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  1. Ahhh ok that makes sense now, was missing that point, thanks a lot! So the idea is to have similar front-rear natural frequency at the wheel, by selecting the spring rate. (guessing by the results of the excel file, arround 1.8 Hz front and rear) And use the ARBs to induce understeer at the front, by having a stiffer front axle in roll.
  2. Very interesting read, about spring rates and set-up. And thanks for the calculator AdamR. What I dont fully understand is the following: *Our cars are roughly 50% weight distribution front/rear *Front and rear axle width are pretty similar So in corners all 4 wheels are supporting similar loads, I assume. But: *Front springs are at least 50% stiffer than rears (350/225 is 55% more, 400/225 78% is more) *Front ARB is set stiffer than rear, sometimes rear is not even used. *Front tyres many times are narrower than rears (185 vs 205) Doesn´t this give MUCH less grip to the front tyres? What am I missing out? Thanks
  3. My car is suffering with overheating on track, so need to change the radiator for a thicker unit. I have not found any markings on it, not any pics of other westys with a similar one. So wanted to see if someone could help me identifying it, here are the pics of mine. Thanks
  4. Thanks to all for the warm welcome! Good to see you Maurici! Yes, the car has some bodges to fix, and the bits I will break.....so loads of fun I will start another thread in the Tech Talk with all my questions and repairs and upgrades. Got a lot to learn....
  5. Just wanted to say Hi to the forum, and present my car. I bought it 2 months ago, as a track car. Glad to be in the forum, lots of good technical info and good to be in touch with other owners! I live in Spain and as you can imagine these cars are very rare here. The previous owner could not give me much information about the cars history, I am discovering it as I go along. Its a LHD seiw with a 2.0 zetec engine, type 9 gearbox, rusty spax shocks, discovery ap calipers, a revcounter and not much more And now some pics!!!
  6. Hi Hector! Nice car, greetings from Spain.
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