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  1. The Machinist

    Garage Clearout Again

    Hi Ben Am interested in the Westfield grille, is it still available? Would you be willing to sell prior to Stoneleigh, and send by post, as I can't get to the show this year If this part is still available and this option is acceptable to you, can you advise me of the total cost including carriage, so that I can arrange payment. Cheers
  2. The Machinist

    Narrow body seats needed

    Hi Stevo Have a pair of slot- in seats for a narrow chassis, backrest and squab are two separate pieces, and are just placed on floor and against bulkhead, they are made by Westfield and are black vinyl, they are in reasonable condition. I'm looking for £20 for the pair.
  3. The Machinist

    Garage clear out part 1

    pm sent
  4. The Machinist

    Westfield main loom / Seats

    WANTED, Westfield main loom, must be in good condition, good price paid, Pair of seats to fit SEIW with harness slots and runners, no rips or tears
  5. The Machinist

    Chassis loom SOLD

    Hi Gary If 3cxjay doesn't have the loom, I would be willing to buy it from you
  6. The Machinist

    Zetec R

    pm sent
  7. The Machinist

    Weber 45s - SOLD

    pm sent
  8. Hi Richard would be interested in the wide windscreen with mounts and mirrors in black, if they are still available Derek
  9. The Machinist

    Wheels and semi slick tyres*SOLD*

    Am interested in both wheels and tyres as a package pm sent
  10. The Machinist

    5x westfield seiw alloys

    Am interested in your wheels and tyres as advertised if they are still available. pm sent
  11. The Machinist

    The Machinist

    Hi Guys I am a relatively new member, (joined last month). I bought a Westfield 2.0 SEi with pinto power from a guy in Mansfield way back in Feb 2015, which turned out to be an absolute dog! (seriously damaged chassis making it totally unroadworthy!) It has sat in my garage since then vegetating, however I have now bitten the bullet and ordered a new starter kit from Westfield which I will be collecting this week, so a brief history of where I am at the moment. I have been replying to various adverts in the 'parts for sale' showing interest and attempting to purchase items advertised by sending a message to the advertiser, but apart from once, where I purchased a MSA rollbar, have not had any responses, and parts have remained for sale and then sold to someone else, am I doing something wrong? I am clicking on the sellers title and then clicking on send message, but am having no responses so am probably no going through the right procedure, could someone point me in the right direction?.

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