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  1. Carbs were set up correctly by BD Engineering nearby. Floats I think are set correctly. By flood, I am not talking about fuel over spill from the float chamber but in fact a drain of the float chamber into the combustion chamber after key off. Main jets not seating properly ? I will say that may thank has been very low on fuel so I wonder if I have pulled up sediments from the tank ?
  2. Any thoughts? Car has been in garage over the last 8 months or so with me sorting out some jobs. I had started it several times over this period. Last attempt it turned but did not fire. Spark plugs were covered in fuel. Cleaned up and it started ok but every time I key off, it looks like the float chamber is leaking into the combustion chamber and again flooding. When it does start, it runs very rich, smelling heavily of fuel and black smoke every where. Any experiences or thoughts ? Engine is a brand new 2.0L Zetec blacktop (100 miles worth of running) on twin Webber 45s
  3. Thanks. I am actually running on carbs so only have a 1D Ecu for the ignition. So I am only looking for an analogue thermocouple for the gauge, not a switch for the Ecu. I was assuming this was relocated on the blacktop - away from the thermostat housing to another location. ?
  4. Hi guys, Last year I replaced my smoking Silvertop with a brand new Blacktop. The coolant temperature sensor on the old engine was mounted onto the thermostat housing but on the new engine i believe it is mounted onto the side of the block on the intake side (photo below). I have extended the wiring of the water temperature gauge to reach this item but I cannot get any reading on my gauge. Have I connected to the correct sensor ?(photo below prior to connecting the wiring. I am talking about the item with the brass hex nut + fly lead). Anyone has any photos for guidance ? Thanks
  5. Everything has been working perfectly. I have replaced my dash to a full carbon one and ofcourse in the process removed all the gauges. Not touched the sender or any of the wiring. Now that I have re-assembled, gauge works fine and reads about 4 bar on cold start. When I key off, the reading hangs around 1.5 bar. I don’t think the reading is real as it does not decay as such and remains even if I disconnect the vent hose from the catch tank (ie direct vent to atmosphere). any thoughts? The gauges are vdo type I believe as supplied by Westfield
  6. Adjusted and noise now gone. Took 30 seconds. 👍
  7. Thanks a lot. I will take a look in the morning
  8. That is exactly what is happening Gary. Is there anything to adjust ?
  9. Gents, I fitted a new Zetec Blacktop along with a new Clutch assembly last year. Maintained the original clutch release bearing as it was fine. The clutch was from 1.8L Mondeo from a ford dealer. Ever since I fitted this, it is making a whining noise when the clutch pedal is not pressed. This noise disappears when clutch pedal is depressed. I have tried to add a short audio clip for your expert ears but forum does not accept that file format. Any thoughts ?
  10. Chaps, Where can I get these insulating caps from for the fuse box spade connectors ? Thanks
  11. Ian- i did see that. If I read correctly, you wired up to the wiper motor circuit but In fact you had removed the wiper motor so it is essentially a redundant circuit. Horn is ideal but non of the switched lives on Bank B were for the horn. I will check Bank A but i was under the impression that Bank A was all permanent lives
  12. I was aiming for the indicator circuit as that runs no risk of drawing any current surges. Does anyone know if the switching voltage when the indicators are on will have any impact on the sensing current that alternator will draw ?
  13. Presumably reverse light circuit would be ideal ?
  14. Gents I am trying to find a switched live to feed my Denso 40A Alternator. I do not have a fuse map for what all the fuses are for. The bank on left (vertical in photo below) are all switched lives. Fuse 1 (top): fuel pump Fuse 2:? Fuse 3: Wiper switch and spray Fuse 4: ? Fuse 5: Heater fan switch Fuse 6 (bottom): Indicator I am advised not to use circuits powering motors and should not use indicator circuit. So I am b*******ed to know where to feed the sensing wire from. What exactly is left ? Does anyone have a fuse map / circuit diagram for this age of Westfield? Can someone put me out of my misery and advise where you have wired your sensing wires from where applicable ? The car is 2006 Westfield SE Widebody running on twin carbs.
  15. Chaps. Do you know where I can get the male connector that mates with the water temperature sender connector shown in the photo below ?
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