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  1. Skypeller

    Westfield (maroon) on autotrader

    Thank you fellas yeah I agree, looks like a narrow.
  2. Hi could anybody confirm from three pictures if the car currently at £5495 on autotrader is actually a wide body model? It doesn’t look it to me but I could be wrong .... looking at sides of tub near seats and rear lights... also he said bulk head is moulded SE surely it would read SEW? Thanks
  3. Skypeller

    Best insurers 32yr old driver

    Hi all which seem to your favourite Westfield insurers ? I’ve had some promising quotes from classic line and a couple of others. If if you were to have an accident would most places take the car Tom Westfield for frame work and parts or any garage who maybe clueless on these cars? Thanks
  4. Skypeller

    Help regarding fitting into a Westfield

    well I’ve just been to the Westfield factory in person and I can’t say just how helpful they were!! Fantastic bunch! I sat in a wide body with lowered floor and it was absolutely perfect!! Manager showed me around; The wide without the lowered floor would be fine too he said because he was exactly same size and build as me!
  5. Skypeller

    Help regarding fitting into a Westfield

    Yeah pretty flat base padded even tried it with no seat at all.... still to wide/fat haha
  6. Skypeller

    Help regarding fitting into a Westfield

    Thanks very much guys, does anybody know if the caterham is kind of between the two? As it definitely felt more comfortable but wasn’t aware of there being a “wide” model of those especially before about yr 2000 ish
  7. So I’m looking for some answers to help me get the right Westfield. 1)Last year I spent a day in a hired 1995 caterham super seven (what is a super seven compared to a regular seven????) it was red top engined on ITBs. It had the posh caterham 5 spoke alloys. It fitted me perfectly. It was really, really comfortable, I’m 6ft 3” and 110kg not fat but definitely not athletic... The problem is I want to spend 7k max, I could afford a caterham but don’t want to spend that much to be honest, Tonight I went to look at the most stunning Westfield narrow in British racing green with a yellow nose cone and crossflow Webber equipped engine, however much to my disappointment I could sit down in it but my feet had to be at the end of the tunnel past the pedals by about 6-10inches and I couldn’t get my knee in the correct positions to even attempt to drive it. My A*** wouldn’t quite squeeze into the seat compartment either (not by much but just not enough space ... I believe they’re 15.5” if it were 16” it might have even fit... but the legs/knees were not happy) yet no trouble at all, not one bit, in the caterham? 2)But from my understanding the narrow Westfields are same dimmensions as a non SV caterham Being a 1995 surely the caterham I drove was a regular s3 sized one? 3)Anybody found they won’t fit a narrow Westfield at all but are very happy in a wide body Westfield ?? 4)Also what are the seat widths of the caterhams (s3, sv, any others) as I’m a bit baffled 5)When did they phase out the narrow Westfields and all become wide? Thanks in advance for any help
  8. Skypeller

    Westfield SEW 1600 CVH for sale

    I’ve just updated it now, thanks for the heads up. Herefordshire or Hertfordshire then, the first is ideal! It’s my county of residence lol
  9. Skypeller

    Westfield SEW 1600 CVH for sale

    Where are you based please
  10. Skypeller

    First Westfield wanted

    BUMP keen and ready to get myself a Westy. Been dithering a lot lately with lots of work and preparing a house to potentially sell real soon. Feel free to pm me with what you have or what your friend/neighbour etc may have for sale perhaps I should have got one in the winter ..... they’re selling like hot cakes I notice lately
  11. Skypeller

    First Westfield wanted

    Hi I’ve pm’d you thanks
  12. I missed out here !! What a cracking car!! Congratulations to both parties! Nice!
  13. Skypeller

    First Westfield wanted

    Hi Gary sounds like an offer I can’t refuse especially with the Christmas holidays freeing up some time! Cheers jody
  14. Skypeller

    First Westfield wanted

    I would spend a bit more but upsizing house move near Worcester is imminent
  15. Skypeller

    First Westfield wanted

    Thank you depends on spec really sub 5k for basic crossflow early car with bench seats through 7k for a fair condition zetec powered one with the later seats or even high spec crossflow in really nice condition! I’ve watched the market a bit so have an idea what’s what (I hope lol)

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