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  1. Liz03

    Throttle bodies

    Do you need to re map due to more air flow and fit a throttle potentiometer to butterfly spindle Chris and liz
  2. Liz03

    Gear knob rad cowling

    Wanted Westfield Gear knob Polo radiator mounting- cowling Thanks chris and liz
  3. Liz03

    Suspension struts

    Hi Mark we have a kit of parts that we have been buying for the last 18 months and have a set of old Spax we got from the wscc tent at Stoneleigh last year. The rear uprights are Westfield ones for golf Calipers as you say but I have been told there is a difference between the Sierra and golf upright strut mounting point Thanks chris and liz
  4. Liz03

    Suspension struts

    Hi we getting ready to start putting the car together after not been able to work on it this year due to illness and would like some advice on suspension strut length ,the car is an seiw with standard front and rear track but the rear has golf uprights which I understand requires a different longer strut. Thanks chris Ps a big thanks to the lad's at siltech for all there work on the chassis and fitting the cage a fabulous job.
  5. Liz03

    Aero screen .wiring loom

    Wanted aero screen for wide body . Wiring loom rover k series engine Thanks chris 07857 845714
  6. Liz03

    Seat heaven

    Pm sent after our phone conversation
  7. Liz03

    Ally cat minilite 13" alloys and yoko tyres

    Hi are the wheels still available if so we may be interested how much do you want for them Thanks chris and liz
  8. Liz03

    Westfield main loom / Seats

    Hi if the machinist dose not want the seat's and they have harness slots in them in would be interested Possibly a photo Thanks chris and liz
  9. Liz03

    Garage clear out part 1

    Hi would like the gear stick extension thanks chris and liz Will send you a pm
  10. Liz03

    Seiw chassis offers considered

    Still avaliable
  11. Liz03

    Rover k bell housing

    Hi possibly a change of plan We are looking for a rover 1.4 k series engine to ford gearbox bell housing. Just testing the water Thanks chris and liz
  12. Liz03

    SOLD SOLD Oil Catch Tank

    I will have this will pm you Thanks chris and liz
  13. Liz03

    Seiw chassis offers considered

    Price reduced £300
  14. For sale seiw chassis 330 mm tunel. Has damage to front and rear see photos has had a repair to the rear in the past. I think it was a race chassis is sold as is spairs or repair, make your own mind up Pick up from Peterborough only £500 cash only offers considered Thanks chris
  15. Liz03

    Garage clear out

    Ok I will have the filter thanks. Will you pm me the total cost and how you want paying. Thanks chris

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