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  1. Liz03

    1.9 I'd springs

    1.9 I'd spings wanted what is taking up shelf space let us know Thanks chris and liz I have been told front 8in 300 lb and rear 9 in 175lb - 200lb
  2. Liz03

    Sierra 7.5 diff Non LSD to LSD

    Hi will a 7.5 in diff fit in our early round top tube chassis. Thanks chris and liz
  3. Liz03

    Parts for sale/ Left over from build.

    Hi can we have the diff please will send you a pm Thanks chris and liz
  4. Liz03

    Cortina front wheel bearings SOLD

    Hi we can use these will send pm. Chris and liz
  5. Liz03

    Shocks and Springs

  6. Looking for a set of rack mounts Thanks chris and liz
  7. Liz03

    Shocks and Springs

    Hi all just testing the water we are looking for shocks and springs to fit seiw for road and hillclimb golf rear uprights And possibly front suspension parts to update from mk 4 cast uprights and hubs . Thanks liz
  8. Liz03

    For Sale £0 !

    The stands would be great thanks
  9. Liz03

    For Sale £0 !

    Hi have these gone if not can we have them thanks liz
  10. Liz03


    Pm sent Thanks chris
  11. Liz03

    Carbon cycle wings SOLD

    Pm sent Thanks Paul Chris and liz
  12. Liz03

    Parts coming up for sale as the car gets its winter upgrades!

    Hi Dave is the diff still for sale , liz is now 16 and applying for her msa licence but after my accident last February we haven't done the car .the chassis will be going to blasting and powdercoat in 2 weeks. We have a 3.62 lsd diff. And will be running a type 9 gearbox on 13 in wheels but only a 1395 cc k series engine 105 bhp so a 3.9 diff would be better. Interested in what you think. Thanks chris and liz Hopefully we will be starting a build thread later in the week
  13. Liz03

    SEIW ZK Bonnet Post office red

    Thanks Tim have a good Christmas Chris and liz
  14. Liz03

    SEIW ZK Bonnet Post office red

    Hi Jim not sure if it will fit our car we have a 1995 seiw so I will have to make enquiries my number is 07857845714 if your membership runs out Thanks chris and liz
  15. Liz03

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    Thanks we don't require these but thanks for looking Chris and liz

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