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  1. Thanks for that , I'll order some and swap them out
  2. Good luck. I'm just trying the drivers spat and my efforts are looking promising. Will get some fibre glass over the weekend in readiness
  3. Put the spats into position with the grips. Then put the bracket into position using another grip. Marked the position of the holes. Agonized for days for best way to do it ... I'll let you know if it worked when the spats are on but I'm not going to get a chance for weeks to do the spats.
  4. Now that I'm getting close to finishing ii thought I'd remind myself of some of the tools I purchased (without telling the better half). Enjoyed the grinder, rivet nut tool and torque wrench. Bolt extractor was a 'thank $%=k for that' moment. Haven't shown the extra nuts and bolts I've purchased.
  5. Not yet. Put the brackets in place so I can spend some time fitting the spats
  6. Brackets for headlights fitted.
  7. Loads of silicone already used ... feet wont get wet ... famous last words
  8. Yep. I've taken mine off a few times. Just hope that's all I have to take off.
  9. Least of my worries now. Put the wipers on to see how they returned onto the fillet ... they went in the opposite direction so it looks like the dashboard and possibly the skuttle coming off to fix the wiper motor.
  10. Put the wiper boss on and I wouldn't expect to see this gap either on the passenger side?!? Drivers side looks ok
  11. Fitting the fillet (I think it's called) but I seem to have some large gaps between the skuttle and the fillet and also the windsreen and the fillet? is is this OK for IVA?
  12. Windsreen fitted and silicones in
  13. Moving onto the windscreen ... all aligned ... well I think so
  14. Boot fitted using 4 rubber rivnuts. As there wasn't much to drill into I made the holes a bit smaller and had to force the top rubber through the hole underneath .. hope that makes sense
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