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  1. Valey80

    2.0l Zetec SEIW

    It's with massive regret that I need to move on my Westfield after 18 months ownership. I love this car but simply can't justify keeping it anymore - it deserves a better home with someone who'll actually use it! I've been in a house redevelopment for the last year now and it's simply not got a look in even though I've tried as much as I can. It's a lovely car and goes like a dream. Currently on the aeroscreen but the car comes with original windscreen, wipers and washers so can be more tourer set up in no time. Also included is the spare wheel rack for the back and matching alloy spare wheel. Loads of other extras too including 4 Toyo R888 tyres - 2 very good tread, 2 just legal - nice set of track tyres if that's your thing, plus a further 2 Toyo R1R tyres brand new. Spare wheel also has a brand new tyre on it. In terms of specs: Factory Built limited edition Sport Carbon built in 2000 Ford 2.0l Zetec fitted in 2011 upgrading from the factory 1.8l, complete with Jenvey TBs, OMEX 600 ecu, Raceline alloy wet sump, sump breather oil catch tank & Pipercross air filter. Tuned at NMS and delivering 167bhp and a lovely induction noise through the exhaust note (no problem for Db meters on track should you wish) Gearbox is 5 speed Ford Type 9, independent rear suspension and Ford Sierra LSD Drilled and grooved brakes on Mintex pads with stainless braided hoses all round Gaz Gold adjustable dampers and springs Private Plate included in sale W7 WSC (Westfield 7 Westfield Sports Cars) which I think is pretty damned cool!! As with most - folders full of docs, from original purchase from factory, engine upgrade, NMS work, services, MOTs - everything! It's a lovely car - fab fun on the road, not too harsh so makes a great tourer too with the very comfortable Westfield padded seats, Willans 4 point harnesses, Mota Lita steering wheel etc. Basically I'm looking to get my money back as I really think it's worth it so offers invited over £9,700 Located in Redditch, just south of Birmingham Thanks
  2. Have sent you a PM
  3. I want it too - but need to sell mine first - anyone want it??!
  4. Valey80

    Westfield needed in my life (again!)

    I've sent you a message :-)
  5. Valey80

    Swirl Pot or Baffled Tank

    So I ordered the swirl pot and pump, and with my old man we set about making the change. Didn't get very far and realised that the fuel tank I have in place has an internal fuel pump and so we downed tools. When looking at the install, everything I found said (simplistically), fuel tank to LP Pump, to Swirl Pot, to HP Fuel pump, to fuel rail (with appropriate returns and overflows etc.) If the HP pump is integrated, how can this series link be done? I've seen these as a potential solution: https://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorsport/fuel-tank-baffles/demon-tweeks-easy-pour-fuel-tank-baffle Am I missing something? Any thoughts folks? Thanks
  6. Valey80

    Tilllet b6 carbon seat

    PM sent
  7. Valey80

    Swirl Pot or Baffled Tank

    Thanks guys!
  8. Valey80

    Donnigton Evening Session June 15

    Yep - 98 not 89 - you passed the test.....!
  9. Valey80

    Swirl Pot or Baffled Tank

    Some advice please! I'm suffering fuel surge, but not sure if I should go for external swirl pot with LP pump or just replace the tank to a baffled tank? Prices seem to be pretty close, so it's more a case of ease of installation and effectiveness to prevent surge. Any recommendations please for which way to go and also replacement parts? I have an SEIW 2.0 Zetec black top. So if baffled tank - which one please? Or if swirl pot and pump - again which one? Thanks folks
  10. Valey80

    Donnigton Evening Session June 15

    No noise issues at all - I have the Westfield exhaust - 2" I think, revving up to 7k No one had an issue, but they did labour the point in the briefing that anyone breaking the limit would need to make 'mechanical changes' to be allowed back on which they basically said, you won't be let back on! Think it was an 89Db limit FYI I will be looking at more dates to try some other places and would be good to be on a track with some similar cars and not feeling like a micro machine :-)
  11. Valey80

    Donnigton Evening Session June 15

    So I did the event and am pleased to say it was amazing!!! The car held out brilliantly without any issues - although it's confirmed I do need to fit a swirl pot (any recommendations on the swirl pot and low pressure pump to go for on a 2.0 Zetec black top??), and was an absolute blast to drive. I got consistently quicker over the course of the evening, and barring one tank slapper on the chicane into the start finish straight, I kept it on the track and hit some great lines. Some of the equipment out there was crazy, including a bright orange Porsche 911 GT3 RS which was blisteringly quick, and lots of modified hot hatches that we just too quick (in the straights anyway!) to keep tabs on, but you'll be pleased to hear that the solitary Caterham out there I was able to run down and overtake :-) As I say, quicker machines out there (mine's pulling around 170 bhp in a more road focussed car) but I didn't see many of them having as much fun. And yes there were the mandatory kn*b heads on track with disregard for the safety briefing, overtaking where ever they wanted (including lunges down the inside as you turn in on the natural racing line) - but it was good to see a few of them beached in the sand, steam pouring from the engine bay! I've certainly got the bug for more now - looking at other amendments I can make to the car - wide track front with ARB, swirl pot, damper settings and air pressures to fettle - then more power.....!!!!!!!
  12. Valey80

    Donnigton Evening Session June 15

    I've booked the evening session and if I love it then MSV could well be a good follow up :-)
  13. Javelin are doing an evening session at Donnington for £129 pre WSCC discount - I'm thinking of making it my maiden Westfield Track Day. Any other takers??
  14. Valey80

    Mega S2000 for sale.SOLD

    I had a good look at it at Stoneleigh - it really is lovely! If I was on the market I'd jump at this car - it's very special - someone will be very happy!!!
  15. Valey80

    Mega S2000 for sale.SOLD

    That's a lovely looking motor. If I wasn't renovating a house right now.....! GLWTS

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