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  1. Trevor, do you know what time the gates close tonight...I'm thinking of camping tonight but will be late arriving?


  2. Gordonwilly

    WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    Does anyone know what is the latest time I can turn up tonight to camp? I think the gates are locked at a certain time...but can find any details? cheers Dean
  3. Gordonwilly

    WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    I'm in for the Friday...not sure about the rest of the weekend yet!! Dean
  4. Gordonwilly

    Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day 2 22nd September 2017

    I can also make the day...but am forth on the reserves list (now third I think)...so Stuart is next after Scott!!
  5. Gordonwilly

    SPARCO ISN-120 Intercom

    This is probably a wild goose chase, but I have a perfectly serviceable Sparco ISN-120 intercom fitted to my Westfield, but no head sets (which don't seem to be available any where). Rather than chuck it out and buy a whole new Intercom set, I thought I'd ask if anyone has any ISN-120 Full Face head sets going spare? Cheers Dean
  6. Gordonwilly

    Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day 2 22nd September 2017

    HI Steve, Fantastic first day for me (and Michele!!!)...many thanks. Can you put me down on the reserves list please? cheers Dean
  7. Gordonwilly

    Warwickshire Area Curborough Track Day 1 26th May 2017

    Andy (Sycho)
  8. Gordonwilly

    Quick rack 2.4, Steering wheel size for road?

    I am very new to Westfields (purchased yesterday!!), and when I saw the tiny 260mm wheel, I said to myself it will definitely being changed to 300mm...having driven it back home (50 miles) and twice out again yesterday (yes I am totally hooked), I was extremely and pleasantly surprised how well it felt. Pro's - it means my hands are away from the top underside of the aero screen (another thing I was going to change until I drove it home) and my arms seem to sit very comfortably when driving. There is a little twitching (not enough to turn it into a negative), and I'm on fairly stiff nitron fronts Con's - You have to think a bit about tight spaces, as steering can be a tad heavy (but I'm stretching this into a con)
  9. Gordonwilly

    New member (Sutton Coldfield) trying to buy a Westfield

    So I have to come clean now...I brought home my first Westfield yesterday. It is the Glen from Manchester built one that I bought from JonD that was recently advertised for sale (Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiW with 2000S chassis (Colour - Black).). It wasn't a V8 I thought I'd buy, and I don't think I could have found a better put together and better looked after car...which came with a load of bits. I was out in it three time yesterday, including in the dark (brought back very distant memories of rallying in deepest Wales in the 70's!!). Whilst have have been a life long (fast) motorcycle fan (best bike I ever owned was a 1990 Kawasaki ZXR750 h2, which reminds me of the Westfield), I think the Westfield is better (but that's just my opinion!!). And I have just thought that as it has a full cage, I can probably get a soft-bag roof box and get to Le Mans at some point with out having to sleep in a hedge!! Thank you to all those that gave such good advice...just now got to find time to get out and about in it!!
  10. I think it is a great idea. unfortunately I didn't make the show, but if there had been a dedicated 'help point' it would have been a perfect place to start the search. I'd be happy to help develop this and use my current position as a way of documenting the journey into ownership. Its quite daunting at the start...I have been a long term Land Rover owner and now know what is good and bad, what they costs to buy, what vehicles are good value, what its like to own one etc, etc. But I'm a complete novice at Westfield's, so without help and direction am likely to make a mistake. I can't believe how helpful the club is and that attitude could easily be leveraged to produce a good platform for potential/new purchasers. Not only having a stand at the shows (as suggested above is a great idea), but also having a part of the website that can help with the questions and answers. Perhaps access to a list of people around the country who are willing to talk to potential buyers, show them their cars (I have already been offered a ride in someone's V8, and been invited to a trackday). My initial post all centred around what to buy and what is a good price. I started off looking at in essence a 200bhp 2 litre road legal track car, and then last week tried to buy another 2 litre car off the WSCC cars for sale. Now I'm thinking a softer well-sorted V8 would be more practical (if you can call a Westfield practical). But as many have said, sitting in them, actually being a passenger in the different ones will make a big difference Hope this helps... Dean
  11. Gordonwilly

    New member (Sutton Coldfield) trying to buy a Westfield

    Wow, thanks for the responses so soon...I am looking at what comes available on the WSCC website. Good advice and I won't rush in (however tempted I am). I am actually free on Friday 26th, so I'll come along. Thanks for the invite.
  12. Hello, Been looking at Westfield's for a while now and finally decided to take the plunge before I really do get too old for one!! Joined WSCC last week whilst trying to buy (unsuccessfully) a Westfield, so I'm looking again. I am new to Westfield Cars and am really looking forward to owning one. I have read many posts, looked on many websites and looked at a few cars for sale. Someone recently posted that there is a bit of a ceiling at around £15,000 (unless it is very new), which I can see as being a reasonable assumption looking at what is for sale out there, or am I way off the mark? So, I'm looking for a bit of guidance... Sovereign Cars have what looks like a very nice V8 at a fiver short of £18,000, which seems very expensive (and out of my budget). Against others (DT Performance have a 2001 285bhp V8 at £14,995 and Toybox a 2004 V8 at £14,435) it does look expensive, but I just haven't got a feel for what a good Seight will be priced at (I know dealers will be more expensive, but £3-4k difference seems a lot) Also, there doesn't seem to be many under £14k! I might end up looking at a 2 litre car as there seems to be more choice and they are a bit cheaper (I think), but the V8's are very tempting (especially as it'll be mostly road with the occasional track day)... Anyone got any views or guidance, before I go searching in earnest?
  13. Gordonwilly

    Curborough Track Day 26.05.17


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