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  1. I recently lost my NS door and want to buy single to replace it( identical) or a pair if not. Good condition if possible. I live near Silverstone, however can arrange courier if needed thanks in advance
  2. I have managed to lose the NS door off my SE Narrow on the motorway (car was on a trailer) and desperate to purchase an other. The previous owner suggested Softbits, however they cant make them. I have the OS to help as a sample. Any help much appreciated.
  3. Kartingmad

    Help, C20 XE keeps blowing alternators

    Thanks for all your help gents, looks like swapping to the opposite side is the answer, however it ;looks very tight for space but sounds like the SDB mod is the solution. Thanks again - I'll let you know how I get on.
  4. Kartingmad

    Help, C20 XE keeps blowing alternators

    I think its due to the belt being twisted and inverted - its possible 2mm out of true but no more, I take the point that it shouldn't even be that much out. Forgot to add that, i haven't stripped one down, just know that i get a boy 7 - 8 volts coming out of the auxiliary connector without the engine running (the connector that acts as the earth fro the charge lamp) I assume that the regulator is blown.
  5. Kartingmad

    Help, C20 XE keeps blowing alternators

    Gents Thanks very much for your responses - I have tried to answer your questions below, as well as supplying some pics Alignment - It may be very marginally out and will ensure that I get it spot on, I have had two belts flick off and you can see that on Friday at croft it actually inverted the belt, guess that this can only be alignment. Pulley size, thanks for confirming its ok, we have spent a bit on the engine and a new exhaust (see pics) and so was wondering if the alternator could be over revving with higher engine RPM- sounds unlikely from yours repines - The exhaust heat may be part of the problem, as you can see its close and does get hot under there. I think I'll struggle to swap sides. Alternator type - see pics think its delco / remie maybe I'll take off compere to the SBD one to see whether its better suited - may have to go for a flat belt too. Thanks again and let me know whether you notice anything from the pics. Cheers Paul
  6. Hi Any experience gratefully accepted. My SE has a C20Xe and keeps blowing the refurb alternators I’m fitting. The engine will safely redline at 7800RpM and has a crank pulley with 150mm dia, the alternator pulley is around 72mm so my maths is telling me that the max RpM of the alternator is 16250. I’m not sure whether the issue is over speed alternor or whether it’s a wiring problem, however two recent alternators have blown within 3 seesions of a trackday. I also have problems with the belt flying off, unusually it’s mouted exhaust side. Anyone have experience or have you purschased an alterntor and bracket that works better. Thanks in advance.
  7. Kartingmad

    Aeroscreen - can you tell me whether this'll fit my SEi

    Thanks guys, all suggestions being followed up.
  8. Hi I'm looking to buy an aero-screen kit, found the one in the pics below and not sure whether it will fit my SEi narrow. It looks like it will, however not sure how to confirm. Any help - much appreciated, Thanks Similar - but not the actual one
  9. Kartingmad

    C20XE Redtop throttle bodies wanted

    I have a pair of what I believe are QED 38 cams / hyd followers and springs etc.. - sorry no vernier pulleys
  10. Kartingmad

    4 x CXR's with good Michelin slicks ***SOLD***

    Hi Do you still have these for sale - are they 7J? will you take £300
  11. Kartingmad

    Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Hi guys thanks for feedback, as I suspect. It’d be much simpler if seller declared sold.
  12. Hi i have an se with a red top circa 220bhp, and a close mate looking for the same, not sure how to pm you as there are a couple of questions that we have related to your videos. Can you contact me via pm pls. Thanks paul
  13. Kartingmad

    SOLD - Boghouse Blue 2.0LTR XE Red Top .220bhp

    Hi i have a mate that is interred in your car. Can you please let me know whether it’s still for sale. What drive by dB does it hit. Which circuits can you run and which kick you off with noise.
  14. Kartingmad

    Westfield SEiW 2000S Duratec 2.0

    Hi I have a friend very interested in your car - is it still available? Thanks
  15. Kartingmad

    Help - Clutch arm Pivot on westfield Bellhousing

    Thanks again, Ebay - amazing when you know what you need. Cheers

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