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  1. I lost very very dear friend to this awful illness two months ago, he was 46 and very outgoing wife and two kids and a 200k job. It has refocused my life and they way I look at other people. Nothing will bring Dave back but raising money for CALM ( Campaign against living miserably) is keep me and my friends very busy. Your a brave man and bl**** well done on that car, the engineering alone is amazing!
  2. Welcome from Hampshire Old school is cool
  3. Nice day out at the Pride and Joy meet Cadnam in the New Forest. Followed Mike Coat in his Hayabusa powered Westfield, made my Xflow look and feel like it needs to pensioned off!! 😂
  4. Welcome from Hampshire
  5. OK set the timing this afternoon @ 12 deg btdc and toed the steering in a little. I'll run in to Lymington tomorrow morning early to check it out
  6. My xflow is the same but tends to pop and bag when slowing down
  7. Mart Having a couple of issues at the moment, every time I turn off the car it backfires very loud and the steering had become very loose and twitchy. I can find any play in any thing so maybe its the tyre pressures going up as it gets hotter??
  8. Wonderful drive through the New Forest this morning Burley was very bendy
  9. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-1600-X-Flow-711/264273178327?hash=item3d87e8aed7:g:sY8AAOSwtwVcqgfI
  10. pride and joy vehicle meet is this Saturday ‘1pm at the coach and horses Cadnam if you fancy something different at the barbecue chef Will Russell has a special kangaroo burger on offer so hop down to the show and grab one. https://www.facebook.com/groups/260544874352154/ Going to pop along to this one.
  11. Nice car, Mine looked exactly the same last year !!! Have fun tinkering
  12. Sump voff is not to bad, I did mine at christmas. someone had split the dust plate against the gearbox so just a loosen and boom i had space.
  13. The sender is in the same position as mine, I have the old hollow copper tube type and I can't complain as I get 4 bar with 15w 20
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