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  1. GaryD1971

    New(ish) member

    from rainy Norfolk!
  2. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Thanks David, The doors are great!
  3. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Not much to add just recently I'm afraid. The doors have arrived and look to fit really well when offered up into position. This will allow me to get the correct angle for the screen before final fitment of the wipers and fillet. Unfortunately I've had a recurrence of a bulging disc in my back this week so work on the car has had to stop for a few days whilst it sorts itself out. Hopefully be able to get back to it soon though! With the promise of good weather on the way, I want to make the most of it... I have also chosen to move the car up from the bottom of my garden where it had sat for the past 2 years and into the garage close to the house. My thinking was that if it were closer to the house, I'd be more likely to nip out for an hour or three. If you are wondering, it wasn't this that put my back out, but I did inadvertently run over Mrs D's foot in the moving process. I didn't laugh... I'm currently trying to pick up the courage to tackle the hole in the bonnet which is now at the stage where I hate looking at it. I've had some advice from forum users in the past about how to go about this, and I may start another thread with lots of pictures if it's successful. If it's not, then keep an eye out in the wanted section...
  4. GaryD1971


    from Norfolk. Looking forwards to seeing some piccies...
  5. GaryD1971

    New boy

    And from another Norfolk boy!
  6. GaryD1971

    Happy Birthday Andy (a15cro)

    MHR Andy.
  7. GaryD1971

    4 point harnesses.

    I'm sorted now, but @Vogalogue is still looking if anyone has anything...
  8. GaryD1971

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    It does sound the same as my oil pick up pipe. My baffle has a much smaller cut out than yours though. The sump still fits without any clashing of parts. I would probably have a look if it were my engine. More for my own piece of mind than anything else. Also to check that you are not putting the problem part back into the replacement engine if you see what I mean.
  9. GaryD1971

    4 point harnesses.

    Pm sent Steve. Regards, Gary.
  10. GaryD1971

    4 point harnesses.

    Bump. Still looking for a pair of black harnesses if anyone has anything... Thanks. Gary.
  11. GaryD1971

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    That is a very big cutout in the baffle! I know it is for the oil pick up, but crikey! Mine is a lot smaller than that and it still fits fine whilst leaving most of the baffle in place. Could be some of the issue. Although your oil pick up may be larger on the ST unit than a standard zetec.
  12. GaryD1971

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    Beat me to it Chris...
  13. GaryD1971

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    To be fair, mines not actually running yet! I did weld in some baffles though and the modified capacity is only slightly less than the original, so fingers crossed... I know that others have this kind of modification to their standard sump and have no issues, but that is on the normal 2.0 litre zetec and not the ST170 unit. I know they are both zetec, but maybe the St unit requires more exacting sump standards? Would be worth dropping the sump off to see if it has been baffled.
  14. GaryD1971

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    To me, that looks very much like the standard two piece zetec sump that has been chopped and welded with an extra section welded back in to keep some of the original oil capacity. Mine is the same.
  15. GaryD1971

    New member looking for his first Westfield

    Don't know about raceline but Tiger sportscars make a nice looking ERA branded aluminium sump for about 300 and something quid. Haven't used one myself but they look half decent and nicely finished.

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