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  1. Jonsey


    Carbon look indicator pods as new £20.00 delivered
  2. hi Yes still available, also have the remote shift light if interested plugs into tacho,  £35.00 , if you want to pay via paypal as a gift to Jonsey2u@btinternet.com, or can give details for bank transfer , .the multi plug wiring could do with rewiring , can send picture if you like, you can get the data sheet from the SPA website, cheers JimRemote Three stage shift light

  3. Jonsey

    Full Zk seiw body work set. Reduced

    what colour ? would be interested in O/S rear arch, if you decide to sell individualy
  4. hi gary, couldnt see a time for eurotunnel booking , have you set a train time yet?  when booking hotels etc did you find using booking sites or call direct  best ? Jim

  5. Hi Gary, laura and i are up for the trip, i see a lot of the accomodation is booked, who else going, and have they booked altermative acomodation, ? cheers Jim.

  6. Jonsey

    14000rpm tacho

    Hi I have. Spa st 480 was used in a autocross buggy running Honda black bird revs to 15 k works fine but multi plug could do with new wiring £110 delivered
  7. Jonsey

    Zetec starters again

    was the original starter bolts loose when removed , or anything loose inside the bell housing , that may have caused the damage, may be worth a check so as not to damage the new one ,
  8. Jonsey

    Winter upgrades

    breakdown cover sorted for swiss trip LOL, good luck with the conversion
  9. Jonsey

    Zetec starters again

    did you find out why the original starter casing broke, ?
  10. Jonsey

    Rubbish headlights

    juist bought these , still to fit and try , will post once fitted. https://furoreproducts.co.uk/home
  11. Jonsey

    Some pictures of my new car !!

    looking good, have you tried the headlights at night ? any good, need to upgrade mine.
  12. Jonsey

    Type 9 Bellhousing

    no worries
  13. Jonsey

    Type 9 Bellhousing

    im sure i have a new westfield one, will have to dig it out the loft for part number, will let you know.
  14. Jonsey

    SOLD - IVA Cover like new

    ill take them please , payment details ?
  15. Jonsey

    Clan McWesty Bo’Ness revival

    Hi Gary , good day, and nice to catch up with you guys, jIM

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