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  1. Chris Brading

    Wiper help

    It will park the opposite of where it’s parking now.
  2. Chris Brading

    Wiper help

    If they are parking in the wrong place you will have to take wiper motor gearbox apart and move the park switch to the other side, fairly easy job. Loads of info on the build diaries
  3. Adge, Antifreeze is a poor conductor of heat so to improve your cooling removing antifreeze is a good option but you still need to have anti corrosion inhibitors, that’s why I am going down to 20% antifreeze plus wetter water. At work putting antifreeze into a cooling system is the last resort as it lowers the output of the chiller. Sorry for teaching you something you already know and for bombing this thread!
  4. Interesting, I have ordered water wetter and demineralised water but I am going to put about 20% antifreeze as well, are you planning to use none? Chris
  5. It’s something to sell so you can purchase a super charger I think
  6. Yes Tenex really nice product
  7. Lovely job!
  8. Steve, Stone cold in photo, tick over and up to temp on the seam, high revs full. apologise for the state of the coolant, going to change it soon.
  9. Steve, Tracking, 1mm toe in over the distance of the circumference of the wheel ( one revolution distance) Expansion tank, It is overfilled and will eject this until correct level is achieved.
  10. Conclusion Yes its fixed I was very mean to it this morning 7000rpn in third many times without a problem. This is definitely worth doing if you have this problem. My speedometer has a 0>60 function and out of curiosity I had a go and got 5,3 seconds pulling of in second gear. Is it quicker using first? I don’t think my first is very long gear and only use it for manoeuvring. Thanks for this suggestion Tony
  11. I put a low strength silicone just stop dirt coming through the gaps
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