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  1. BugMan

    Should I sell my Seight

    Ohoooo watch out for that insurance, that's going to hurttttttttt
  2. BugMan

    Should I sell my Seight

    Mine was a bit nervous, him not being very adventurous, got out with a MASSIVE grin on his face
  3. BugMan

    Should I sell my Seight

    Dad and Son time, can't beat that
  4. BugMan

    Should I sell my Seight

    Personnel y would not consider it unless had a 2nd project within reach
  5. BugMan

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    Much better idea over LED light bulbs, will go for these, what a great forum we have here
  6. BugMan

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    Was it this one? https://www.bowerspartsonline.co.uk/lighting/front-lighting/led-front-lighting/land-rover-defender-73mm-led-amber-indicator-light-upgrade-rdxwipac Looks really cool
  7. BugMan

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    Have thought about a Blinkstop, but TBH I don't find it an issue driving as it sits so nicely next to the wheel
  8. BugMan

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    Thanks guy's really appreciate the help. will check the relay and obtain one ASAP, any thoughts on the LEd bulbs to use?
  9. BugMan

    LED bulbs for front indicators

    Has anybody any experience of replacing the standard bulbs in the indicators with LED versions? Having a look on CBS came across these which look, on the face of it, quite nice. https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/led-amber-bulb-mega-smd Suspect it might be necessary to use some of these resistors to increase the current pull through the relay. https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/led-indicator-resistor-pack This would be to go on my Sport 250, but think they have been the same for a very long time, and TBH are a bit ugly in my book. Was also looking at these as potential replacements for the front but unsure if they would a)fit b) cover the existing holes? https://www.carbuildersolutions.com/uk/wing-mount-indicators-carbonamber-lens-92mm# Thanks for any comments?
  10. BugMan

    Cider King new build diary

    Here you go bud https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-in-stock-Caterham-Westfield-kit-car-Bleed-Tee-Coolant-valve/292702246362
  11. BugMan

    Cider King new build diary

    And I can tel you all it works a treat
  12. BugMan

    Drill Stand

    Don't go with the "mount your pistol drill in this" type that are not worth the effort as there is little likelihood it will drill straight. Have a look on FB or e of the Bay for a 2nd had one, seen a lot cheap on FB, or look in Lidl or Aldi
  13. BugMan

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    if you don't it will "bug" you going forward
  14. BugMan

    Breakfast meeting/Harewood Hill Climb, 16th September.

    Great day out, a first visit for myself. After breakfast over to the hill clime, kept trying to rain, but stayed away

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