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  1. Hi I was just wondering if you sold your seats are they still available
  2. David tucker

    Dry sumps - who has one?

    Hi I run a dry sump on my xe I got my setup from turbosport
  3. David tucker

    New Member in Somerset (with pictures)

    Well I didn’t know there was another Westfield owner in Cheddar there seems to be a lot of us in Somerset. We should meet up before the winter.
  4. David tucker

    New Member in Somerset (with pictures)

    Glad to see someone else playing in my backyard. The gorge is a great place for a drive in a Westfield. Enjoy
  5. Hi have you got a price for the seats thanks
  6. David tucker

    15” wheels for sale

    Yes still for sale
  7. David tucker

    Rolling Road in Wiltshire

    My car is at interpro as we speak for camtimeing and rolling road set up (Webber’s). As the previous member said a first class service dave is a very knowledgeable chap.
  8. David tucker

    Hamilton Supertex Indoor Car Cover NOW SOLD

    Hi I will have the cover if you could let me know the postage and your payment details thanks
  9. David tucker

    OEM Almost new polo RADIATOR.

    Hi are the polo rads 4 cor it’s to go on my c20xe as i think mine has sprung a leek Have you got a picture many thanks
  10. David tucker

    15” wheels for sale

    Hi no there is no et number but the back space is 140mm. I ran them on my se with a live axle but I did need spacers witch I still have and can go with the wheels. I have pictures of them on my car if that’s any good.
  11. David tucker

    15” wheels for sale

    Westfield speed sport wheels 7x15x4 with 205 50 15 Toyo R888 3.5mm tread. Very clean uncurbed condition slight mark on one as shown in picture- £200
  12. David tucker

    Goodwood Festival of Speed x2 tickets

    Hi I will take them please. Send me your payment details we will have to pass through Salisbury to get there many thanks
  13. David tucker

    Few bits

    Hi is the dash still for sale if so how much thanks
  14. David tucker

    Haynes Breakfast Club

    Yes I also have a thing for manifolds!
  15. David tucker

    Haynes Breakfast Club

    As my car is booked in at interpro for camtimeing and a full rolling road session on the 11th July it was not at Haynes. But I still made it in 3 photos. (Nice to some Westfields there) hope you got home before the rain ☔️ from the man in the brown t shirt

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