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  1. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Yes thats sensible, a centre drill works well too as they don't wander. I may leave it till after IVA though.
  2. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Thanks Im try to get everything done before the body work , and slightly putting it off :-)
  3. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Thanks Stuart , Yes I know about the baffle plates I have access to a miller so could do it. I Painted it 6 months ago and its got a few dinks in it already!
  4. Rich201060

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Only photo I could find , this is where mine is mounted, Hope this helps. Rich
  5. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    I haven't done much lately due to holidays but Ive been tidying up a few bit prior to starting on the rear and scuttle . Tunnel closed off with heat reflective material inside, I have fitted the top panels with 5mm button heads and neoprene strip. Hand brake mechanism adjusted with the grub screw on the back of the calliper. Theres a good write up on this on the forums somewhere, perhaps someone has the details as this made a massive difference. Throttle cable fitted, I had to make a bracket as the Honda one was missing . I have got my ceramic coated exhaust back from https://www.performance1coatings.com and fitted . New bracket made to support the engine loom, also missing! I really need to tidy up Im trying to re-use the Honda fixings where possible they look better than tie wraps. I have a few questions if someone can help. Can you still get the Locks for the bonnet Westfield used to fit . Is an inertia switch necessary for IVA . Ive decided to get my cam cover powder coated, what should I expect to pay? Thanks for all the advice . Rich
  6. Rich201060

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Hi, Just looked at mine, I don't have any washers on the inside if you did there wouldn't be enough thread through the nut.
  7. Rich201060

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Heres a couple of mine showing the routing at the rear, I haven't got any decent ones of the front but theres plenty on here if you have a good look.
  8. Rich201060

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Looking good
  9. Rich201060

    S2000 donor car.

    Hi, I picked my kit up in feb and you still needed to supply the Engine loom, I fitted the S2000 handbrake personal preference though. Have a good look through the S2000 build diaries lots of useful stuff. Rich
  10. Rich201060

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Brilliant and still time to enjoy the summer
  11. Rich201060

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Good luck , sure it will sail through
  12. Rich201060

    Peter's S2000 Build

    Hi Peter, You could try loctite hydraulic sealant , they do a range designed for fine tapered threads. You may have to get it dry though before applying. Rich
  13. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    As promised a bit of a write up. I thought it would be rewarding to start the engine seeing as I bought it this time last year. So first job build the dash, fairly straight forward I have the contour dash, my only issue is with the centre panel housing the oil/water etc.There are 2 blocks to fix to but they are far to low, I have it in temporary for now but its going to need sorting as the middle bows out , Im planning to attach a bracket to hold it down and thicken the blocks. I cut the holes through the Fabric with a scalpel worked well enough , the holes for the Indicators etc were too small, used a tapered reamer to open these up, careful not to go to large as seems like they have to be a tight fit to stay in. Then I positioned the dash roughly and set about wiring in what i needed oil, ignition water fuel. Oh yes finished the fuse boxes and labeled them up, incidentally check these a crimped properly one came off in my hand . I rigged up a spare battery using the old S2000 loom(never throwing this away used so much of it) bolting on to the Westfield leads , I figured it would need a few cranks to check the oil before trying a start and the actual battery wouldn't last. Top tip I got out the manual connect the positive then touch on the negative if you get a spark theres a problem. So I did this and the hazards came on (trouser moment !). I then turned the key and got Ignition light so gave it a few cranks no spark plugs or fuel yet, I could hear the fuel pump kick in though. I wasn't getting any oil pressure so whipped out the sender and connected a 1/8 BSP to 6mm and a short length of pipe, bingo lots of air then oil. So dug out my old Jerry can and headed for a gallon of the good stuff ( thats 5 litres for you younger ones.) Fitted the filler cap and poured it in , I guess fuel in the tank later could be a problem but Im going to make a bung , much like blocking off your bog pipe! With the fuel in time to pressurise the fuel rail, I just turned the key a few times until I could here it draining back. Plugs in . Oh yes I forgot to add the ECU wasn't flashed as the manual states, that was fairly painless though, I had already sourced a USB to serial cable, and the file is on the cd provided. I cranked it a few times after this also as recommended to pick up the sensors. I had rigged up a temporary header tank to fill once it started, planning to drain off later and check for leaks . And the moment of truth it started, I must admit I didn't think it would . I had a slight oil leak, need new clips near the oil filter. This sort of worked for short periods but not recommended set the smoke alarm of in the kitchen? Thats it for now, Im sending my exhaust off to be coated, and next is the dreaded scuttle . Rich
  14. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Hi Peter, Just noticed yours, well done. I’ve no excuses now I need to crack on with the body work . As for oil pressure I’m getting 2.5 at idle, can’t rev it too much I’ve just set off the smoke alarm !
  15. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Built the dash up and went for it ! Will do a full write up later. One question what oil pressure should I be seeing ? Rich

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