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  1. Thanks Russ.. clutch is ARP.. will find a similar replacement.. not sure about replacing friction material..will look into it.. Glad being dirty is normal! The wear looked a bit strange to me on the face..as if it had high points.. will take advice when I get help on engine rebuild.. Thanks
  2. Brilliant.thanks for that..
  3. Have separated gearbox from engine and have a couple of questions The bell housings is quite dirty inside..looks like engine oil and dust.. is thus normal? As I have raceline sump there is not the usual open bellhousing.. is this a sign of leaking seal around crank? Is it normal looking wear on flywheel face? Clutch plate well worn and will replace..not down to rivets but not much life left in after 5k miles. The clutch bleed valve cannot be reached easily when engine installed, mut not much room for another hose onto cylinder housing..what other suggestions? Does it look like standard flywheel or lightened? Many thanks
  4. Trailer looks good.. Like your off road tyres up on the shelf too!!
  5. Mole

    Duratec woes!

    Time for a beer! I forgot that the oil I recently put in the gearbox would pee out the end of the gear box over my nice floor!
  6. Mole

    Stuck knob!

    Good.. because when I lived in Texas I was so dedicated to the cause I had WF engraved on my aluminium knob.. got one of the guys at work to do it! Everyone wanted one..
  7. Definitely won't be ready!!!
  8. Mole

    Stuck knob!

    What have I started here?
  9. Mole

    Stuck knob!

    Thanks Mr Meat!
  10. Mole

    Stuck knob!

    Haha..always good to have a laugh when you can! Managed to get the lever out which is good but carpet still around it..not a problem for getting engine out but now thinking about why do I need the carpet. That only adds weight.. especially when wet! So maybe will have to get the angle grinder out!!
  11. Mole

    Stuck knob!

    Hi Andrew Thanks for the help.. mostly stripped out now, collected hoist from parents house that I last used 30 years ago but it seems ok! Got the gear lever out thanks.. after taking passenger seat out then got carpet up and into the screws from above. One benefit is I am getting to know the car quite well! Good luck with taking yours out.. something wrong or just something to keep you busy!
  12. Mole

    Duratec woes!

    Interesting.. my sump had what I would call excessive sealer on it..all squeezing out inside and out.. I wonder if any in my pick up! The sealant seems to be pretty good..just loads of it.. Russ is it a raceline sump?
  13. Mole

    Duratec woes!

    All calibration done my previous owner who was very careful and precise so I believe ok..
  14. Mole

    Stuck knob!

    thanks will check..
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