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  1. My car is a factory built Westfield 1989 SEIW (registered engine date) with 28k miles and is one of the first (if not the first) of the Ford CVH 1600 engined westies. The car seems to have been initially used as an example of what the new (at the time) engine type could do. I've got a few cuttings from magazine tests of this actual car, and interviews with Neil Roper (former F1 engineer) who built the engine. There's a lot of accompanying receipts etc too. The engine was built by Neil Roper, the bottom end apparently came from a Formula Ford car (that's what he told me on the phone), it's got a fully gas flowed head, is dry sumped, has matched Italian twin DCOE side draught Webber 45s with K&N filters. It has independent rear wishbone suspension, a vernier pulley and has a number of "special" parts (for example the steering rack has "special" in yellow wax crayon written on it) and has a separate oil cooler. Without tearing it to bits I don't know what else has been done exactly, though it's fair to say that the cam angle is very aggressive, as is the compression ratio. The car kicks out about 130 -135BHP (from rolling road tests dated a few years ago) though I haven't verified that recently. It sounds great, and while it can be driven in traffic or around town, it's on open roads where she'll put a massive grin on your face (as well as pinning you to your seat). The car has an immobiliser, and I recently upgraded the lights so that it's not an absolute deathtrap in the dark (new reflectors, bulbs and glass). All of the tyres have tonnes of tread and the alloys are immaculate (a spare and spare carrier (not fitted) is included). The brakes are good, but can pull a tiny bit to the left when braking very hard. The car starts first time, revs very smoothly and pulls like a demented Stallion on acid. All gear changes are good and you even get a reverse gear. The seats adjust (a bit) and come with Luke 4-point harnesses and head rests. She has full wet weather gear as well as a tonneau cover. The screen has a demister, wipers and washers. There are also heaters in the footwells... though I can't say I've ever noticed them achieving much. The paintwork is in very good condition for the age, it buffs up nicely and the colour scheme is classic looking and attractive. I have had the car rolling road tuned, with the chassis, suspension, mounts, shocks and main structure checked over, locally repaired and repainted in the last 6 months. Along with that work I have changed the plugs, re-welded the shifter mounting, beefed up the drive shaft mounts, had the engine and Webbers re-tuned, and had the wheels, suspension and steering balanced. The car has not been used on the track or hill climbs by me, the previous owner said the same, I can't vouch before that. She has never been kerbed or in an accident. There are no significant faults with the car, though inevitably there are some quirks. So the indicators and brake lights only work if the side or main lights are on. This has never been a problem for me as you want to be as visible as possible in this thing anyway. There's a small chip on the windscreen, a very slight oil leak (tiny, can't for the life of me work out where from and it loses so little I've given up trying to find it), there's some scuffing to the paint where the "doors" have rubbed. It will also need a new cam belt and oil change sooner rather than later. Also some of the upholstery in the footwell could do with being glued down again. There is also some slight degradation of the chrome around the light mounts, and a few signs of wear and tear (nothing specific) The car is dry stored in a vaguely heated garage. Aside from the time that the exhaust mount snapped off (age related and easily fixed) I have not had a single problem with the car, and properly maintained I see no reason why she can't carry on for many more years. Though please be aware, this is not a modern car, and regular care and maintenance is inevitable. Sadly I need a new mountain bike and I can't afford both. Not getting fat comes first. I'm looking for £6500 OVNO. I'm based in Stroud and Bristol. Drop me a PM and I can give you my mobile if you want to ask anything.
  2. Someone left a garden rake on a busy roundabout, and before it was possible to brake I drove over it. I managed to avoid the forks puncturing the tyres, but it clearly pulled some of the electrical bundle from the transmission tunnel. I'd secured it all again, but now my brake lights and indicators only work when the side lights or main lights are on. This isn't a major issue as I prefer to drive with at least the sides on to help others see me. But I have no idea how such a specific fault might be fixed. The wiring bundle seemed to be okay (oily, but okay) but I guess the pulling action has dislodged something I can't see. I'm going to get some ramps so I crawl under, but I'd appreciate some advice on where to start (other than looking for obvious damage). Thanks, Tom
  3. TomV

    Which are the best oils to use?

    Thanks for the comprehensive answers, really useful stuff. I'll get some pics of the reservoir up soon. Tom
  4. TomV

    Which are the best oils to use?

    Morning all. What engine oil for a dry sumped 1.6CVH. Fully gas flowed head, lifters, vernier etc, the bottom Is stock. Also, I know I can work out how much oil it needs from draining it. But that's not a lot of use when I need to buy the oil first. The reservoir is enormous, so I was thinking of getting about 10ltrs and having a few ltr spare for topping up if needed. Thoughts?
  5. TomV

    New Member with many questions!

