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  1. Hi Folks..me again with more Crossflow related thoughts! As mentioned in another post, I'm prepping the Westfield for a trip to Spa at the end of March. There is still loads to do but I've been thinking about fuel pumps and what not. I currently run a mechanical pump, I assume factory spec but I have no idea, the car was build by Westfield in 95 and appears to be the 1700cc fast road spec. Before changing anything, I thought I'd benchmark everything so I know where I'm starting from, so today fires it up with a fuel pressure gauge. It's running at 7 psi! From reading 3.5 is nearer where it should be on twin Webber 40s.. 4 being the upper "safe" limit. The thing is it seems to run ok.. (ok very rich at idle.) I suppose there is a chance that my guage is out (it's a brand new Webber one) My concern is if it was set up like this, lowering the pressure might means it's incorrectly jetted and needs setting up again.. but my suspension is for some reason with age the pressure has gone up, I'm not sure how the old mechanical fuel pumps work, but I assume there is a bypass or some.form of pressure relief that might be gummed up. So my question is, is it likely that it was deliberately set up like that, or is it more likely that it's running higher than it should and I should reduce it asap? Thanks!
  2. Vogalogue

    this looks too close!

    Slightly off Topic... is that a long single bolt for the lower arm instead of two? I suppose it makes rear toe mildly less faf to adjust!
  3. Vogalogue

    Chassis Bracket Identification, Fuel Pump?

    Thanks Chaps, that all makes perfect sense! I got a bit distracted today ordering all new bushes, rod links , ball joints and bolts for the suspension.. maybe I should start a "rebuild thread". Thanks for the pictures SootySport, just what I needed! I had previously been considering the smaller square pumps. I'm now imagining a bracket off the two lower front bolts of the pedal box to potentially fit a malipassi style FPR to the left of the steering column, without drilling extra holes. Thanks again!
  4. Vogalogue

    Chassis Bracket Identification, Fuel Pump?

    Thanks for all your replies and pictures! Sometimes its having the garage elsewhere, I can't pop down and measure things and look at them! - so it's hugely appreciated. In that case its fate, and my upgrade path has been chosen for me! Thanks!
  5. Vogalogue

    Sierra driveshaft gaiters

    Mine was such an oily, greasy mess I think they were all pre soaked!
  6. Vogalogue

    Sierra driveshaft gaiters

    There is just enough wriggle room to just undo the lobros and wriggle them out, - on mine at least!
  7. Vogalogue

    Chassis Bracket Identification, Fuel Pump?

    Thanks for the reply! I take it you didn't have a bracket like that then? How did you mount the regulator? A little further reading has suggested that it doesn't like vibrations, so my fuel blanking idea is out! Any pictures of either are welcome Cheers for the heads up on the wire. - I hadn't traced it I did think it was too good to be true!
  8. Hi Folks... As I seem to love buying things for the car that I really don't need, and because Thrustyjust mentioned it, and mainly because its all in bits anyway... I've been musing bout replacing the mechanical fuel pump on my crossflow for one of those new fangled electric ones, in preparation for a jaunt to the continent and back at the end of March. Whilst fiddling, I found an electrical connector that appears to be pre wiring for a fuel pump tucked up by the diff (no idea or fuse fitted or relay yet, but it does show 12V when the ignition is on). I also noticed there is a bracket as part of the chassis in that general area. (Excuse the mess, its an old pic, I'm slowly cleaning refitting, refinishing..) Would this be a typical location for a fuel pump? I measured the gap between the mount holes, and promptly forgot it, if it is a fuel pump location, is there a recommended easy drop in one? Mild / fast road build crossflow on twin 40s. I was thinking something like this: Facet SS501 -or- Facet SS164 - This appeals on price too. Obviously I'll need a fuel filter (for some reason mine doesn't appear to have one... which is worrying) an blanking plate for the Ford pump (with deflector plate!) and some form of inline FPR to go for a the target 2.5 or so PSI. I was thinking of mounting a Malpassi style FPR on a bracket off the fuel pump blank to avoid making more holes in the frame, and reduce visual clutter. - I'm not sure about heat or vibration Something like this? Any comments welcome to try and help! I know there have been a few threads on upgrading to electric pumps, but not that many pictures! - I'd really like to avoid driving more holes if possible, and want to keep everything and simple and decluttered as possible.
  9. Vogalogue

    Sierra driveshaft gaiters

    Yes all 4 were the same. Excuse the state of the rest of it, its a rolling restoration!
  10. Vogalogue

    Sierra driveshaft gaiters

    Just douse with WD-40 a couple of nights a couple of times before you start! I used These off Ebay. seemed to do the job, although one fitted the ribs were touching which from Off road vehicles would usually mean imminent failure. I was advised that tis not an issue on a Westfield. Don't forget that the driveshafts are handed, so make sure you put them on the side they came off!
  11. Vogalogue

    Parts for sale/ Left over from build.

    Thanks! I have fantastic habit of "just missing" items for sale here!
  12. Vogalogue

    Parts for sale/ Left over from build.

    Balls, Can I have second refusal on the bushes please?
  13. Vogalogue

    Tools to carry

    Good shout! I might buy This
  14. Vogalogue

    X-flow rocker cover breather

    Cheers Justin, that's what I thought! No idea how mine has been set up though. the breather hose is just jammed in the top orifice.. and venting to atmosphere down the side (or, in fact venting into the bellhousing as there is no dirt shield) Good old factory builds! I previously had the "vent to atmosphere" breather cap too, but I replaced it with a "vent to hose" which I ran under the car to um, vent to atmosphere as I noticed when driving with the doors on and the roof off, the low pressure in the cockpit drew the oil fumes in through the wiring loom access and made me feel "a bit woozy"
  15. Vogalogue

    Tools to carry

    I carry on of these: Toolkit One of these: Flame Beater Jack and wheel brace (for the spare) A Spare Coil and fan belt on big trips I'm going to add another mini pack of WD-40, cable ties, fuses and gorilla tape, and "chocolate block" terminal connectors, and spare bulbs. A multi meter would be handy, but you can't carry everything! I probably don't need WD-40, because crossflow.

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