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  1. Route66

    Thames Valley Meet

    Can’t make Sunday, but at last I have a date for IVA. 8th August at Bristol. Yeading closed until further notice, Leighton Buzzard no available dates, Southampton nothing until almost September so choices are getting smaller. Will probably go for a pre IVA trial MOT first.
  2. Route66

    Lekky E Type

    And pay the “green” supplier a crazy price for the activity. I’m no fan of green, but I do like progress. When it’s really practical I’d be happy to replace my zetec with an electric drive train and add a system that could make it sound like a Harley, US V8, 1980’s F1, Ferrari, Lamborghini, LFA, Thomas the Tank Engine, or even a zetec at the touch of a button. I don’t doubt the ability of mankind to develop the energy we need in the end, when there’s money to be made, just don’t let any government manage the project.
  3. Route66

    Lekky E Type

    I think the 13amp E type sends a confusing message, why spoil a beautiful classic. I’m a big fan of electric and hybrid but why convert the past when a new design would have been more sensible and much less of an engineering compromise. Not sure where we will get all this electricity from on a day with little wind, but that’s a different question.
  4. Route66

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    Just to allow the settings to be entered into the Spyider fuel gauge wizard to work with my Koso gauge.
  5. Route66

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    Agree, but 30 L will be enough for me. I see you have a Chevy V8 so 42 L will be tight. My old Corvette C6 was 68 L and that wasn’t enough.
  6. Route66

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    I took my readings at the plug for the Spyider wizard near the dash. All my paperwork from Westfield says "Fuel Tank FW Long Range" but now it's in 30 L will be enough for me. It's nice that Westfield helps us all make unique cars!
  7. Route66

    Fuel Tank Ohm Values

    I'm calibrating my tank to match my Koso gauge, prior to using the Spiyder gauge wizard. My tank is the long range unit, with standard Westfield sender, collected from the factory in May 2017. (FW kit) Here are the readings, fuel values are approximate, just using a plastic 5 L can. I'm going to use the 5 L value as my empty in the hope of not running out. Completely full to the filler flap at 30 L, although other people have suggested the tank capacity could be either 28 L or 35 L. (I can't be too far out as I paid for 33.01 L at the petrol station and have 3 L left in the can) Litres Ohms 5 11 10 39 15 73 20 121 25 171 30 180
  8. Route66

    Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    I have the R1R’s. Can’t comment on road use yet as I’m in final prep for IVA but they do pull the paint from the garage floor when parked.
  9. Route66

    Le Mans 24

    A good win for Toyota, shows what you can achieve with a 2.4 litre hybrid.
  10. Route66

    Harness Bolt Bootees

    She used to make a living creating wedding dresses, so I was lucky to get them in black.
  11. Route66

    Harness Bolt Bootees

    I have bolt-on, rather than clip-on harnesses, so the blonde kindly designed and made me a set of IVA bootees. (A new sewing machine was part of the deal so they came in close to the price of the engine) The CBS hard plastic covers are contained within to cover the bolt head. Will they be OK for IVA purposes? I used about 25mm of spacers so will the angle to the seat be OK? .
  12. Route66

    Happy Cake Day Julie

    Happy Birthday. Saw this and thought of you.
  13. Route66


    A Plan on 01635 874646. Join WSCC and ask for a discount.
  14. Route66

    Tin Top - Major Fuel Leak

    Be worth ask the main dealer to check service bulletins for that model.
  15. To Route 66

    Good feedback 

    many thanks




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