    Well, I can safely say that 6500rpm is both achievable and highly entertaining. I think I'll leave 7k until I've changed the oil, cam belt and generally checked the whole thing over. It was serviced about 8mnths ago, but better safe than sorry. Any thoughts on what oil to use and how much (The oil reservoir is HUGE)? Also, I haven't looked, but I'm guessing there isn't the standard drain point in the sump, so am I just looking to disconnect the lowest oil hose? Someone mentioned getting a re-usable oil filter? Worth it, or should I just replace like for like? Thanks
  6. TomV

    New Member with many questions!

    There's a Cotswold meet which is only a few miles from my house. So I'll definitely try to make it to that. And you're all absolutely right; I don't much care about horsepower, it's grin-power that bothers me. And this thing has that in spades! For those interested (and considerably more clued up than me) here's the info on the development of the CVH. Pretty sure that's my engine in the badly (and repeatedly) scanned image!
  7. TomV

    New Member with many questions!

    I appreciate that I'm talking to myself here. But I just gave Neil Roper a call. He seems like a really decent guy, and confirmed that the above is correct; though it's "one of the first". He doubts that anyone has done much more to the engine since he parted company with the car. He also basically told me to stop wussing out at 6000rpm, and see what happens at around 7000rpm, as peak power isn't until 6500rpm. Fun .
  8. TomV

    New Member with many questions!

    Re: the blue 'block'. I have zilch idea. So it's definitely a 1991 SE1. Digging through the wad of stuff I got with the car, and I have rolling road data from 1997 (old). It's showing P-norn at 135bhp, with wheel output at 100bhp (106mph @ 6480rpm). Max torque is 112lbft. According to an article written about this car (much of which means little to me at the moment) this particular engine was put together by Neil Roper (Hart Formula 1) as a CVH with a 'bolt on head and cam'. Its a gas flow head with a compression of 10.5 to 1 (though a review in a later magazine states 9.5 to 1). It has a Piper camshaft with hydraulic followers. The pistons are modified, as are the valve pockets. I think (could be wrong) it's a Piper 290 cam, anti-pump cam followers, duplex valve springs, vernier timing wheel, fully gas flowed head, and alloy cam cover. I have the construction manual too, which makes for slightly confusing reading. Of course I cannot believe that nothing else has been done since then. Though whether that's improved the power is anyone's guess! I'll try and scan the write-ups and attach them if anyone is interested? One of them goes into some depth on the development of the CVH, and it seems pretty clear that I own the first one ever!
  9. TomV

    New Member with many questions!

    All, thanks so much for the info. I'm told the Webbers are a matched pair (which is a good thing). And yes, there's a suspicion that someone has had some fun with the internals. But I've no idea how to actually find any of that out! I'm guessing I have a wide body 'kit' version? Attached are some more images. Anything else you can tell me would be great. I'll definitely take a look a club events.
  10. Morning all, I'm a new member to the club, and I'm keen to find out a little more about the car I have owned for nearly a year now! I'd also like to start entering some speed events and generally have fun. A lot of what I write below may be bogus, but it's what I've learned or been told, so please don't flame me. But I'm totally open to being told what's wrong/right and if the car is a total lemon!! My car is (I'm led to believe) a 1989 SEI (registered engine date?) and allegedly one of the first of the Ford CVH 1600 'blue block' engined westies (this is a CVH not a pinto right?). The head has a "Ford Racing" plaque, and the cooling fins have been chamfered off for it to fit under the bonnet. The car was factory built, and seems to have been initially used as an example of the new engine type (something about trying to appeal to a wider global market?). I've got a few cuttings from magazine tests of the car. Forgive me if I muck up specific terminology (I'm new to this), but poking around under the bonnet reveals that it's dry sumped, has twin DCOE side draught Webber 45s which are "the quality Italian ones" according to the local garage, has independent rear wishbone suspension, has a number of "special" parts (for example the steering rack has "special" in yellow wax crayon written on it) and has a separate oil cooler. Without tearing it to bits I don't know what else has been done. Allegedly, the car kicks out about 140BHP (I'm a little dubious), but it's plenty fast enough for me at the moment, and pulls evenly from about 3k to 5.5k rpm. It sounds great too. As you can see, I know next to zero about Westfields, and especially the one I own. But I suspect this car has been round the block a bit, and there's a good chance someone on here knows something about this one, or at least this type. Thanks! Tom

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