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  1. GaryD1971

    It can be really handy, owning a Westfield

    It seems a bit different to how I remember it...
  2. GaryD1971

    It can be really handy, owning a Westfield

    I'm not sure if I was offended or not. Can the picture be reposted so I can see if I was offended or not?
  3. GaryD1971

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    How was the first drive out Gary? Could you actually stop yourself from smiling?
  4. GaryD1971

    It can be really handy, owning a Westfield

    I'm now having to explain to the wife what kind of forum this is... "Honestly, love, it is all about westfields... Mostly... ."
  5. GaryD1971

    IAC valve

    That looks really nice @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO Mine would have to be stainless steel if I made one as my Aluminium welding is nowhere near that standard! I'm waiting for Dan to get back to me with a price.
  6. GaryD1971

    IAC valve

    Yes, the internal ports are downstream of the butterflies Chris, that's what made me think they were for some sort of mixture enrichment device that Suzuki used on their bikes. I think I may look to get an iacv and give it a go. As you said, why not? I like the look of your throttle body assembly. Looks really well done. I think if I could, I would respace mine but I'm limited by the fact that I have two pairs with just the one join which leaves me little choice but to either get DanST to make one or have a go at it myself. I'll see how much Dan is before I get my welding plant fired up!
  7. GaryD1971

    IAC valve

    The rubber tube can be seen on the side of each choke with just one supply tube.
  8. GaryD1971

    IAC valve

    The itb's I have do have a small rubber tube from each body which are all connected together into one rubber tube which I believed to be the Inlet air control/cold start. So there's no reason why I couldn't connect this to an iac valve and use the iacv channel from the ecu to make cold starts a bit easier?
  9. GaryD1971

    IAC valve

    Hi All. Quick question. Idle Air control Valve. Can I run one with bike throttle bodies? Do I need to run one? If so, which valve would be best? Sorry. That's actually 3 quick questions... Thanks.
  10. GaryD1971

    Throttle bodies - Gsxr K5

    Thanks again Chris!
  11. GaryD1971

    1996 Seiw Build/Rebuild - Mark 2

    Another quick update with todays arrivals! Please note that the picture below is taken in my garage and not in my lounge before anyone comments on the state of my carpet! Emerald M3DK Ecu and part built loom. Thanks Craig Richards! And... Gsxr K5 throttle bodies. Thanks to Chris at X-bikes (not on this forum but a shameless plug can't hurt!) Looking forwards to making a manifold for these bad boys! I've asked a question on the tech talk area regarding this unit and had some excellent assistance from Chris King. Thanks Chris! I do have a few more bits and pieces to sort out before fitting can start such as fuel pumps, regulators and tank mods but I'm starting to get my head round how it's all going to come together. I'm going to get in touch with Emerald next week as apparently they can supply a base map for the Ecu to run a Zetec instead of the K series this unit is designed for. I can't wait to start playing about with the laptop plugged into the Ecu. I'm actually going to put a pair of glasses on so I even look all techy and knowledgeable! Looks can be deceiving though... . I will also consider the available upgrade to the K3 system that Emerald offer although this might have to wait as I will need most of my budget to get the car running on just the base map. I will update soon with another progress report, but until then thanks for reading!
  12. GaryD1971

    Throttle bodies - Gsxr K5

    If you run from a sumped tank does this mean that you don't need a low pressure pump to feed the high pressure one? I've seen a lot of systems that use a separate swirl pot which then needs a low pressure pump to feed through to the high pressure one.
  13. GaryD1971

    Throttle bodies - Gsxr K5

    I assume its just a standard Tee piece in the fuel line before the fuel pressure regulator? @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO
  14. GaryD1971

    Throttle bodies - Gsxr K5

    That's excellent news! Thanks Chris. Most helpful diagram too!
  15. GaryD1971

    Throttle bodies - Gsxr K5

    Hi All. I've been given a set of Gsxr K5 throttle bodies to see if they can be made to fit my zetec engine. From what I can see so far, the spacing is 76 - 80 - 76 between the bodies but this isn't a problem as I am going to fabricate my own manifold. The thing I'm concerned about is the fuel rail doesn't have a return on it. The (very knowledgeable) chap I got them off said that modern bikes don't tend to use a return as it makes the fuel hotter and improves the emissions. Would this set up work on a Zetec? Or would I need to change the fuel rail for one with a return (if this is even possible). I am planning on removing the secondary butterflies and the actuator as this is the reason the bodies were given to me, the actuator is faulty. Any thoughts from the collective?

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