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  1. GaryD1971

    Back on the road after major restoration

    Oooh, that's nice! Wheels really set it off too! Good work.
  2. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    As can be seen from the photo above, I decided to mount the Ecu on a drop down tray under the scuttle as this seemed the easiest way to keep the unit safe from all the elements. Slightly clearer pic before the loom went in. I've used a single dome head 8mm bolt underneath to hold the tray in place. I've made up the part built loom so far to include plugs for the injectors, water temp, high pressure fuel pump, crank sensor, 12 volt supply for the injectors, fan switch and coil supply. I still need to get hold of a plug for the throttle position sensor and get that wired in. The Ecu is powered from the ignition switch using the accessory output. I've not uploaded the map yet that corsechris emailed over to me. I will need to tweak it a bit to suit my set up, but it is a great place to start from. Many thanks Chris! I did consider fabricating my own inlet manifold but after talking to DanST fabrication I decided to invest in a professionally made one for my set up. I have to say I am very impressed with what was sent to me about 4 days after placing the order. Looks absolutely top notch workmanship! The next job is to fit the low pressure fuel pump in the rear near the tank, fit the swirl pot and high pressure fuel pump in the engine bay and then get some J9 fuel line and connect it all up. Obviously I will try and get some pics to upload once I get my backside in gear and get out in the garage! Thanks for reading folks! Back soon...
  3. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Update. Crikey! I haven't posted on this thread since the middle of September last year and that just won't do! I have been a bit busy with work recently hence the lack of updates. I have taken a few photos over the past few months though so I will stick a few of these up with a brief explanation of each one. The first one is the mods I've carried out to the throttle bodies. I couldn't get the tiny screws to budge so I ended up drilling them out. I would imagine they were put in with some kind of loctite from the factory. To be fair, the screws came out really easily with the right size drill bit. The secondary butterflies then just slipped out, leaving the rod in place. The rod then slid out once I'd removed the retaining circlip. I then mixed up some JB weld metal glue and filled in the holes where the rod went through. I've also had a bash at fitting the Emerald Ecu and loom in place. Not sure on the final route the loom is going to take yet, but it may stay where it is.
  4. GaryD1971

    Happy new year

    The very same back to you Gary! Happy new year everyone! Hope 2019 is a good one for you all!
  5. GaryD1971

    Happy Christmas Day Everyone

    Absolutely is! Opened all the presents really early this morning, and spending the day together tomorrow. Can't wait!
  6. GaryD1971

    Christmas presents.

    I got a low pressure fuel pump for the supply to the swirl pot and a high pressure fuel pump to supply the injectors! Happy Christmas old yellow!
  7. GaryD1971

    Happy Christmas Day Everyone

    Thanks Justin. No call outs yet. I also hope to have the Westie running next year! Happy Christmas mate!
  8. GaryD1971

    Happy Christmas Day Everyone

    Merry Christmas everyone! Drive safely out there people! We don't really want to have to leave the lovely warm station unless we have to....
  9. GaryD1971

    First post

    from a cold but sunny Norfolk. Car looks great. Have fun!
  10. GaryD1971

    Swirl pot.

    Looks great. Pm'd you.
  11. GaryD1971

    Swirl pot.

    Hi All. Has anyone got a fuel swirl pot taking up space? Bulkhead mount preferable but not essential. Probably about 1 to 1.5 litre capacity. Just for road use, not looking to track or race the car. Thanks, Gary.
  12. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Lol! It wouldn't be the first time I've cut a wire that was needed later on...
  13. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Good point Chris. Although the Ecu has a tacho output feed that I was going to use. Worth checking though.
  14. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Thanks @Crash test dummy. I will look to see if I can remove it all together. Will look much neater if it's not there.
  15. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Thanks @Crash test dummy. That is exactly the answer I was hoping for. All the existing wiring is present and correct and this means that I don't have to find another live feed to the coil pack. I assume I would have to just insulate the - ve wire, or would I have to route this to an earth? Sorry for seeming a bit simple, but I'm no auto electrician and I'm trying to mate a modern system to an old loom.

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