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  1. Jitterbug

    Bristol / South West Meet

    Interesting, well David cheddar is a lot closer than Bridport! I do enjoy a trip to Haynes motor museum, the food when I went was excellent and if you are member of the caravan club which my in laws were, you get in for free. Not sure if wscc qualify for a discount... As a member currently rebuilding a Westfield, I have not actually been in one so was hoping to shotgun a ride in someone's locally.
  2. Hi All, If I am right, I don't think there is currently a South West Area Representative? Is there anyone on here near Bristol that has a Westfield? I know a lot of other car clubs in the area hold regular get togethers, but I have yet to see any Westfields on the road since living here. Relatively speaking we are closer to the factory than some of the other areas, so I am hopeful there are some owners around. Best Regards Mike
  3. Jitterbug

    Anyone fancy a reshell project...

    Haha 2 pages of responses! Amazing. From what I can gather, copart are auctions. You can enter your bid before which shows the highest live bid on the listing or bid live as the car scrapes across the block so to speak when the auction date and time come up. Cat b is definately licenced dismantlers only but I have seen a few other squished Westfields listed before, with much newer registration plates on cat c and d. I rang them up and asked if you can become a member as a private person and you can, but you pay an annual membership fee before you can bid. If the money doesn't go much higher it's a decent drive train for not a huge outlay. However the old adage of one man's junk is another man's treasure may apply here...
  4. Hi All, Spotted this on my lunch break; https://www.copart.co.uk/lot/45873237 The exhaust is mangled and the rear wheel ripped off, so they must have hit something pretty hard. If you are in Chester, this would be a good basis for a reshell IMO
  5. Jitterbug

    Best book for a Rover K Series

    Thanks, I also just found this link which is pretty decent; http://www.myothercarsa2cv.co.uk/howto/buildacaterham.htm
  6. Jitterbug

    Best book for a Rover K Series

    Hi Guys, I have a pdf version of the Kent Crossflow repair manual that is classed as the bible for repairing or rebuilding a crossflow. Does anyone know of a similar book / recommendation for a Rover K Series VVC engine? My gut reaction is maybe a Caterham build manual or a Rover Haynes manual maybe for one of the later MG series cars? Thanks Mike
  7. Jitterbug

    Mystery chassis can you help identify?

    Hey Martyn, I am afraid I didn't. I have his contact info though so please can you send me your WSCC contact details for the area meet and I will forward them on. Thanks Mike
  8. Jitterbug

    Mystery chassis can you help identify?

    The Chassis sold on ebay and was collected by Sam and his Dad. Top blokes, and a unique way of moving a chassis... 4 bloke lift to get it on the roof. No paint scratched which is amazing. It then went for a 2 hour blast from Burnham on Sea to Solihull up the M5. Looks a bit like Santa's sleigh.
  9. Jitterbug

    Mystery chassis can you help identify?

    Thanks All, the chassis is up for sale on ebay and listed as a locost, currently selling for a staggering £102, which no doubt will end up being about £50 after ebay and paypal fees are taken off. The engine and gearbox are making their way into my 87 prelit rebuild. Check out my build diary 'Back from the dead 1987 pre lit' in the builds section of the forum. Appreciate the responses.
  10. Jitterbug

    Back from the Dead 1987 Pre-Lit Seven SE

    Good thinking Thrustyjust regarding the painting. That still feels a million miles away! So latest updates; Mystery chassis with caterham K Series engine and ford gearbox delivered; Then I removed the engine and box; Took the chassis back to a chassis and now its up for sale; Those with a keen eye will notice that this is a different garage. I did the stripdown at my parents house as there was more room, and hired a van to move the pieces. Next job is to sell / chuck out everything that is surplus to requirements. Including all the old crossflow blocks, type E gearbox, wheels etc... to make room so that the build can actually begin.
  11. Jitterbug

    Mystery chassis can you help identify?

    Hi all, I bought it and now it's been stripped for sale. Still no idea who made it, it looks professional but no makers mark or stamp anywhere... I emailed MK and they said it's not theirs. Has a de dion rear end and was using sierra running gear.
  12. Jitterbug

    Back from the Dead 1987 Pre-Lit Seven SE

    Today's update. The caterham k series engine and gearbox has arrived at my parents. Attached to a chassis. Stripping it tomorrow then selling the chassis. I will update with progress. Take note the Mrs is currently giving a thumbs up. This is rare enthusiasm for the build!
  13. Jitterbug

    Back from the Dead 1987 Pre-Lit Seven SE

    Hi All, results are back from the V888 DVLA request. The post arrived this morning with a brown DVLA envelope, full of anticipation I opened the envelope to find out that, unfortunately they were not willing to release the previous owners details purely for information on the cars history. Previous owners would only be revealed if trying to trace someone responsible for an accident or court proceedings... What they could confirm is more detail on the road tax applications. The results show that Q889HAC's last tax disc expired on 31st December 2000. The car was then sorn on the 1st January 2001. The V5C shows that Jim Knight acquired the vehicle on the 19th November 2000, which if his gudgeon pin story holds true, means he only had the car in road worthy condition for just over a month before it was taken off the road for the next 16 years. So the Westfield was registered in July 1994, had just under 6 years use then sat for nearly 3 times as long. Interestingly the DVLA tax record shows only 3 tax disc licences 1998-2000. I rang them and they confirmed the computer system only goes as far back as 1998. None of this helps the build but it is interesting. Member Dommo has kindly offered to ask his friend about the car to see if he can remember anything. I am looking forward to any feedback he has. Other news the English Axle does not have LSD fitted and I have decided which Garage door I am going to buy.
  14. Jitterbug

    Pre Lit English Axle

    Hi Guys, Update for you. I have been out and had a play on the axle. Firstly it does not have an LSD. As I rotate one wheel hub clockwise, the other wheel hub spins anti clockwise. Next I turned my attention to the ratio. I added some electrical tape to front of the drum brake, and the back plate, then did the same on the driveshaft mounting point and the differential housing. Using the wheel bolts to turn the hub it was just under two full rotations of the drive shaft mounting bracket, to one rotation of the wheel hub. Looking at online guides for doing a similar trick, I think you are meant to have a wheel and tyre on, but I cannot see how that makes a difference? The ratio would therefore be around 1.8:1 or 2:1 which does not match any of the english axle ratios I have seen online; 4.44:1, 4.125:1, 3.89:1, 3.77:1, 3.57:1 Am I meant to have held the opposite hub to stop it turning? or put load on to the hubs in the form of a wheel and tyre. I think to be 100% I am going to take the back plate off the differential casing and count the teeth on the ring and pinion gears. Any top tips for cleaning up an oil spill off a garage floor? I am guessing sawdust or sand...
  15. Jitterbug

    Removing Rivets

    Thanks all, i had thought about cavity wax so good to hear that is the solution. Its going to be a small applicator nozzle! haha

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