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  1. You need to get to the weight of lobster with duratec power....and of course Adams driving skills!!!
  2. Hope the lobster is not getting too hot!
  3. I am pleased that at last i seem to be track ready. Adding a good mechanical pressure gauge confirmed that the new warning light was giving a false reading and my pressures look good.. Just sods law no places left! So I wish you all a great day..have fun and I hope the sun shines.. I am looking at a run round Blyton on Saturday...
  4. Mole

    Spongey Brake Pedal

    My first two westys had Sierra calipers and I never got a firm pedal despite trying everything from jacking rear up, taking caliper off, piece of wood wedged on pedal overnight.. current one with golf calipers are great with no issues..
  5. Most seem to be M10.. quaife do M12*1.75 but only in white..
  6. Just having geometry set up at the moment! That's not good news!
  7. Price was still early bird a few mins ago! Doing my best to join you..would be really fed up if I get sorted and no places left!
  8. Mole

    Bent chassis

    Could even turn it into another crustacean..like the lobster!
  9. Russ just told me of your post Andrew..I was still hoping to come if weekend checks go ok..I checked just now and it's still showing early price and allowed me to go through booking procedure..but I stopped before paying..it asked for my password which I have forgotten..but it didn't come up as full?
  10. Thanks Ian.. I will be in touch..
  11. Evening Andrew.. from my sketches on paper..I think it will appear that there is more oil in the sump ie same volume of oil will appear higher up the dip stick.. so conversely if I set level to the stick there will be less oil in... (Last night i added extra so was well above the mark on the stick..) i will take some measurements including the angle and plot it out so see how much difference it actually makes...
  12. Hi thanks for the comments.. work keeps getting in the way so only just answering! Ian - no I did not configure it - I will check to see if the configure software is in any of the stuff I got with the car.. however from what you have shown it tells me that there is a good possibility it is 'damped' I have had a read and it looks like I can download the software... I do have some files from the previous owner..who also mentioned about saving the existing files off the dash before altering anything.. To be honest I am ok mechanically but not very good on IT stuff..maybe its my lack of patience!! Also I was probably unclear concerning throttle position - I should have said engine speed... which is of course affected by throttle position.. but basically if I drive sensibly rather than like being on the track - like coming into a 30mph area from a 60, then letting off the throttle..so fairly gradual slow down.. and the light is flashing - implying 20 or less psi.. This is strange because when idling at 1000rpm the light is not on implying the pressure is greater than 20.. unfortunately the mechanical gauge has not arrived today as I had hoped... Dave - thanks i think some points answered above... but I have not touched or altered the Dash since i have had it - all set up by previous owner - who I think was meticulous and I am sure the figures are pretty accurate.. but until I can see the settings I wont know about the damping effect.. I am fairly happy with the idle, mid speed and higher rev range pressure - assuming Dash reading is correct, for the temperature and oil viscosity. These appeared fine before the bearings went.. and without the light and the damping on the Dash I was blissfully unaware of any low pressure issues.. The pressures I think are ok for a Duratec - at the moment whilst running in I am running 5w 30 oil so fairly this.. but for me 30-62 psi seems ok.. when running last year on track in the summer I was seeing the same with 10W 50.. I have upgraded the oil cooler this year and last night was seeing around 70 degC which is much lower than before.. I am happy with the oil level..well i think I am!! Raceline say 5L (if no oil cooler etc fitted), and the engine builder said it wants to be at least level with the sump joint line. With the engine bone dry after rebuild and sitting on a horizontal bench without filter or cooler, I filled up until oil coming out of dip tube stub which is higher than joint line.. it took just under 5L. At this level I checked the dip stick and it was basically at the top mark... Then when I installed engine including filter and cooler etc I added oil to get back up to the same level.. it took about another .75L. In fact last night before driving I added more oil so above the mark to see if it makes a difference.. which it did not... However something I have noticed is that with the car on the ground the sump is not sitting horizontal.. and I guesstimate maybe 15 degrees nose down.. I have checked with Mr. Meatypants and he says his Duratec is horizontal. We wonder if this is making the issue worse.. I haven't worked out why bearing in mind the Raceline sump is well baffled and the pickup is in the central chamber.. but it could affect things.. Because of the issues I have had with bearings I am really sensitive to oil pressure and especially surge... If I had not fitted the light I would have been none the wiser.. and maybe it is normal for pressure to drop for a few seconds.. I think I need to see what results I get with the mechanical gauge.. Without pre-empting it, I know know if I will be any further forward if it confirms the light is correct and I am getting surge / pressure drop! Thanks all of you for you help..its frustrating because i want to get back on track..but dont want to have the same issues again!
  13. Weather doesn't look great though..so if you can fix that may be some more will come!
  14. Andrew I am doing my best to come..still running in and sorting some things out..will no after weekend when I drain and check oil..had a look on line and doesn't look full so will book Monday if I can come and play!!
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