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  1. sparkyj83

    rac roll bar

    still up for grabs
  2. sparkyj83

    Free rear detachable arches in black

    Hi are these still up for grabs ?
  3. sparkyj83

    Body work and more

    Cycle wing upright drivers side for mx5/ cortina . 1x drivers rear wheel arch v8 bonet zk front nose cone / ducted prefably carbon fiber front cycle wings x2 Manythanks Jay
  4. sparkyj83

    rac roll bar

    hi send me a pm regards jay
  5. sparkyj83

    rac roll bar

    price reduced to £50 a want it out of the way
  6. sparkyj83

    indicator pods

  7. sparkyj83

    indicator pods

    There yoursnif you want them fella had no msg .
  8. sparkyj83

    indicator pods

    nothing in my mail box fella
  9. sparkyj83

    rac roll bar

    HI i have a rac roll bar of a wide body with uprights and rose joints bolts etc collection from tunbridge wells or posted at cost thanks £70
  10. sparkyj83

    svd single shock

    hi i had a standard westfield shock from my mx5 svd £25 collect tunbridge wells or posted at cost thanks
  11. sparkyj83

    indicator pods

    H i have i a pair of fake carbon fibre indicator pod with lamps wire and a spare lamp holder and wire etc was test fitted but never used £25 pick up in tunbridge wells or posted at cost thanks jay
  12. sparkyj83

    6" head lights plus extras

    HI have 3 x 6'' head lights with 2x spare glass lenses pick up in tunbridge wells or i can post regards Jay £60
  13. sparkyj83

    mazda svd handling and turning circle

    skuzzeld indeed lol may i ask how you ran the lower pipe its that i feel might be the problem as its a long u shape iron mine down low then along right low under the turbo the back up i just can't figure it out
  14. sparkyj83

    mazda svd handling and turning circle

    Was seen up to 110 running a radtec rad and intercooler combo
  15. sparkyj83

    mazda svd handling and turning circle

    i had to move the top pipe into a long u ish shape to move down around the turbo not that much i can do about it , i could make a extra pipe to lift up the header tank while running it up

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