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  1. Liz03

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    Thanks we don't require these but thanks for looking Chris and liz
  2. Liz03

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    Hi Gary how about £20 +postage Thanks chris and liz
  3. Liz03

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    HI Gary do you use the standard passenger side mounting, what do you want for the mounting including postage if possible. Thanks chris and liz
  4. Liz03

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    Due to the generosity of thebutler we now have a bare 1.8 silver top engine. We require all the parts to make it fit and run from mountings and fueling to exhaust manifold and ign system. Will consider anything Better on a car than in a shed A big thanks to all that have helped in the last 2 year's we are determined to get it finished. Chris and liz
  5. Liz03

    Zetec 1.8 Silvertop. 8000 miles since recon

    Hi Saw this ad yesterday Wasn't sure if I could collect the it If Wolf dog doesn't get it please can I have it? Cheers Chris and liz
  6. Liz03

    Golf rear calipers. Now removed from sale.

    Pm sent Thanks chris and liz
  7. Liz03

    Hand brake cable

    Hi all we are looking for a hand brake cable for golf Calipers. Thanks chris and liz
  8. Liz03

    20 ton, freestanding, shop press - SOLD

    Hi Dave will it fit in the box of parts you are making up for us Is it now sold Thanks chris and liz
  9. Liz03

    20 ton, freestanding, shop press - SOLD

  10. Liz03

    Diff mounting bushes

    Wanted for seiw 4 Sierra diff mounting bushes fitted in the chassie Please pm me if you have some or know of a supplier. Thanks chris and liz
  11. Liz03

    Spare Parts Clearout

    Hi Mark pm sent yesterday are the parts sold
  12. Liz03

    Throttle bodies

    Do you need to re map due to more air flow and fit a throttle potentiometer to butterfly spindle Chris and liz
  13. Liz03

    Gear knob rad cowling

    Wanted Westfield Gear knob Polo radiator mounting- cowling Thanks chris and liz
  14. Liz03

    Suspension struts

    Hi Mark we have a kit of parts that we have been buying for the last 18 months and have a set of old Spax we got from the wscc tent at Stoneleigh last year. The rear uprights are Westfield ones for golf Calipers as you say but I have been told there is a difference between the Sierra and golf upright strut mounting point Thanks chris and liz
  15. Liz03

    Suspension struts

    Hi we getting ready to start putting the car together after not been able to work on it this year due to illness and would like some advice on suspension strut length ,the car is an seiw with standard front and rear track but the rear has golf uprights which I understand requires a different longer strut. Thanks chris Ps a big thanks to the lad's at siltech for all there work on the chassis and fitting the cage a fabulous job.

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