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  1. Peter Robinson

    New to the Westfield family

    From a very sunny Hampshire Great looking car!
  2. Peter Robinson

    Crossflow Timing

    I went through most cheap systems for ignition and by far the best has been Luminition. My xflow is set at 14 degrees and is lumpy on tick over but barks when at full chat
  3. Peter Robinson

    Xflow head gasket

    Good evening I had the same problem last year, went through two makes of head gasket as they kept failing in the water way area's. I called Burtons and they recommended as mine was now a 1760cc to use this one - https://www.burtonpower.com/multi-shim-head-gasket-84mm-x-flow-bda-ltc-fb751.html I have not had a problem since, the other thing I did do was to fit a Radiator Overflow Expansion Tank so I'm not sure which one sorted my problem out !!
  4. Peter Robinson

    New member in Winchester

    From Southampton
  5. Peter Robinson

    Happy Birthday Buttercup

    Happy Birthday Geoffrey
  6. Peter Robinson

    [Tchoupi 13] Westfield SE

    Hello and welcome I have a 1988 Westfield SE
  7. Peter Robinson


    From Sunny Hampshire lol
  8. Peter Robinson

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    Ok as long as it's dry on Saturday or Sunday it will be done, you will have to excuse the oil leaks on my xflow but if you stop one another starts :-)
  9. Peter Robinson

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    I am around Sunday so photos or measurements on any part let me know
  10. Peter Robinson

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    ok it's a little hard as the nose is still on so i'll do it properly on Saturday but as far as I could see it was 25mm excluding the side panel lip-
  11. Peter Robinson

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    i'll just go out and measure :-)
  12. Peter Robinson

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    Evening I just ran outside to look at my narrow low line as I could not remember what mounts mine had and this is the result (if you want any pictures to help let me know) -
  13. Peter Robinson

    stika flex or black outdoor mastic or silicon

    Stika Flex is a brand now but Toolstation sell it. Silicone will on bond if the area is dry and totally grease free. If it frame sealant then just don't bother.
  14. Peter Robinson

    2019 WSCC Calendar

    mines here :-) and Rubys in there as well
  15. Peter Robinson

    Old Ford coming up for sale..

    If i had the money ...........

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