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  1. Can you not use a pair of joints from an open diff with bolt on joints and modify the bolt on Lobros by machining the circlip groove out to take a snap ring? This is how my tran-x diff was done and I'm fairly sure my old MNR with ATB was the same but it's been a few years and my memory is fuzzy
  2. Nice day for a drive around the South Downs with the sun making the colour(s) pop. Any other owners around Sussex?
  3. Thanks Steve. Been reading through your build this morning. The car looks great. Some really nice solutions to problems you've encountered. top work!!
  4. Steve where did you get the rear light pods and lenses from? I have a full FW rear and sides to fit but I'm not sold on it. those pods really freshen up the back without loosing the original look which i like.
  5. Sorry. the dash is spoken for pending collection
  6. thank you. Won't be long in pebble dashing the paint off I'm sure!!
  7. And we're legal. no trouble with the paperwork and turned around in 12 days. Bought a temp rear plate for now to make the most of my day off and just back from a 20 mile blast round the South Downs. Not sure what to do with myself now. I suppose I could go for another drive!!
  8. the filter slides into the end of the airbox.
  9. Yes it's for widebody, and I'm after £115
  10. A brand new Carbon NV dash panel. I bought 2 of these expecting to make a pigs ear at my 1st attempt cutting 9 holes neatly for the savage switches. it worked out ok so this has been tucked away since. Available now without the 6+ week turnaround time Mark is currently working too.
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