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  1. Liz03

    Polo Rad

    Hi I need a fan mounting bracket would you sell it on its own Thanks chris and liz
  2. Still looking if no joy will have to order some this week Thanks chris
  3. All sorted now Thanks
  4. Same here there's wanted ads running for them
  5. Hi thanks for all the wishes for my exams, been cramming all day today (fitted the peddle box in on my break) the car was previously owned by MGM film studios and was used in filming. I'm bit sure of what film but I understand that it was driven by Kira Knightly. More posts to follow as revision allows. Thanks Liz 😊
  6. After a 2 year battle, liz and I have started the rebuild of her mgm film studio's car. Thanks to siltech for there fabulous workmanship and patience . Will add more when we can GCSE exams for the next 4 week's Chris and liz
  7. Wanted Braded front brake hoses seiw
  8. Hi liz and I updated and renewed our membership at Stoneleigh and need to place a wanted ad and start our build thread but membership hasn't been updated so cant do it can it be sorted out thanks chris and liz
  9. Hi are you repairing you're one as I have a wanted ad for some if you aren't having the one's on the above locost sight I will have them Thanks chris and liz
  10. Looking for a low screen kit for wide body care . Or standard windscreen uprights to modify condition not important Possibly a broken screen for the framework
  11. Liz03

    Wiring loom

    Looking for a Wiring loom for seiw I have one but it has been cut up Going to Stoneleigh on Sunday Thanks chris and liz
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