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  1. speedygt

    Where to find second hand parts

    I have searched Ebay for some time looking for a tuned Zetec/ST170. I just can´t find them Trying to keep the cost down so I´m not looking for new stuff. Well if the price is good I would
  2. Gentlemen, I´ve been looking around trying to buy some second hand bits for my project. Seems like people are holding on to their goodies I´m looking for tuning parts for my Zetec silvertop 2L. Or a complete already tuned silvertop/blacktop/ST170 engine. Also looking for bucket seats. So, is this site and locostbuilders the place or can I find this somewhere else? Btw, IF you got something then throw me a mail: doithart (at) gmail (dot) com Cheers

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