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  1. Hi..Very interested. Sent you a mesage
  2. Hi Guys Please be gentle with me as I dip my toe in the water for the first time. Hopefully I am posting in the right area. After meeting the helpful lads at the Essex meet last weekend, Gav and I left with a shopping list of improvements to make to our car. Top of the list was to replace the carburettors with throttle bodies. We currently have a silver top 1.8 Zetec engine with twin Weber carbs. We have found to a brand new 1.8 Zetec black top with stock throttle bodies/injectors. The cost of the engine is less than what we would pay to put the throttle bodies on our existing engine. The questions I have are: If we are going to replace the engine should we get a used 2 litre engine and put throttle bodies on that or will a new 1.8 engine have a similar output? The engine comes with the stock throttle bodies. Will these go straight on Ebay so we can get Omex or similar? Or are they good enough for the job (I think I know the answer to this one already)? Thanks in advance for your help. Gearbox questions next! Jamie
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    Hello From Kent

    Hi Dartford/Bexley area
  4. Timu

    Hello From Kent

    Hi SXRORY Yes it came from Reading and the guy wasn't too knowledgable. We got it at a reasonable price and it is a good starting point for our project. My uninformed opinion was that it is a live axle narrow body car. Track day was great fun, not driving to anywhere near the ability of the car yet. It felt solid, pulled well, cornered well and stopped ok. We'll definitely come along to a meet. The first £1000 will be going in the direction of brakes.
  5. Hello everyone A friend and I have often discussed the idea of getting a car we can take on track days, usually after a few beers whilst putting the world to rights and planning the next stage of our lives. A trip to Brands Hatch reignited the discussion, this time sober and here we are now. Proud owners of an 1800 Zetec Westfield. Having lurked around the forum gathering an endless amount of information I felt it only right to step out of the shadows and join the community. We took Westy to his first track day on Tuesday and everyone came home in one piece, so far so good. We are that new to this we are not even sure what model we have! Looking forward to getting involved and learning along the way.
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