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  1. David tucker

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Hi I will try and make the 3rd of February. Might need some directions.
  2. David tucker

    Spax Springs & Shocks

    Hi yes I will take these please let me know payment details or address as i am in Cheddar many thanks.
  3. David tucker


    Hi my car is built on a 1998 race kit I am also running a redtop dry sumped 230hp on 45s the most annoying thing about the race kit is the extra braceing right where my knees are. Also the role bar is not removable looking forward to seeing some pictures many thanks.
  4. David tucker

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Hi I will probably be at the mendip raceways meet. The sun will have to be shining for the Westfield it’s the coldest place in the world and that’s in the summer. What’s app is a good. idea
  5. David tucker

    Bristol & Bath Area

    Hi can’t do Thursday nights but any other days Are good. Maybe a Sunday morning meet would be good. There is a chap who goes by the name of newton he lives at the top of Cheddar gorge drives a mega blade is he on your list of members.many thanks
  6. David tucker

    Oil Leakage, Vauxhall Red Top with dry sump

    Hi my oil drains from the tank as soon as I switch off the engine. It only drains about half way witch is about the same level as the oil in the sump. The problem is when you have the tank in the boot above the axle their is a lot more oil to drain an can flood the engine. My tank is in the engine bay with a short pipe to the sump. The sump on a dry sump is very shallow so any oil in their will be at a higher level than normal. My sump came from turbosport witch is face fitting and took two goes to seal properly. Check to see where the oil is coming from first.
  7. David tucker

    Pipercross Filter and Backplate

    Hi what depth is the filter please. Many thanks
  8. David tucker

    Cycle wings

    Hi I do and i will many thanks
  9. Hi are you looking for any more cars for your stand or have all the places gone.
  10. David tucker

    Cycle wings

    No sorry there still on my car
  11. David tucker

    OMEX 500 ecu

    Sounds good I will wait to hear from Mark.
  12. David tucker

    OMEX 500 ecu

    Hi if the ecu comes with the loom I will take it if barny doesn’t many thanks.
  13. David tucker

    Bristol and Bath AO

    Well done for taking this on. We need a area organiser down here i can do most Sundays but not the 28th October. Just post on hear where we are meeting. Haynes breakfast club first Sunday of the month is a good place.
  14. David tucker

    Before & After Photos

    Nice set of wheels thay look familiar. Look good on your car.
  15. David tucker

    Narrow cycle wings

    Hi I have a pair of narrow wings with the holes to fit cortina brackets in good condition.

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