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  1. Here is the reluctant sale of my Westfield Car has been great fun since purchasing last year and only used on sunny days and for shows (never tracked) Very straight and unmolested example with low mileage (5400) that was searched hard for. Both body and interior is in excellent condition JENVEY THROTTLE BODIES MBE ECU COMPOMOTIVE ALLOYS WITH PROXY TYRES QUICK RELEASE STEERING WHEEL Full MOT once sold £11000
  2. Picked up my Westie yesterday from Westfield which was booked in for a full check over. Came back with a few winter jobs to do. Nothing major or exciting.... Tidy up wires with cable ties Slightly kinked water hose to be replaced with silicone 90 degree Play in quick release steering wheel (ordered) Worn air filter (ordered) Fuel tank sitting too far forward I'm going to give it a full body detail and engine service before the cover goes on then think about cams and exhaust for next year.
  3. Tin-ribs

    Re- Trim

    Sounds a bit pricey to me. I had front and rear seats done on a previous car in real leather inc the headlining trims and dash. Cost me around £700.00.
  4. I also had the heater on a couple of weeks ago (not that it did much ! ) I finished work on a sunny warm Friday afternoon having planned a weekend stay in the countryside, "Sound, I'll go in the westie and go to work in it from there on Sat morning" I said to myself.... Damn the mornings are getting colder ! I thought I'd be alright with a tracksuit jacket on, was I b*lls I was glad of the traffic lights changing to red for a change, just to get a hint of heat from the heaters
  5. Saw this on Ebay and thought it looked a good un ! Nice looking motor and from Quarry bonk !
  6. Thanks for the advice guys, there's certainly a lot to think about !
  7. From Quarry Bonk ! pics please
  8. Thanks for that I ll give them a call. I'm after 170-180 bhp so if I can achieve this without headwork it will keep the cost down.
  9. I don't really want to be swopping engines at the moment so was just looking for other options to achieve 170-180 bhp
  10. As a new owner I'd like to attend as I've never been before but not sure about the weather ! It'll be a last minute decision I think.
  11. Evening ! I want more power so was wondering what choice of cam will be best for my 1.8 zetec without doing any headwork ? Its currently running TBs with a MBE 956 ecu. Here's a rolling road print out that was supplied by a previous owner Thanks in advance
  12. Thanks, just waiting for the sun to come out so I can uses it !
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