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  1. Scotty72

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Sent your amended config to the dash this afternoon. All good now. The ecu coolant temp and the dash are pretty much the same at above 65C. It's a lot closer than the factory config was. My next step is to add an oil temp sender to analogue 1. Thanks for your valued input
  2. Scotty72

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    emailed you the file Ian
  3. Scotty72

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    It's on my laptop at work. I'll pop and fetch it in the morning.
  4. Scotty72

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Yes it does show Westfield on boot up and I do have the config file. The rest is beyond me!
  5. Scotty72

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    Fan is working now. Turns out the dash2 was reading too high and I'd turned the engine off too early. When the ecu temp was showing 97C the fan cut in and the dash2 was showing 103C. I now need to connect to the dash (forgotten how) to recalibrate the water temp.
  6. Scotty72

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

  7. Scotty72

    OMEX 630 ECU Connection

    I'm trying to connect my laptop (MAP4000) to the ECU and when i click on connect it says the software for OMEX 630 is not installed? I assume the connection between PC and ECU is ok as it tells me the ECU model and version No. Where can i get this from? I've checked omex website download page.
  8. Scotty72

    Wiring Diagram for Fan needed (or Help!)

    I don't have a heat gun so I will plug in laptop tomorrow morning (I've left it at home) Thanks for your help.....Much appreciated
  9. Scotty72

    Wiring Diagram for Fan needed (or Help!)

    Yes I reconnected to the loom and ran it up to 97C and NO Fan. Then linked out the stat and the fan came on straight away. Any idea for a part number to replace it? I have a motorfactors next door to where I work.
  10. Scotty72

    Wiring Diagram for Fan needed (or Help!)

    If I link out the thermostat the fan comes on..... Could it be a dodgy thermostat?
  11. Scotty72

    Wiring Diagram for Fan needed (or Help!)

    Cheers Ian I've disconnected the temp relay and am now left with this. Where does the BlackGreen cable go to?
  12. Last year my fan stopped working after removing the dash to tidy up the wiring. As a temporary measure the guy who rebuilt my engine wired in a relay which works but the fan is constantly switching on/off at 85C. I now want to remove the temporary fix, revert to normal setup and try to trace back why it stopped working in the first place. Can anybody help with a wiring diagram please or explain how it should be wired up. Thanks in Advance
  13. Scotty72

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    As you know, I had the same issue with the dipstick blowing out which was excessive pressure due to cylinder damage in pots 2 and 4. Did you notice if it was breathing heavy?
  14. Scotty72

    S2000 Servicing

    Which is everyones preferred engine oil for our F20C?

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