuel I always think. But yes more so I’d say.
  11. Just got my car back up and running from swapping it’s crossflow to zetec(ST170). It’s running on zzr1400 itbs on canems management. the car has been brilliant for first 100miles or so but today develop a cutting out issue. I’ve narrowed it down to been after a slow ish cruise in traffic at around 45-60mph for a prolonged period. It cuts out then won’t start for about 5 mins then it’s fine again for another 10-15 mins. When giving it some stick it’s fine but it’s slower speeds it doesn’t like. I’m hoping it’s a glitch On the mapping side and its over fuelling which in turn is flooding it. I’m going back to dyno on Wednesday but just wondered if anyone else has had a similar scenario and knew anything worth checking. thanks in advance.
  12. James_westy

    Narrow bodied (duratec ST170) zetec conversion

    £5k ish
  13. James_westy

    Brand new zetec alternator

    Bought for my conversion from retro ford, sadly the alternator was slightly too big with my car been a narrow. Still in box can photo if necessary. £100 posted.
  14. Well my crossflow’d Westy has evolved into a zetec Westy. Bogg bros have completed the conversion along with fitting zzr1400 itb’s. All complete bar a mapping session on Tuesday. Hopefully be at blyton the day after!

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