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  1. Westfield SEi first registered in 2002 1700cc Ford Crossflow Kent Type A2 Sports Kam Vulcan Head Twin Weber 40’s 5 Speed Type 9 Gearbox fitted in December All Core Plugs replaced in December Diff Pinion Seal Replaced in December 5575 Miles Since Build 5 x 14" Superlight Alloys Tonneau Cover Wet Weather Gear included - Please note I have never fitted this 12 Months MOT Some small issues the buyer needs to be aware of Rev counter has fault Stitching just wearing on tunnel Some crazing on the bonnet but never bothered me as still polishes up well. I have loved every moment of owning the car but need the space for a new project and will not time to use it. I have a folder of history on the car dating back to the original builders invoices from Westfield. I also have the original 4 speed box that came with the car that has been refurbished which may be available as part of the sale. £7500 OVNO If you need any further information or have any questions send me a message
  2. Hi, I am looking for a standard type 9 gearbox in good working order if anyone has one. I am am based in the East Midlands . thanks Brett
  3. I know this topic is from a while ago but the pinion seal on my diff has started leaking and I would like to remove the Diff to get the problem fixed. There are a couple of documents referred to by Blatman in this post that I think would be useful but when clicking the link are no longer there. Can anyone share the documents with me. Thanks
  4. Brett

    4 Speed Type E Swap

    Right campers, I think I now have a box that I am happy with but let’s see when it arrives. I am now into the planning phase of the swap and want to do as much research before starting. does anyone have any pictures of a type E to type 9 swap, specifically the different mounting point as I want to see which option to take I.e. weld vs bolt on additional plate?
  5. Brett

    4 Speed Type E Swap

    Thanks everyone for your help and information. now my search for a box starts, who doesn’t love a bit of parts shopping!!
  6. Brett

    4 Speed Type E Swap

    Thanks for the help and tips guys really appreciate your help. how would I identify which I have type 3 or E, and I said there such thing as a 4 speed type 9?
  7. Hello, Firstly let me introduce myself, I am new to both WSCC and Westfield ownership but am finding both very enjoyable. Due to having daughters under 5 I decided to buy a completed car as the most expensive resource of all (Time) would not allow me to embark on a complete build. Having purchased a 1700cc crossflow running twin Weber 45's through a 4 speed Type E gearbox I am now feeling that it would benefit from a 5 speed box. Can anyone help me understand whats entailed is it an easy swap out? Thanks All
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