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  1. Booked onto Donington April 19th with Javelin (Discount code is working) @LukeW has also booked Anyone else interested?
  2. I don't know if they are a good price but Just come across these for sale on facebook if anyone is looking for carbs. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/310805032970044/
  3. I have the Vector of the sunburst logo
  4. I've no idea either..... Have input the new formula as @IanK (Bagpuss) has worked out and all seems ok. Cold engine reading for oil was at 22c (water showing 23.8) stated the engine and left running for 15 mins and observed oil temp steadily increasing up to 89c before I turned it off. Unsure how accurate it is but at least it's working!
  5. Think this is one for you @IanK (Bagpuss) Replaced the resistor to analogue 1 this morning and reconnected everything. The value displayed on the dash using @CraigHew formula is showing 150C with a cold engine. How do I work out a new formula to get the correct readings? The Generate Equation from Table function uses Volts but the table below is in Ohms This is the table from VDO for the sender
  6. No I didn't have to. Traced all the analogue cables and analogue 1 wasn't connected to anything.
  7. For some unknown reason, the resistor for analogue 1 is missing from the connector. Just ordered one of these to fit so im stuck now until the delivery arrives on Monday. analogue 2,3,4 have the resistor already fitted as those channels are in use for Water, Oil pressure and Fuel. I did try a smaller resistor with the formula that @CraigHew provided on another thread but the reading with a cold engine showed the Oil temp at 129C.....
  8. OK, so the sump plug has been replaced with the VDO Oil temp sender (same one that @CraigHew mentions in another thread - 1 x VDO Oil Temperature Sender M14X1.5 Thread (Merlin Part 323801004039D ) https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/vdo-oil-temperature-sender-m14-x-1-5-thread-323801004039d My Dash2 config file equation for Oil Temp is; Y = -1.88 X 3 +11.89 X 2 - 49.3x +120.19 The self-appointed Dash" guru for the forum is Ian, who I'm sure can help with config issues if they arrise. @IanK (Bagpuss) The sender itself seems a lot shorter than others I’ve seen, but after a play with my Infra-red temp gun and new figures into the Dash2 config tables it seems to work well. Question is now about wiring it into the Dash2. Is it as simple as just connecting it to the correct pin/wire on the dash and then sending the config to the dash for that channel?
  9. Sent your amended config to the dash this afternoon. All good now. The ecu coolant temp and the dash are pretty much the same at above 65C. It's a lot closer than the factory config was. My next step is to add an oil temp sender to analogue 1. Thanks for your valued input
  10. It's on my laptop at work. I'll pop and fetch it in the morning.
  11. Yes it does show Westfield on boot up and I do have the config file. The rest is beyond me!
  12. Fan is working now. Turns out the dash2 was reading too high and I'd turned the engine off too early. When the ecu temp was showing 97C the fan cut in and the dash2 was showing 103C. I now need to connect to the dash (forgotten how) to recalibrate the water temp.
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