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  1. i am after some side screens not bothered about condition as i want to cut them down
  2. wooders

    gear knob

    i am after a westfield gear knob if anyone has one
  3. wooders


    i was going to cut some full doors to make half doors
  4. wooders


    i am after a pair of doors black
  5. five wheels 15"x7 x108 offset is 35 unmarked could do with centre badges as they have faded which are available from various sites and westfield £100
  6. how would you like me to pay i can pay you by patpal if thats ok
  7. i will have it if it is still for sale
  8. is this still for sale
  9. does anyone know what driveshaft outer gaitors i need for 1999 seight
  10. well we had a cracking day out longest trip so far in the westy i would like to thank Geoffrey for planning these drive outs and the planning he does roll on next drive out
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