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  1. Glad to see you back at it, from memory the washers are 4mm thick otherwise they distort pulling the taper in. Even with a half nut the threads only just through, My IVA inspector never removed the covers though .
  2. Mine passed IVA with this didn't like the westfield one I think the honda is 10mm thread though.
  3. Yes thats what I've ended up with, some heat shrink over the top looks ok and won't be seen .
  4. This is what I did, plus you have to position your head in the footwell with your legs sticking out the top!!!! But hopefully only once. Plate over the top
  5. Thanks I may ring the scrap yard and see if he will cut it off , but given I knocked him down I bet he will want a fortune.😀
  6. I have acquired some MGF mirrors and switch, I could do with the connector for the back of the switch. Does anyone know what I need crimps + casing etc, I have a work around but it would be neater with the correct plug.
  7. I had some cable tie bases fixed inside the nose then a PClip on the chassis .
  8. I seem to remember they were 14mm or some weird size , anyway no problem if you need some.
  9. Just mentioned it because mine were missing I had to make some.
  10. Don't be silly the paint would add at least 2 thou 😀
  11. Looking good, I notice there are no dowels to locate the gearbox, mine was the same they will make sure the alignment is bang on. There is a little clearance in the bolt holes, perhaps its just me but sure they should be in there.
  12. I like the stripe Im thinking of the opposite to that thick silver with red ?
  13. I just insured mine and the garage was literally up the road, I got my lad to follow me.
  14. First time to Stoneleigh in my car great day.
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