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  1. GaryD1971

    Newcomer from Devon

    from Norfolk. Good luck in your search!
  2. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Thanks Peter!
  3. GaryD1971

    New WSCC member saying hello

    from Norfolk! Your previous Westie looks lovely. Enjoy the newbie when you get it!
  4. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Due to a certain lack of funds I've decided to have a look at a few little jobs that require minimal outlay to achieve. One of which would be the carpets. I splashed out at Stoneleigh on some automotive carpet in black and decided to have a bash at fitting this. All I needed was a pair of scissors, a marker pen, a stapler and a tape measure. And some sticky backed Velcro. And some offcuts of dashboard vinyl. First off all, I roughly measured the carpet then cut it to size. I then carefully cut the carpets to a more exact shape and offered them up. These were then stuck in with the Velcro. The centre tunnel would require 3 separate pieces of carpet joined together with the dashboard vinyl. I was looking to achieve the same type of tunnel carpet as Westfield supply. I don't currently own a sewing machine, and to be fair it's not high on my list of future purchases either so I had to make do with a small office stapler... To my surprise this was actually quite easy to do. The finished article doesn't actually look too bad either. If it turns out the stapler method doesn't hold up to the kind of usage I envisage, then I'll have to look to borrow a sewing machine in the future. With the seats back in it almost looks like it wasn't hand made in a garage out in the sticks in the middle of nowhere... I have also bought a pair of the land rover defender wiper wheel boxes to replace the old mini units which were about 20mm too short, but I'm not able to fit them yet as they are a birthday present and I won't get them until September . I did get to offer them up into position before they were smuggled away and they look much better than what I had previously. I just need a 2 speed wiper motor now and I can look to get the scuttle fixed into position on a more permanent basis (after September, obviously..). Thanks for reading my ramblings so far...
  5. GaryD1971

    Wiper motor

    Anyone got a 2 speed wiper motor they no longer need? I have the cable and wheel boxes, just need the motor. Many thanks. Gary.
  6. GaryD1971

    Front caliper advice.

    Thanks @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary. I had a feeling the calipers were the right way round, but was looking for confirmation! I will investigate some the other options you have mentioned.
  7. GaryD1971

    Front caliper advice.

    Thanks. At least i know I'm not the only one who thinks it's not right! I also think it would fail the IVA test if the brake lines are rubbing.
  8. GaryD1971

    Front caliper advice.

    May seem like a silly question but... Does this look right? The braided line pulls really tight on full lock. I can't re-route it beneath the wing stay as it puts a kink in the cable. I have assumed the caliper is the right way up due to the bleed nipple being at the top. Is it possible to get a right angled adapter to screw in? I could swap the two calipers round which would bring the braided line out of the bottom and leave the bleed nipple down there too which seems odd to me. The original manual I have (circa 1996) doesn't actually help as it says that the whole front assembly comes pre assembled, which mine didn't. Thanks in advance.
  9. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Temporary fix for now. When funds allow I think I shall change this unit to a T7 designs unit. Until then, let the cleaning and spraying commence!
  10. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    I dislike it too Peter. I think I can get enough space by mounting the front plate underneath the support bar. I'll post back shortly with the results. I think a change will be on the cards soon...
  11. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Bums! Heater unit fouls the back of the switches. I feel more heater mods coming on...
  12. GaryD1971

    New member

    from Norfolk! Great looking car and as Geoffrey said above, in the best colours!
  13. GaryD1971

    Just joined the Forum.

    from sunny Norfolk! Love to see some pics!
  14. GaryD1971

    Westfield Newbie - Manchester / Leeds

    from Norfolk! Lovely looking car.
  15. GaryD1971

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    I know I'll probably get hung for this, but that is one sweet Lancia! The Westies look top notch too, but that Lancia....

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