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  1. Love that sound track, top work bud +1
  2. Just add my 2p worth, put some grease under the steering adjuster rubber cover as my examiner wanted to see the lock-nut underneath, as it will "mold" tight to the sharp edges otherwise
  3. It has it's own Tent?
  4. Suspect the use of the expander input for speed pickup was to allow the use of the AIM pickup sensor, as this is on a separated shielded cable, given the experience of most of us with ground noise on the petrol tank pickup, and logically this probably follows through on the oil pressure pickup, which is how the factory supplied mine (expander module (was faulty to start with), Speed sensor & Oil Pressure pickup). I'll have a look later today on how the trip meter is setup in Race Studio, as I think it's only on one of the displays I run on the AIM dash, and see how it's configured. Got a feeling it might have been originally set to pickup data from the analog speed input, over the digital expander input. Will get back later
  5. +1 for the above. You would be surprised what a "fry'ed" wire looks like, and have to say I think all the wire behind the dash is not highly rated for current/AMP's. The Purple supply in the loom while I'm sure is fused I suspect was never meant to carry high current, the likes of a heated seat cover. I got a heated seat cover from Santa this year and am in the process much like yourself of fitting a power supply pickup point at the back of the cockpit to run it, but have had the advantage of running in separate power/4-way fuse from the build ready for such creature comforts as USB charger/audio.separated fused feed for the Electronic Fan Controller for the Sport 250 main cooling fan. Better safe than sorry in my book, as my cover is fused with a 5A in-line fuse, if your running dual seats I would suspect you need to cater for between 8 to 12 AMPS, depending on the seat covers themselves.
  6. I'd add to that an on/off relay from somewhere so that the new sockets are off unless the car is running or you risk flattening the battery very easily. I've just bought something like this one, and have hard-wired it into the car between the seats on top of the transmission tunnel. https://www.amazon.co.uk/UGREEN-Charger-Cigarette-Lighter-Splitter/dp/B06XD6LV62/ref=sr_1_103_sspa?keywords=car+12v+dual+twin+socket&qid=1554824810&rnid=1642204031&s=automotive&sr=1-103-spons&psc=1 Mine is Ok as I've already done a load of electrical work, including fitting a 4 way fuse box under the dash, but I'm sure you get the idea.
  7. My buddy has a 2L Zetec that he has put a turbo on, and in mild tune ATM is around 225BHp, with more available as he strengthens the car and changes the map etc. Needed new injectors as well after fitting the turbo, but it's sexy as hell to look at . Would suggest not getting to held up on BHP, don't forget the car as an overall package with lightness and handling will give more over raw BHP. Don't forget items like LSD's and suspension make up a big part of the package when looking at potential purchases. S2000 based would appear to be able to hit 230-40 plus, but as you start to climb up the BHP, the costs start to mount. Duratec look highly tunable but I've been told are a bit heavier. Ford Ecoboost powered cars are starting to be more widely used, with as I understand it the 1600 being tuneable to silly BHP. My 2.0L Ecoboost is somewhat less tunable, but options are starting to appear and still makes me smile like a loony when you step on the loud pedal. Dave at http://www.gemzoe.com/ is really good bloke to talk to on engines and 7's and I believe has done a lot on (filthy word) Caterhams with the 1600 EcoBoost Not sure where you are in the country, but would recommend getting along to local group and have a chat with them, was the best move I ever did before I started my WF journey and picked up some great friends along the way, Just my 2p worth
  8. Nice Dave +1 while the weather is good
  9. Agree with both of you, slightly disappointing. My current thinking is to try again in 2 weeks to see if it's actually a legit timeline, with the Duratec option in the background as per the AdgeC/Steve approach but am slightly less keen on all the cutting of the standard oil pick-up stuff AdgeC went through. Will focus on all the little jobs im working on around creature comforts and long term longevity like painting bits I never got around to during my build
  10. Just a quick "Bump" been working on creature comforts in the cockpit, and some preventative work under the car like painting top-hats etc, with a view to going back on the road sort of May time as the weather hopefully improves. Financial Controller has finally given way on the Raceline Sump for the 2.0L EcoBoost, so contacted Raceline today, to be told they are still about 6 weeks away, and are currently being machined, so that stopped my plan immediately. They also have the balance shaft delete kit available. Was expecting a bit of a delay from what Exetus had mentioned previously, but 6 weeks is a bit of a bummer Sad.Face, but I now at least have a plan, so will continue on the odd jobs for now
  11. Cool, make sure you give us some pictures of how it turns out bud?
  12. Try Soft Bits 4 sevens https://www.softbitsshop.co.uk/fittings-14-c.asp
  13. Good work, like the idea of moving the battery. I’m still focused on the interior and creature comforts before I have the courage to approach the financial controller about the sump as she is booking holidays atm. be really interested in the oil temp post cooler, as I suspect it’s close to all 250 drivers past and present
  14. Come on now, don't be silly who is going to rebuke us for stupid ideas going forward? Honestly hope you stay with us TJ, you always make my day brighter with your whit and comments
  15. Well made it to the pub in the tin-top but was billy no-mates, so sat in the car park playing with things in the new Kuga, then drove home in the rain so was glad I was not out in LEWIS as was bl**** cold by the time I got home
  16. +1 its coming along nicely, and LOVE that sunken AIM dash, I'm very jealous
  17. Love the look of this Steve, and you and your passenger both get indvidual heaters, cracking work
  18. Best thing I have ever used was a paint roller, just need to cover up and flag stones etc, but does an excellent job. tried all the sprayers under the sun, all of which faill and rollers are 2 a penny on cost from local DIY store, don't wast any cash on cleaning them, just bin once completed
  19. Have you made any progress in finding the cause yet?
  20. And on CBS :- https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/programmable-intermittent-wiper-relay
  21. Just wasting time browsing around the web, and came across this while following one of my off-topic links relating to wipers. https://mgaguru.com/mgtech/electric/et219.htm This led me hitting fleeBay looking at relays that might do the job https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR1.TRC0.A0.H0.Xintermittent+wiper+relay.TRS0&_nkw=intermittent+wiper+relay&_sacat=0 Anybody any experience with achieving something like this?
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