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  1. Taped inside of wings , put them into position again against the timber and marked where I needed to put the big heads. I had predrilled the support arms earlier.
  2. Moving onto the cycle wings and the positioning. Manual states 150mm above the centre line as a maximum for IVA. I'm going to use big head fasteners. With the wheels on, i placed axle stands one in front of each wheel, then timber across them. Measured roughly about 90 mm and looked fine to me. So took the wheels off for a new measurement ... Placed the wings in position toucking the timber, using a spare aluminium tube across the centre of the wheel , I measured from the tube to the top of the timber ... 100 mm.
  3. Brakes bleed this morning. Will do again tomorrow just to be sure.
  4. All tightened. Managed to get some additional resistance on it when I put the other bolt in for the speed cable
  5. MrMgoo

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    Thats part of the washer jet kit. I didnt need this as I used the switch that came with the dash ... page 22 on my build
  6. just discovered I knackered the thread on the track rod end so going to have to purchase a new one. Westfield has a two week lead ... anyone know the correctt track rod I need to purchase off the web? Or anyone have a link? cheers
  7. YouTube is the answer. Entered "steering rack ball joint stuck". First video was to use a lump hammer and smack the side of the arm that the ball joint goes into. First attempt failed. Second came out as sweet as a nut ... now to tight the nut and bolt that keeps spinning
  8. Thought I may of found a way round this by taking off the part the ball joint is attached too .... no luck the nutand bolt just spin
  9. @JamesT your right. Found the missing nuts but I can't get the ball joint off !!! The nut was tightened to 25lb per ft ... Any my suggestions apart from hitting it with a lump hammer?
  10. I'll go round it again tomorrow.
  11. Happy enough with setup but will put it in the garage before the Iva test to setup correctly. will tighten everything now ... once I find the torque settings in the old online manuals
  12. Pointless setting the ride height until the camber and toe in are set. Rear right was well out so had to realign the toe In. Used the "string on the axel stands" recommended by majority of previous posts. For the front I need to take off a few more millimetres on each side of the steering rack. just put some timber behind it before I grinded some more off. About 8mm each end in total. Used a spirit level to check the camber. Rears were fine. Front needed a little adjustment, but was nice an easy to do.
  13. Ride height done completed by measuring from chassis to floor near all wheels. 20.5 at rear and 19.5 at the front. Well as close as possible when the garage floor is perfect. The image just shows how I measured not the final measurement os
  14. MrMgoo

    Fw edition build from halesowen

    Hi Rich, my errrors so far 1. Snapped the head off a bolt for the fuel tank strap as I used the wrong bolt ... so DONT over tighten anything. They should go in easy enough without brute force. Had to drill it out ... causing mistake no 2 2. When drilling out ... put it on the work bench rather leaving in situ. Much easier to control. 3. Oil pressure sensor into engine. Comes in two pieces. Put the thread expansion piece into the engine first. When hand tight put the sensor in and tighten. I did it the other way and snapped off the sensor ... had to get an extractor and purchase a new sensor. 4. Boot lid locks ... put them too close to the end. Barrel is now hitting the boot. Haven't decided how to resolve this yet but I may leave this until after the test. there may be loads more but I'm not aware of them yet.

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