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  1. David tucker

    Goodwood Festival of Speed x2 tickets

    Hi I will take them please. Send me your payment details we will have to pass through Salisbury to get there many thanks
  2. David tucker

    Few bits

    Hi is the dash still for sale if so how much thanks
  3. David tucker

    Haynes Breakfast Club

    Yes I also have a thing for manifolds!
  4. David tucker

    Haynes Breakfast Club

    As my car is booked in at interpro for camtimeing and a full rolling road session on the 11th July it was not at Haynes. But I still made it in 3 photos. (Nice to some Westfields there) hope you got home before the rain ☔️ from the man in the brown t shirt
  5. David tucker

    Oil pressure gauge working backwards

    Just checking that this post is in the right place and that it has been seen as I couldn’t find it after I had originally posted it!
  6. David tucker

    Oil pressure gauge working backwards

    Hi my oil pressure gauge is working backwards. When I turn on my ignition my gauge slowly climbs up to 7bar when I rev it up it drops back to 2bar. My gauge is a smiths supplied by Westfield The sender has only got the one wire. This always worked fine when I was running a x flow now I have a redtop with a dry sump when I ordered the sump and remote filter housing thay advised me to run the sender from the filter housing so I sent them my old sender so thay could tap the right thread. When it came back it had been replaced by a new sender. People tell me that it’s a earth problem so when I unscrew the sender and let it hang with the wire still attached ( no earth) the neadell goes completely off the scale and very fast as soon as I Earth the sender back on the housing the it climbs slowly up to 7bar. I think thay have sent me the wrong sender if so what one do I need many thanks
  7. David tucker

    Piper cross Sausage filter SOLD to IanD

    Hi is it for carbs or itb. Thanks
  8. David tucker

    Dry sump pump pressure relief valve leaking

    That’s good to know. Well I am on here i have just upgraded my cams to qed 450 and have booked my slot on the dyno. Is any one else running these. If so how do they behave on the road many thanks
  9. David tucker

    Dry sump pump pressure relief valve leaking

    I have the same pump on mine. Their is a screw on cover on the valve which i have left on so i don’t know if it’s leaking. Should this cover stay on or come off it seems a lot of work to have made if it is not needed.
  10. David tucker

    Westfield front anti-roll bar

    Westfield front anti-roll bar. Wide body standard track £150
  11. David tucker

    Garage clear out!

    Westfield wheels still for sale now reduced to £300
  12. David tucker

    XE Cam cover Baffle Needed if dry sumped?

    When I converted mine to dry sump i left that plate in as they say it is not doing anything but it is bonded and not just screwed in. The bonding is hard to remove I had one sand blasted and the bonding was still there it brakes down with the hot oil and goes traveling around your oil ways.
  13. David tucker

    Exhaust Wrap recomendations

    I rapped my manifold with the black. After a while it turned white and looked nasty i removed it 12 months later and found that the manifold was very rusty.
  14. David tucker

    Bristol / South West Meet

    Hi you are right it is a bit lonely down here i live in cheddar and have been talking to the Dorset group but thay meet at bridport that’s a long way for me to go. I think the Cornwall ,Devon and Dorset groups are going to Haynes breakfast club on the first Sunday of the month
  15. David tucker

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    It’s good to see my old doors being used cars looking good

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