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  1. Skypeller

    Hi I'm MIG bought new car today

    Welcome! Some details on the car :)?
  2. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    I keep reading so many good things about the fiesta ST’s and I’ll soon be doing slightly more miles on more twisty roads :-/ golf r / gti p-pack & the fiesta are my favourites at present
  3. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    I absolutely love those! they’re a car I nearly bought over a westfield but decided two impractical cars wouldn’t wash
  4. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Nice nearly bought a 2.8 z3 in many occasions
  5. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Winter tyres makes them bearable
  6. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    @Exitus yes, like me, I just didn’t find the Audi’s all that! they make some lovely looking cars but the BMW’s always seemed to have the better handling (fair weather) when compared to an equal contender
  7. Skypeller

    Sigma 1600i oil capacity

    I’ve just emailed power torque who supplied my engine and also tried calling Steve Martin who’s extremely knowledgable and helpful but currently out of office until end of the week (works from home for power torque and was in charge in the days when my car was built/supplied to the builder). if anybody else could help that would be great . I.e a picture or numbers of your sigma dipstick handle where the part no is stamped or moulded in like mine
  8. Skypeller

    Dot 3 or dot 4 fluid?

    @Thrustyjust hahahaha! Cheers! I know what it’s like...... ah it’s ok i’ll just do a bit to see how easily they grind/shape .... 4 pads later I resemble a lump of coal with the Mrs “what’s that smell.... is that stuff harmful to the cats?” Oh don’t worry about Meeee
  9. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    I agree with both of you, the straight 6, distinctive front end & rear wheel drive was why I used to buy them originally, i’ll Be going back to a ford or VAG if I don’t go for the 135 I iMagine
  10. Skypeller

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    @DamperMan nice touring! They all look good the tourings. And yes the 2.0d is fairly pokey!
  11. Skypeller

    Dot 3 or dot 4 fluid?

    I couldn’t get the mintex for the ap Land Rover calipers hence the change. More choice of pad.
  12. Skypeller

    Sigma 1600i oil capacity

    This is the 2002 Zetec-s engine bay, it’s the same engine but different manifolds for different cars. Yes you’re right zetec-s is a trim level but I think originally as with this age of car it was true to the engine fitted, where as now you get zetec-s diesels that clearly aren’t a zetec as we know them I had one of these & a bmw e36 coupe 328i which is a very capable car even now .... but the fiesta felt just as much fun and I honestly think it would’ve been hard to shake it off had I come up against it on a twisty track. Fiesta was around 105bhp bmw was 193bhp
  13. Skypeller

    Dot 3 or dot 4 fluid?

    The brakes are a nice touch to the car, I still have the Westfield pads in them, somebody mentioned they’re made by EBC and are just a standard grade road pad, I’ve now received some mintex pads for them, the same as the lotus Elise front pads, for when I fancy swapping them over (probably whenever I next have the wheels off the front)
  14. Skypeller

    Sigma 1600i oil capacity

    I use shell “ helix ultra professional “ 5w-30, I’ve had a few zetec cars & a st170 over the years and know to use 5-30 in them. good engines! I seem to be getting decent Mpg from my Westy, I’ve just been to fill her up at in town now, the headlights are alright! I was expecting them to be horrendous judging some recent complaints on the forum lately, thanks for mentioning the Mahle filter number just checked and it’s the same dimensions as the FRAM PH10044 thankfully! And yes it’s 3/4”UNF thread
  15. Skypeller

    Sigma 1600i oil capacity

    Hi Gary, cheers, odd that my dipstick reads full at around 3.5 litres total capacity! I will call power torque tomorrow and also hopefully confirm my dipstick is the correct one. Funnily enough when I got the car it was overfilled (going by dipstick) to about 5/8” above the MAX mark. So I drained a bit off to bring down to max level. I’m thinking that they put about 4litres in when they serviced it. My old fiesta zetec-s 1.6 with same or similar engine (2002) used to hold around 4.5litres and my partners 2011 1.25 Fiesta zetec holds about 3.7litres if memeory serves. So it’s not miles away... was just wondering if this dipstick is the right one. I don’t suppose you could upload a photo of the hand of yours @GaryH or tell me the numbers/codes stamped in it so I could cross reference it with mine? Thanks once again!!

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