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  1. BugMan

    Pre IVA Images

    Fantastic news, now the horrid wait for a number plate
  2. Handbrake I'm afrade is from the adjust er in the centre, so its seats and carpet out to get to it I think. Scuttle, don't mention the scuttle to me. Yep, think this needs investigation into the sweep stop, and if one is lose then something is not right. Would not panic to much about the light adjustment, my IVA examiner did mine while I was in the car on the ramp, but only 1 needed a tweak. I pulled my car onto the road outside the house one evening and had a play about, but ideally should be able to nip it up tight. the big nut underneath acts as a clam to a ball like fitting so you can wiggle left/right up/down. Brake line (assuming you mean front, most anchor to the front wishbone somehow, lots of ways but think you are better off doing it. On the steering, I also felt mine to be a bit strange, but it went through IVA OK. Been told tire pressure can affect this so maybe worth investigating a bit. Hope this helps a bit
  3. BugMan

    Noise after turned off car - Advice please

    Tank is definitely No1 suspect, but it could be related to the fuel pump. Was the ignition totally off or did it happen when just turning on b4 starting?
  4. On the pic of the IVA stuff, the x2 oblong are for the layches, the x4 smaller oblong are for the windscreen. Nobody seems to know what the x2 big round ones are fore. I did the same on the little panels, 50mm wide velcro. I also put a bit of flat foam over the ECU plate to protect any bolts sticking up, maybe over the top, but worked for me Looking good bud, and glad to help
  5. BugMan

    My inheritance

    from Yorkshire, sorry to hear of your loss, love the first picture of the dog's absolutely lovely.
  6. Did you get the IVA kit from WF, and if so there are a pair of oblong covers for the bonnet latches and 4 covers for the windscreen where the side screens or doors are fitted. The FW needs the black "Tea Tray" fitting on the rear for the number plate, likely will need cutting around the rear hazard and reversing lights On the front brake hoses, just check they don't foul on lock-to-lock, if in any doubt use something to fix to the arm's Wipers do look a bit odd, might be better to have them stop on the windscreen rather then on the fillet. Do think it looks Toe-Out from your picture. Not sure if/how you setup an FW, but on the Sport250 I followed TJ's example of string and axle stands to get everything neutral, and a spirit level for camber to try to get things roughly right. Just on the steering, I would make sure you have some grease or something under the front 2 rubber boots that cover the lock nut's as if they are tight they will be a pig to pull back on the test. Mr IVA examiner wanted to make sure they were tight on my IVA and wanted a visual check. Get some rubber edging to around the front mud-guards, the front edge is OK, but the side edges are an IVA fail. Can't see from your pictures, but have you got the brake fluid sticker near the brake reservoir? Also under the foot well's have you got the 2 cover plates that cover up the joint for the scuttle, been mention of this a few times on recent builds. Last one I can think of, and this is hard, the car has to show some ability to self centre, so just make sure the steering is a free as you can make it. A bud of mine filed on this, and post IVA I took mine apart to free it some more by removing all the coating under the various support bushes. bl**** difficult to check as technically it cant be driven, so was a bit nerve wracking for me on the day. On the last picture, what is the pipe with tape around it? LOVE the colour combination you have chosen, looks really good, I'd be investing in some stone guards for the rear wheel arches PDQ once your on the road, stone flick has already put a big bang in the ones I have fitted.
  7. BugMan

    Yorkshire meeting this Tuesday, 7th August.

    Will be along
  8. thats roughly what i did bud
  9. I also wound my car up-in-the air for ground clearance, but then I have a Sport250 with the standard sump so I've got more ground clearance issues than most. I ended up setting up my car to the WF setup guide, and then took it another 30mm up higher, my theory being I'd rather be on the safe side. So far no ground clearance issues although I have hit the chassis loop on a very steep driveway, with a little scraping sound. Have spoken to a fellow 7 owner who just put a Tiger through IVA successfully who said there is a trick in having the car so low that when they put the car on the brake test rollers that it grounder the sump, so that they had to do the brake test by a different system, but in my mind I'd rather have confidence in the brakes. I am following most others and intend to get the car setup correctly in the near future, pose engine sump work, so having the car in the air is something I'm just living with while I get to know the car.
  10. Echo others put the rear on for an FW build, leave the front off completely
  11. BugMan

    ZK bonnet catch/latch/lock

    +1 Aerocatches, just research where you are going to fit them b4 you commit. There are 2 types mainly, fit from the outside and fit from the inside, I used from the inside but be warned its a bit of work
  12. BugMan

    Pre IVA Images

    Glad to offer help for a fellow builder
  13. BugMan

    Pre IVA Images

    I would stick the brake fluid marker on the actual reservoir as I would expect this to come off, was told as long as in nearby that's OK On the front steering rack gaiters that cover the adjuster nut, make sure you can pull them back as my examiner wanted to check they had lock-nuts and were tight. On the day this was a bit of a struggle, and since then I have put some copper slip underneath this so its easier to move. If you have it I would also take along any pictures you have showing the seat belt anchor boss on the chassis. I was advised that somebody had fallen foul of the examiner not being familiar with WF design, although I'd suspect this was very rare these days. If you can try to check that the steering at least makes some attempt to self centre on the road, mine was OK on this but a buddy of mine had a fail on this. I've since had the steering shafts out and removed the coating in the IGUS bushes etc to further free up the steering. Made a big difference. Just check the handbrake movement as the cables are known to stretch when new B4 the test. On the front brake cables i would be inclined to anchor them to the front arm if you can, as lock-to-lock was gone over a couple of times on my IVA. On the rear fog/reverse, have you angled them in the rear tub to try to get them close to 90Deg to the road, this has been picked up in a few build recently, can't quite see in the pictures? it looks like a very good and well put together build, Yellow is not my colour, but its a credit to you on what you have done. I got a buddy in my local group to come round and cast his eye over my car and we put together a lit of odd bits and bobs, the trouble when you get to this stage is you can go blind to things, and I think this helped me greatly. You have all the nut covers in the same places I did, and good 60% of which were not needed and pulled off by my IVA examiner, but I think it shows you are being careful. Very best of luck, let us all know when you HAVE passed as i think you will
  14. BugMan

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Ohooo, come on tell us more
  15. BugMan

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Just watched, fantastic show, see what you recognise if you have ever played with the WF wipers

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