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  1. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Thanks Ian I will open the holes up a tad I think, I had another look at the exhaust and I was talking rubbish just the angle of the photo. Rich
  2. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Managed to get a bit more done on the car: I wasn't happy with the ECU tray + the glove box hit the relays . I decided to make a new one thicker so I could have a radius on it and screw into it, used some Acetal sheet. Still needs a tidy up of the wiring but loads better and no sharp edges. I also fitted the scuttle screen and side screens before building up the scuttle . Fairly happy how it all fitted so cracked on with the scuttle . Turned up a piece of aluminium to hold the wiper rubbers whilst cutting them. Quite tricky bending the wiper tube, the core was tight at first, packed it with grease and it eventually freed up after lots of puling and pushing, still need to try it under power though. Decided to copy a few on here and use the big head fasteners, araldited on then fibreglass over the top. A little bit messy but it was going off quick, think I used too much hardener. Bolted everything in and fitted all the pipework, I had previously bought a bypass valve as recommended by @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary. I also bought a bulkhead fitting and matched the valve centres all from T7 design, I actually popped in there whilst on holiday wife wasn't to chuffed! Thanks to everyone for your help on this solution. Still got the header tank and pipe work to finish off once the scuttle is finally fitted, its been on and off so many times now I just whistle and it knows its own way ! So up to date: Fitted the exhaust and roll bar today Mark at Westfield said 65mm from the rear lip and central, I used a 51mm hole saw running in reverse . It was a bit snug so I just opened it up a fraction to give a little clearance all round, opened up the hole in the plate to 13mm a smear of copper slip on the bolts. I may fit some rubber trim just to finish it off. I then tackled the exhaust and bracket, also fitted some heat reflective material on the side panel. Made a little drill guide, to drill the hole for the exhaust bracket then opened up with 16mm hole saw. If anyone wants it its free just PM me not too difficult to make, but if you don't have access to a lathe? Does this look correct or should the silencer be turned to kick it in towards the body near the join, if you know what I mean?
  3. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    I have managed to improve them by relieving top of the scuttle a little more, fairly happy with the position now. I will wait and see what they are like under power . Rich
  4. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Hi, Can anyone advice me which Aero catches to get for my bonnet, Thanks any advice as usual, Rich
  5. Rich201060

    Fw edition build from halesowen

    Looking good, the tank strap is a pig to fit it will go you will probably need a ratchet strap to pull the tank down. Spread the pressure out tho with a piece of wood or similar so not to buckle the tank. I also found if you've put the foam strip right into the corner that will stop it sitting correctly.its worth while putting some c/snk screws through the R/H one to fix the sender cable to later as the sticky clips fall off. Rich
  6. Rich201060

    Fw edition build from halesowen

    I just wiped them with some white spirit, being careful not to get any on the pads. Rich
  7. If you havent already bolt them together off the car, then at least you know it’s only the chasisis stopping it . Rich
  8. Rich201060

    So far

    Make sure when the fillet is in place the threaded boss doesn't bottom out on the scuttle this will kick it over . I don't think either 90 deg is necessary as this takes some spring tension away. Rich
  9. Rich201060

    So far

    I wouldn't beat yourself up Its quite difficult to get right theres just too many things influencing the fit. Rich
  10. Rich201060

    So far

    Not sure this would work for you but, I cut the larger one too short and ended up putting a 8mm spacer on the bottom. Also had a 16mm piece of bar, slide the rubber on it then cut around it much easier to get the angle and length right, wish Id used this method to start with ! Rich
  11. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Thanks @AdgeC mine do look a similar angle, spoke to Westfield this morning Mark though they were ok. I did spray some water over last night and the wipe just smeared it around, but I think it could be improved with the blade cranked correctly. Rich
  12. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Ok thanks Steve, Rich
  13. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    What is the requirement for IVA Steve, Ive tried some water on the screen and it moves it but not what you'd call brilliant. I reckon if I crank the blade it may be better. Rich
  14. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Thanks for the reply Steve Yes screen angle is correct 965-970 + I fitted the Side screens and they look good to me . Rich
  15. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Help !!!! Ive decided to tackle the wipers before getting too far with the scuttle. Got the screen in side screen fitted, so Im at the wiper stage I have one side done can you tell me if it looks ok. Fillet seems to fit quite well but im not sure on the spindle angle, I don't reckon I can get it more to 90 deg ? By the way worst design ever ! Rich

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