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  1. BugMan

    Hello from Germany

  2. BugMan

    Ground Shielded Cable

    I found on my build with the AIM Digital Dash that the Westfield loom actually puts out a surprising amount of electrical interference or noise even when the car is not running. This is seen to us 'mere mortals' as changes in mV values that the receiver device is seeing at the monitoring device end, in my case the AIM Dash. The idea of the shielding, in whatever form is being used, is to to conduct this electrical noise away from the actual signal wires you are using. This "noise" is then conducted away to ground to keep it away from the signals you are actually interested. In electrical theory this shielding must only be connected at one end of the shield, otherwise you can end up with a ground loop, which is another rabbit hole you don't want to go down.
  3. BugMan

    Hello from Germany

    Udo from Yorkshire, as said aready love that photo, lets have some more please?
  4. BugMan

    Yorkshire meeting, 6th November.

    Was nice to catch up with everybody, and listen to more "dog" stories from Des and Debs, always funny, especially the hover and tail incident
  5. BugMan

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Love the fact your repeating a lot of things from the 250 build Steve like the shielded run to the fuel sender and the fuse mounting etc. Loving the progress
  6. BugMan

    Hello from the midlands

    If you do find a car you like with an aeroscreen, it can always be changed as a buddy of mine has done, adding in both heater, heated screen etc, so don't let that put off a car if the basics are correct. Taller screen is also an option, but be careful on hood's as Dave say's. Being an ex-biker myself, and having had the usual range of things hit me (pheasant was the worst) I would not go for an aero screen, but its a personal choice.
  7. BugMan

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    Are my FIX for the month, these boys are fantastic
  8. BugMan

    17 year wait over...

    from Yorkshire Where in our great country are you? Some more details on yourself, and what you are going to build, and we love pictures, just have a look at some of the build logs we have a)running b)completed
  9. BugMan

    Peter's S2000 Build

    Again welcome back Peter, onward and up-ward especially when you add in some go-go juice (petrol) to the mix
  10. BugMan

    So far

    +1 for black silicone wherever you can on the windscreen, you don't water to get past the top of the fillet, only to be trapped inside.
  11. BugMan

    Another new build diary. FW

    Excellent, now the fun begins (Rivet gun, rivets and Sikaflex in-hand)
  12. Congratulations John, and a pat on the back for keeping going during all the hassle you have been through. On the number platre I just went to Halfords and got some standard ones, which I may revisit at some point, but on the FW single front-end I've seen some people using small bobbins to allow the plate to flex as the bonnet is hinged up. I'm still in the "can't believe I built this stage", and am happy keeping it fully legal atm, although I do this in proportion the std front plate looks way to big. Once again well done bud, now just waiting for the paperwork to drop through the letterbox, which for me was about 3 weeks
  13. BugMan

    ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    Totally back Steve I’m left with the same “unloved” feeling from the factory. Great news on the Raceline sumps Exitus, really good news for me as that timeline works well for me, perhaps we could get a better price for 2 of them, lol.
  14. BugMan

    ScooterTwo's Sport 250 build

    Totally agree with the comments and am in the same boat as Exitus with sump being priority and since I followed Steve's example with the grill and T-Stat changes I happy with running temps now, just trying to make sure I've explored all the options before committing time, effort and money to any changes over the winter. On the run at the weekend in convy with Barry and a few others WSCC members temps were fine cruising on back roads at normal speeds with engine temp approx 88 DegC most of the time, It may well be I'm just so mindful after my car dropped all its coolant about heat in general which was a bit scary if I'm honest, but have no reason to expect it again. At least I now have in mind a way I could further cool the oil if required as I go into next season with an external oil filter, t-stat and cooler in the engine bay. Once again big thanks to all who have contributed here, and again sorry for a bit of a hijack Exitus

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