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  1. Adge, That’s really helpful and confidence building! At the risk of being F1K, when you say ‘dress’ do you mean you filed it out a little? And without creating too much wobble?
  2. Thanks guys. The stud currently won’t go through the brake pedal mount so I can then slide it onto the clutch mount. I had mounted the brake pedal and had a problem getting the bolt through the mount for the brake - all before I realised the clutch was mounted too high... I’m going to see if I can find a short round file to open it up slightly. Not much room to move though... I guess the message from the successful builders here, is that it should fit and I just need to persuade it a bit...
  3. Pedals again. I’ve left the car to the spiders (who seem grateful) for quite a few weeks. Time to crack on - even if it’s in sub zero. Back to the pedals. (95% there yesterday (or so I thought...) and realised the clutch is too high compared to the brake. Here’s the question. With the panels riveted onto the chassis, how do you get the angle on the bolt to slide it through the bottom hole on the clutch pedal housing? It’s too big to slip through the brake holes and into the clutch’s. Thinking of trying to file out the brake holes but suspect there’s not the angle to do that either. Any ideas?
  4. Adge, thanks for all these points. I hadn’t twigged the fuel tank point, so I think you’ve save me a bunch of time! I had realised the bolts were wrong, but just had them in for holding the thing in place until I find the right ones... thanks again,. You and the rest of this wonderful forum are helping me think I might actually get this done!
  5. Plan now is to finish what appears to be a pretty fiddly job getting the pedals done ( thanks to Adge, Steve and Bug Man for the tips). I then need to go back over what I've done with the front and rear suspension, steering rack etc to check and torque up. Given the rubbish manual, I'm pretty much having a go at what I think I can do and praying I don't come unstuck and have to start again...
  6. Managed to get the diff in place (attached) with the help of my two sons. Chest-pressed the thing up into the chassis and the boys guided me and bolted it into the cradle. I don't think the cradle has the right bolts on it yet, so just need to try and work out which ones are correct. Seems to be loads of nuts and bolts and from other threads Iv'e read, there's often too many or spares..
  7. Can anyone help me finish getting my pedals on? Hi. I’ve taken this week off to get a bit of R&R after a relatively difficult time at work. I want to make some good progress with the Westy this week. I’m going over the things I’ve put on/together so far and wanting to get them all perfect - torqued up etc... I may have said this before, but I’ve roughly go on all four wheel hubs, suspension and (obviously) wishbones. I’ve also got the steering rack in place but not the IVA covers and tightened up yet. Diff is ready to go as soon as I can muster the strength and my two teenaged sons to help lift it into place. Without the Sport 250 manual, I’m using the FW manual available on the Westfield website. The problem I’m having is trying to decipher how to get the pedals in place. The accelerator was easy - although Westfield hadn’t given me the right bolts. But, that resolved the pedal was easy. I’ve taken 10mm off the clutch piston push-rod but it’s still miles too long. The instructions for securing the pedals at the base and hinge points in my manual are really vague. Does anyone have any photos that show the details please?
  8. Really not sure if I should be posting here or starting a separate thread. I took another member's advice and removed everything from the boxes and laid it all out on shelves in the garage. In handling everything, I can begin to see how things fit together. My confidence in getting this done -at least one day - is on the rise, which is a relief. I've managed to hang all four wheel hubs on the car and I've got the diff ready to go on too. Need to check I'm using the right nuts before I start to tighten and torque everything up...
  9. Just beginning to pluck up the courage to re-engage with my build after some time in hospital last autumn and then wimping out over the winter. Still at the stage of feeling fairly intimidated by the boxes of random bits in my garage but calmed by the positive messages on this site. I had a go at the dash over the winter and that's about 50% there with more lights than I need and what looks like less switches that I need too! I guess I'll figure it out. I'm hoping to get all four wheel hubs on this week and look at getting the diff in position too. Not bother to torque up yet as I'm not confident in what I've done. Figure if I can gently grind through some sections then confidence will grow and the mist will clear... I have the front rack built and both hubs on with wishbones etc. Biggest fail so far is pedals. Got the accelerator in place (fly-by-wire but missing bolts - Ian sent on). Pistons for the brake and clutch don't look right and the manuals I have don't help. Plan to raid Adge's build diary..
  10. Thanks Bugman! I’ll take your advice on both fronts. Looks like Adge’s a bit of a hero...
  11. Hi All, I’m still waiting on the manual for the Sport 250 kit I bought last year. With your help, I’ve made progress but not bothered’ torquing it all up until I’m confident. Dashboard build while the weather’s rubbish seemed like a good idea. without the manual, i’m guessing/deciding where the lights/switches go. Does anyone have a picture of how they’ve done it? Also - how do the warning lights secure against the back of the dash? And..finally, I have a digital dashboard (I know, all the gear and...) is there a backing plate that it screws into to hold it in place? There’s four screw holes but no screws in the box and no backing plate. #tearingmyhairout
  12. I think there's some advice somewhere that you shouldn't admit that you had bits done by the factory. I've read some of your build diary and I agree that so far Mark and Ian have been really helpful. Thanks for the link to the manuals. I think you're perhaps a bit ambitious thinking my sons might go through them. My 13yr old announced the other day that this was all a bit too much like homework.... I think I may need to work on my engagement strategy...!
  13. AdgeC you are officially my hero!
  14. And....if only I knew what you meant by IVA boot and cover, the panic might subside slightly....:-)
  15. Thank you. I've got the brake cylinder fitted but haven't yet found the fittings for the clutch....
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