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  1. Thanks for your reply Jon I never thought of sending photo's across but will give it a try and see if it helps. But as you know when building a car/XI we all crave for more information and knowledge as we can never have too much.
  2. I have been trying to join the westfield eleven register site for over a year now but for some reason my registration is not getting activated. I was wondering if someone here who is a member may be able to help me contact the admin as I can't seem to find anyway to contact them myself. Cheers Tony
  3. Thanks for all the hard work the team put in to make myself and better half feel at home , it was great to meet some new faces and see Simon and Stephens XI you should both be proud of your builds. Hopefully I can bring my XI next year :-) Thanks again great job done by all. Tony
  4. It will be great to see your car there as well John, So hopefully we will get to see at least 3 of them on the same day :-)
  5. It will be good to see you again Simon and as an added bonus I will get to see all the updates you have done since last. Tony
  6. I'm hoping the weather will be good as it would be really nice to see your car in the flesh after reading so much about it. Tony
  7. who's going to Stoneleigh in there X1 and on what day ? Tony
  8. Congratulations on passing and just the right time of the year, it must be time I got on with mine now !
  9. Now that's a coincidence Simon as for the past week I've been looking in to the K1200RS conversion ( www.specialist-components.co.uk/index.php/shop/twinkam-16v-conversion/twinkam-complete-engines. ) to do when I have got mine through the IVA that is. I sent them an e-mail last Friday asking about how high the head is fully built up form the top of the block, but still waiting for them to get back to me, what spec did you build you engine to ?
  10. I maybe up for one If mine is too noisy for the IVA, will send you a PM if I do need one Nick
  11. HI Simon thanks for adding the photo's looks yours is totally different middle part if not maybe a completely here's a photo, Looks like yours is different as well Rob.
  12. What is this cone you all talk of is it some kind of witchcraft ;-) it doesn't look like I have one in my kit, has anyone got a photo of one ? Or maybe they now are supplying a slightly different exhaust just a thought. Tony
  13. Would of love to of come along Robin but have book a track day, hope you have a good drive and hope to get along to the next one. Tony
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