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  1. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Lol! It wouldn't be the first time I've cut a wire that was needed later on...
  2. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Good point Chris. Although the Ecu has a tacho output feed that I was going to use. Worth checking though.
  3. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Thanks @Crash test dummy. I will look to see if I can remove it all together. Will look much neater if it's not there.
  4. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Thanks @Crash test dummy. That is exactly the answer I was hoping for. All the existing wiring is present and correct and this means that I don't have to find another live feed to the coil pack. I assume I would have to just insulate the - ve wire, or would I have to route this to an earth? Sorry for seeming a bit simple, but I'm no auto electrician and I'm trying to mate a modern system to an old loom.
  5. GaryD1971

    Coil pack supply

    Hi all. I'm having a bash at wiring this week and have a quick question. Can I use the 1996 wiring loom supply to the old coil to provide the 12v supply to the zetec coil pack? The signal will be sent from the Ecu, I just need to find a12v supply for the coil pack. I seem to have 2 wires (one white - positive low tension coil supply and one white with black stripe - negative low tension coil according to the wiring diagram.) that are present in the engine bay from the existing loom. Would be nice and easy if I could retask the positive as a switched coil pack supply. Thanks in advance. Gary.
  6. GaryD1971

    Hello from Germany

    Udo from a cold and grey Norfolk. Great looking car against a beautiful backdrop.
  7. GaryD1971

    Thank you for adding me.

    from an incredibly wet Norfolk!
  8. GaryD1971

    Norway member getting started

    from Norfolk. Would love to see some pictures of your area (and the build)!
  9. GaryD1971

    Sump Gasket

    Welcome back Thrusty....
  10. GaryD1971

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    Deal! I'll pm you.
  11. GaryD1971

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    Hi Chris and Liz. I used the passenger side mounting from a Cvh engine in my blacktop which needed a small chunk ground out of one corner to fit the blacktop block. This fitted exactly and by either luck or good design meant the gearbox is exactly the same place as before and the mount didn't need to be redrilled into the chassis rails. I am open to offers on the drivers side mount. Postage would be £5.50 due to the weight. Make me an offer and I'm sure we can come to a deal somewhere along the line! As you said, better on a car than in a shed...
  12. GaryD1971

    1.8 silver top zetec parts

    I have a drivers side engine mount if that's any good to you. Bought in error for a blacktop but it doesn't fit. Regards, Gary.
  13. GaryD1971

    Air filter?

    Thanks for the reply Chris. I went for the DanST inlet manifold in the end and I'm glad I did. Looks absolutely brilliant. I may as well get the rest of the set up from him as well. Their products are really good quality.
  14. GaryD1971

    Air filter?

    Hi all. I'm now looking for an air filter for use on my Gsxr 750 throttle bodies. Which filter type would be better? I've looked at a few and can't decide whether to go single pipercross type or individual cone type for each throttle. It's there any difference in performance between the two types? Will the throttle bodies work OK with cone type filters? Price wise they both work out about the same, but I believe I will require trumpets for the pipercross type which would cost a bit more on top of the filter cost. Any help greatly appreciated. Gary.
  15. GaryD1971

    White Christmas.

    Popped into my local Dunelm store yesterday and they were flogging Christmas Dec's whilst playing the obligatory Chrimbo tunes to boot! Now, I love Christmas and ask the things that go with it, but that was a bit early! Even for me!

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