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  1. IVA headlamp covers please Ash. Let me know how much. Regards, Gary.
  2. @wshep had one in the for sale area last week. He attached a picture of you want to see one. I think it sold to Liz03. Looks like a simple bit of kit, not beyond the realms of anyone with a bit of fabrication skills and a lump of metal!
  3. No worries Ross. I hope you get sorted. Gary.
  4. Just found these in my garage! Free to a good home. Standard 1800 mondeo fuel rail with injectors. No idea of the condition, but looks serviceable. Just cover the cost of postage or collection welcome from Norfolk/ Cambs border.
  5. I have one. Not brilliant condition and would need some work. More burgundy than red, but if its any good it's yours for the cost of postage.
  6. have to be careful doing that....
  7. To be fair, i didn't really get chance to go much above 100mph...
  8. I also had one of these in the same spec! One of the best handling cars i have ever driven. I never noticed an issue with the nose lifting though...
  9. Thanks chaps. I'm going to order one with 3 wires and see what happens. Haven't exactly lost a lot if it doesn't work.
  10. Does it need a magnet or does it work off the head of a bolt? I've seen some that come with a magnet and others that don't. They all seem to be about the same price range.
  11. Wow! That's cheap! Thanks Chris. I'll order one of those. Did it connect up easily? I assume the 3 wires are ground, signal and 12v supply which would match up to the input wire on my racetech speedo.
  12. Hi all. I'm looking for a speed sensor for an electronic speedo if anyone has one. Hall effect if possible. Many thanks.
  13. Light plinths arrived safe and sound. Many thanks Steve.
  14. Ooh! That IS nice! The stripe sets it off really well!
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