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  1. There is a test procedure for building the kit here https://wiki.autosportlabs.com/MJLJ_V4_kit_assembly_guide which points out the test points for the 5V when assembling the board ,component U3 is the 5V regulator http://www.ti.com/lit/ds/symlink/lm2937.pdf is the information on the regulator
  2. Do it in proper Gulf colours ,dark blue and orange . The light blue /orange is the colours of Mercury? oil a gulf subsidiary
  3. As I have a donor and I am not yet able to order a kit I am doing as much refurbishing of items as I can . My question is are the bezels on a Smiths midget gauge suitable as people are offering IVA compliant and standard bezels ? Or is it covered by the gauges being behind the steering wheel ? Has anyone tried getting a modified rear axle done before ordering the kit ,as i would like to get it assembled well in advance ?
  4. If you are doing autotesting then the loads you are quoting may not be the biggest problem but the amphrs of each start . I have read that it can take 20 minutes of running to recharge a battery after each start ,so repeated starts and short runs can flatten a small battery and the smaller alternator charges it back up more slowly.
  5. Bicycle spanner ,they are usually made from flat sheet and thin.
  6. www.ebay.co.uk/itm/63mm-Stainless-Steel-Car-SUV-Rear-Exhaust-Pipe-End-Pipe-w-Fire-Shining-Light-Red/162649093492?hash=item25dea43574:g:AR8AAOSwA79Zo-Cr get 2 and go for a fake exhaust look and hide one red and one white in the pipe ends . paul
  7. I am in the donor preparation stage of building an x1 ,if i am fitting the ford gearbox what parts of the midget gearbox mounts do i need .
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