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  1. Just pop the screen fillet on if possible as its trapped at the ends by the windscreen supports. Mine was very tight as you don't realise at this stage, you could put a packer under to ensure a gap, the tendency is to get the Supports to fit the bodywork but then they can sometimes be at the wrong height. Rich
  2. I would like a removable wheel so you probably right .
  3. Bit more done today whilst I wait for April to come around. Stone guards fitted,I ended up putting a few peel rivets in as I wasn't happy with the fit to stick them on. I put some black silicone on the edges though which smoothed out nicely to give a neat finish. Fitted the diffuser I got with my kit, looks ok? the carbon ones better IMO. Just 4 peel rivets holding it, I edged it with some rubber trim to stop the scratches. At the rear I sealed the gap with aluminium tape should I go for the carbon one its off in a nano second Oh and painted the rivets .
  4. You need to bed the wipers in for a while make sure you've packed them with grease , mine blew the fuse first time now they've bedded in I haven't had a problem.
  5. The trouble with a press stud is theres no going back once its done . You could try the 3m dual lock, its like heavy duty velcro but i think the weak point would be the backing adhesive? If I think of anything I will let you know. Rich
  6. Started fitting my hood today, thanks to @AdgeC for images of his, it wasn't too bad to fit in the end . It's going to need a roof bar down the middle though as with the standard roll bar its quite snug. Also need to come up with an idea to hold the side screen in at the top.
  7. This manual may help in parts see page 15 it gives a measurement for the rear tub bracket I fitted mine where it looked best, when I checked it to this measurement it was very close, just a good sanity check really . Westfield_FW_Style_Bodywork_fitting-2007-03-16.pdf
  8. Im saying nothing until I'm on the road but......
  9. Are they the factory supplied arches or Carbon ones, either way they look good and I like the idea of removing them easily. Did you get your car fixed by the way?
  10. Thanks its all done fingers crossed its all ok. Rich
  11. Hi, Sorry to be aa pain but where's everyone sending their registration documents, the info states the standard DVLA address. Isn't there a kits and new builds address somewhere, anyone have it to hand please? I hate paperwork , Rich
  12. Hi Stu, I took them off as it was dry but I doubt they would have.I had them on overnight as it was raining though. Rich
  13. Thanks @Steve (sdh2903) and @Thrustyjust may just pop down screwfix Ive used that before its like P**s perfect
  14. Hi , Has anyone managed to fit the rear spats/stone guards without using rivets. I thought maybe silicone or similar would do the job its just holding them down whilst it cures? Thanks in advance , Rich
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