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  1. Bit over budget though, just X50 your budget?
  2. Defender 90 Cheap and easy to repair
  3. I could be interested in these. Where about are you?
  4. What a tease, wheres the real photos!!
  5. That is what i would like next.... or a noble
  6. Give it time. I think its priced very well
  7. Thanks It says on the website: Availability: 3-4 Weeks Lead Is that true or will it be sooner or later than those times mentioned when ordered?
  8. Yeah AB performance somewhere in Essex i think
  9. The only lose i see is in weight from your wallet. They are not cheap are they... WOW
  10. Hi all I have a wide bodied and fully caged Westfield. I am after a shower cap and a half hood. Anyone have one about they no longer need? Thanks
  11. Hi Nigel. Let me take some better photos, it might be tomorrow in the natural light to show them more clearly. They are not that noticeable, i for the photos i used a LED lamp to try and show the imperfections so under natural light they will not be so visible. Just think of it as £299 + £51 Yep, its the classic nose cone. If you are happy to swing in to look at it i am more than happy to show you
  12. Price updated to see if anyone is interested
  13. They go over the standard mirror covers
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