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  1. Is there a specific model to look out for? I'm running Cortina Fronts and Sierra rears, just bought M1144s and standard Mintex rears and an anti squeal front kit (all unfitted) but really can't be doing with squeal.
  2. Glad someone else asked this, good to know!
  3. And there it is... nothing was really wrong with any of it previously. I just get a bit OCD and carried away. (It's an ongoing joke with my mates that I'm the best person in the world to buy a car off). I promised everyone I'd not spend a load of money unless utterly vital. infact I got grief on this very subject from the other half over the weekend. I think the only things that actually needed changing as such were the tyres, a wheel bearing, an indicator bulb and the CV boots! Maybe the starter motor, but I saw that as more of an upgrade. I hope the bushes push out ok with the socket/bolt method. I might even treat myself to getting them properly media blasted too. I should start my own build/rebuild thread!
  4. The ceramic protection is awesome, Knowl Hill did my truck with the Williams Ceramic stuff. that was a couple of years ago and it still shines with just a wash. That said I'd never use a sponge, that will scratch! Microfibre mitt and some form of car shampoo for "lubricant" to stop the scratches. My list is still getting longer, not shorter... However I now have in my possession: A revised Soft Bits hood Full set of ball joints and track rod ends New Rose Joints Full set of suspension bushes New suspension bolts/washers/nuts New side exit Distributor Oil cooler, Thermo Sandwich plate, fittings and hose, and some sheet metal to fab brackets with New rack bushes New Rack Boots New Starter Solenoid Front and rear calliper rebuild kits Front and rear pads Bellhousing/Engine dust cover Various Paints (POR15 for the suspension arms and a few choice bits of frame, BRG engine enamel, BRG calliper paint) Soft Bits Boot cover A half modified boot box. the diagonal holes are cut and some tube is fibreglassed in place, the tube needs trimming down and it needs finishing cosmetically I've got 3 weekends to get as much done as possible!
  5. Hi folks… even more Crossflow related posts.. I'm looking to pull the engine, there is no dirt plate between the block and bellhousing and I think the clutch is oil contaminated / knackered. plus its got a rumbling release bearing.. and I want to give everything a thorough clean and paint. I've pulled and swapped many engines before, and have the crane, load/angle balancer, engine stand, and have stocked up on the right sized nuts and bolts to mount the engine to the stand. I plan top leave the box supported under the bellhousing in situ.. but what is throwing me is how to attach the crane to the engine. Every engine I've worked on has engine hoist points, but the crossflow does not. I can't see any obviously man enough bolts to lift from (I don't really fancy inlet manifold and exhaust ports - although I suppose it'd a light engine!) How are people lifting them? Straps around the block? I plan to lift it this weekend, if I've recovered from man flu.
  6. Good for another 20+ years!
  7. I'm looking at this too. Planning on something that folds down so its "invisible" when not in use. I might even go as basic as a flat pad on the dash supporting bar, that a suction windscreen / wireless charger can be stuck on.
  8. Thanks Folks, Yes the pressure gauge was T'eed into the fuel line between the carb and fuel pump, com to think of it, the top seals are not that great on the jet inspection ports and there has been sign of leakage. I'll replace that seal and stick a FPR inline. having never had anything with a mechanical pump before I wasn't sure on their wear characteristics, and thought it was asking on the off chance that it was a "thing" that some people did which was ramp the pressure up and jet according. (but I'm thinking of EFI terms, higher pressure for better atomisation). Thanks again!
  9. Hi Folks..me again with more Crossflow related thoughts! As mentioned in another post, I'm prepping the Westfield for a trip to Spa at the end of March. There is still loads to do but I've been thinking about fuel pumps and what not. I currently run a mechanical pump, I assume factory spec but I have no idea, the car was build by Westfield in 95 and appears to be the 1700cc fast road spec. Before changing anything, I thought I'd benchmark everything so I know where I'm starting from, so today fires it up with a fuel pressure gauge. It's running at 7 psi! From reading 3.5 is nearer where it should be on twin Webber 40s.. 4 being the upper "safe" limit. The thing is it seems to run ok.. (ok very rich at idle.) I suppose there is a chance that my guage is out (it's a brand new Webber one) My concern is if it was set up like this, lowering the pressure might means it's incorrectly jetted and needs setting up again.. but my suspension is for some reason with age the pressure has gone up, I'm not sure how the old mechanical fuel pumps work, but I assume there is a bypass or some.form of pressure relief that might be gummed up. So my question is, is it likely that it was deliberately set up like that, or is it more likely that it's running higher than it should and I should reduce it asap? Thanks!
  10. Slightly off Topic... is that a long single bolt for the lower arm instead of two? I suppose it makes rear toe mildly less faf to adjust!
  11. Thanks Chaps, that all makes perfect sense! I got a bit distracted today ordering all new bushes, rod links , ball joints and bolts for the suspension.. maybe I should start a "rebuild thread". Thanks for the pictures SootySport, just what I needed! I had previously been considering the smaller square pumps. I'm now imagining a bracket off the two lower front bolts of the pedal box to potentially fit a malipassi style FPR to the left of the steering column, without drilling extra holes. Thanks again!
  12. Thanks for all your replies and pictures! Sometimes its having the garage elsewhere, I can't pop down and measure things and look at them! - so it's hugely appreciated. In that case its fate, and my upgrade path has been chosen for me! Thanks!
  13. Mine was such an oily, greasy mess I think they were all pre soaked!
  14. There is just enough wriggle room to just undo the lobros and wriggle them out, - on mine at least!
  15. Thanks for the reply! I take it you didn't have a bracket like that then? How did you mount the regulator? A little further reading has suggested that it doesn't like vibrations, so my fuel blanking idea is out! Any pictures of either are welcome Cheers for the heads up on the wire. - I hadn't traced it I did think it was too good to be true!
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