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  1. Hi I have a sbd tank not cheep at £500 and it’s very tall. But you can strip it apart for cleaning. I also had to modify my mounting bracket to lift the pump.
  2. Hi I run a turbosport kit on mine if you have any questions just pm me.
  3. Hi interested to know where you got your new body work from as i need some for mine many thanks.
  4. Hi it sounds like a stiff prop joint. It’s only four bolts on the diff end then pull the prop out of the box but make sure you jack the car high on the back leaving the front on the ground so the oil doesn’t run out of the gearbox.
  5. I m going to try and make it but i think you have the date rong Thursday is the 9th ?
  6. Hi I will meet you at brent house at 930am any different let me know.
  7. Hi i have been looking for a set of these for a long time. If it helps with production i would be interested in a pair many thanks.
  8. Hi I could probably do one of the days wot time and wear many thanks Dave.
  9. That’s exactly what I did followed sbd. No heater ether good luck.
  10. When I put the redtop in mine I got the hoses from Caterham the bottom one goes from the radiator straight to the water pump. I then cut it and added two aluminium tee s from demon tweeks. Works fine I can send you pictures if you need them.
  11. I can’t remember what my crossflow needed but that doesn’t sound very much oil. My red top takes 6. L but it is dry sumped
  12. My gauges are smiths classic i can’t remember the size of the thread. I had to wait about a month for them to get the right one. The picture of your old thread looks like it’s tapered.
  13. Hi I had the same problem with my old crossflow. The thread in the block is a tapper the moor you screw them in the titer they get. Your gauge is reading the same as mine the sender has to be matched to the gauge. You can’t just change for any sender as i now now from buying lots of senders. Demon tweeks are good thay list all the senders and gauges. Good luck.
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