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  1. Rich201060

    Another new build diary. FW

    Be careful with the rivets, any exposed to water will need to be closed as water could enter the chassis. Must admit I never realised this but as I said all are inside but I'm still going to fill the holes with a blob of silicone. Rich
  2. Rich201060

    Deano's Classic SE Build

    Looking a very good build, and wow your garage is tidy
  3. Rich201060

    Another new build diary. FW

    Hi Steve, The rivets on the outer panels aren't seen when the body is on, I have carpets so most of the internal ones aren't either. I bought some black rivets for the rest. Rich
  4. Rich201060

    Another new build diary. FW

    I just went for black, as Justin says I fitted then de-bured, radiused all the corners, I also dropped of 2 batches which gave me time to get everything ready. Thing is there geared up for it , Im glad I didn't have Westfield do it because you have to trim most of them. Rich
  5. Rich201060

    Another new build diary. FW

    Hi, I would just get it all powder coated, mine cost £140 and they prepare the surface. I just used a local guy dropped it all off and in 2 days it was done. Given what the kits cost its well worth it. Rich
  6. Rich201060

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    Hi Chris Wow that wheel is shocking Id better look at mine ! Rich
  7. Rich201060

    So far

    Hi, Mine was a little out on the drivers side, I opened the holes up 1/2 mm then made sure the fillet just entered the pillars as if its too long theres not room for it. The other thing I did was put some fabric tape behind the pillar which gave a bit more clearance, you could use neoprene i suppose. Just make sure the pillars aren't too wide and the grub screws still grip the screen. Rich
  8. Hi, I agree with Dave having got my heater working at the weekend it was difficult with the height difference. I bought a bleed valve but don't really want no fit it (no room) . In the image I've tried to get level to show the height difference, I basically got the tank as heigh as possible without hitting the bonnet. Anyway mine suddenly started working luckily after much squeezing. Rich
  9. Rich201060

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    Well done great moment when its starts !
  10. Rich201060

    Fw edition build from halesowen

    My speedo bracket was in the IVA kit I think as were the bonnet pins.
  11. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Had time to look at the engine seemed to be running rich, decided to look at the TPS as when I stripped the engine I just put it back in central.My basic understanding is it has 5v on it when the throttle is open = high 4.5ish closed .5V . I then connected up the laptop connected to the ECU through MAP4000, on the sensor tab I could see the the low reading this is displayed as a value from 0-255 mine was reading 80 and should be around 20. At this point I undid the TPS and could not adjust it lower, decided to remove it and have a look. Inside the body theres a fork the TPS sits in, quick measure 5,5mm for the fork and 4mm for the TPS. Out with the long nose priers and tweaked the fork in the direction i need closing it up also to 4mm, the TPS fits in nice now and sits at 20 . Started her up again bingo runs loads better. After this pretty happy is there any other small adjustments to make to improve things, I was planning on getting it tuned professionally but it seems a shame after doing everything else. Rich
  12. Rich201060

    Rich's S2000 Build

    Managed a bit of time on the car today so quick update: I had fitted the seats a few weeks ago, discovered the floor was flexing, probably made worse as I have it quite a way forward. I don't believe this would fail IVA however but I cant put up with it. I rang Westfield they seemed surprised Anyhow decided to strengthen the floor from underneath with some 6mm x 45mm steel, 2 per seat the length of the lowered section, with holes for the seats and 2 bolts additional bolts either end, countersunk from the top and closed nuts underneath. Painted them up then some dinitrol on the backside before fitting, good thing is they will stay put when the seat is removed. Sat in no more movement Oh and cleaned of all the weld splatter before fitting. Rich
  13. Rich201060

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Well done, makes all the hard work worth it
  14. Yep no map dropped in off the cd into the ECU window. Mind you my ecu was delivered the day I picked my kit up. Ian literally took it off the DHL chap and put it in my hand! Rich
  15. Rich201060

    FW SE Zetec Build 2018

    Check your seat studs for the same thing before you fit them, I found 2 bad ones.

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