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  1. GaryR1983

    Silencer with Cat

    Thanks to everyone for the offers here and by private message. I'm now sorted.
  2. GaryR1983

    IVA Fail Southampton

    I've been fairly quiet on here due to work commitments so my planned build thread didn't quite continue but I have been in contact with a fair few people via the message function for advice and opinions on some bits and pieces so I thought I'd share my IVA experience I presented the car for IVA yesterday at Southampton which she sadly failed. Mark the tester was very fair and seemed disappointed that he couldn't pass the car. He came up with a solution for the indicators that would have allowed a pass on the day but as emissions where a show stopper I decided to wait and do it at home. Other than a couple of edges he wanted covering the main sticking points where 1. Front indicator field of vision, 80deg out 45deg in was unachievable due to the indicators being to far back. I guess I'll just switch to the nose mounted westfield items. 2. Emissions. I always knew this was risky as i have it setup open loop, and I'm also using a small cat insert from my ZZR1400. I didn't/don't want to spend a lot on the exhaust system as It's my intention to switch have a supercharger kit and whole new exhaust in future. I need to work out how best to setup the closed loop with DTA S80 Ecu, Anyone have any advice? 3. Fuel cap needs tethering, I was under the impression I was ok as the key couldn't be removed from the cap without the cap in place but apparently this is only the case If the cap key works the ignition, It's such an easy fix either way it doesn't really matter. 4. Harness hooks needed covering. I was worried about a few things, Brakes as the car had zero miles and i wasn't sure how the test would work with a plate LSD and noise as the throttle bodies are quite barky around the 6k rpm mark where noise test is, I was also worried that the combination of the rattly twin plate clutch and gearbox that makes all kinds of noises would tip the noise meter when everything was happening at once but no issues with either. All in all it was a good, Interesting day and I think I'm still on target for a March pass and registration.
  3. GaryR1983

    Silencer with Cat

    Wondering if anyone has a Silencer with cat convertor inside available.. it doesnt have to be perfect, Also if you have 1 that you don't want to part with but would be happy to loan to me for a few weeks in happy to pay a fee. Thanks Gary
  4. I was in the loft today and spotted this which I forgot i had, I've no use for it now and thought someone else may benefit. It's a 3 piece panel. 6mm thick. 4mm foam core with 1mm carbon either side.. the panel has been trimmed so it's a very good fit on my ZK bodywork but no promises it'll be the same on yours.. It's been left a little long as I hadn't decided on how to finish it at the rear bulkhead. I paid Carbon NV, £120 for it. Any interest at £70 posted to you?
  5. GaryR1983

    leather harnesses clip/eyebolt covers

    Hi Gary. I'm sorted now but thanks for the offer
  6. Wondering If anyone has removed the little covers that look like witches hats and would like to part with them?
  7. GaryR1983

    Westfield Aerorace S2000 rebuild and IVA

    Hi guys. Long time since update.. the cars been progressing alot slower than I planned but it's almost ready for IVA and I have a query. The engine number on my car isn't visible easily.. I'm not sure how it is on an S2000 with standard intake but it's buried under the throttle bodies on mine. It's possible to see if I stick a camera phone in and jiggle it around but it's far from clear. I assume the number is checked at IVA against what I've put on the form? And do you think it'll be ok if I provide a scope for the tester to use to see the number? Thanks in advance Gary
  8. GaryR1983

    Bonnet locks and plates

    Still looking If anyone can help
  9. GaryR1983

    Bonnet locks and plates

    I'm looking for a pair of the Westfield bonnet locks and chassis brackets. Someone musy have a pair tucked away? Thanks
  10. GaryR1983

    Brands Hatch 28/03

    Wondering if the owner of the red busa car was a member here? Hope you're ok and the cars mended and back out and about. looked like a heavy impact.
  11. GaryR1983

    Another set of Compomotive CXRs

    Now sold pending collection
  12. GaryR1983

    Tonight Car SOS on More 4

    Nat Geo. Series 6 Episode 1 screens for the 1st time tomorrow. They're doing an MGA Roadster.
  13. GaryR1983

    IVA acceptable headlights

    I'll drop you a message Barry
  14. GaryR1983

    Tonight Car SOS on More 4

    I watched it nearly a year ago so not that new. Fairly sure they do a crashed RX7 in this series..

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