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  1. Hi Everyone, sadly the time has come for me to offer up my westifield for sale, much sooner than imagined. My job sees me traveling a lot more these days and the second half of the year sees a lot less usage of the car. Some of you may recognize this as a car that Andrew was selling from Toy Box cars. I bought this car from him in december of last year and have had some great drives since then. The car is in fantastic condition throughout with only some small cosmetic changes made by myself in my ownership. The car has performed faultlessly. than includes the drive to nurnberg where i live. The car would be brought back should there be any interest. Its a 2006 registered car built in the UK with a large folder showing the process and all paperwork from the build and initial SVA. The spec is as follows: MOT April 2018 5213 miles 2006 registered Wide body SIEW westfield Kit build Blue/Yellow body (black Vinyl wrap on wings) Blue faux leather interior/dash quick release steering wheel half hood rear storage vauxhall 2.0 C20XE motor twin webber 45 carburetors ford type 9 5 speed gear box indépendant rear suspension braided front and rear brake lines team dynamics pro race 1.2 wheels 15x7.5 too T1R tires front and rear like new spare TD 1.2 wheel with brand new tyre spax 2 way adjustable suspension (height and dampening) I am heading out to get some more detailed photos this weekend, the weather isn't playing ball currently. but here is a serious of photos from the car park. Im of course contactable on the forum, and also via: thomas.henwood@adidas.com +49 (0 )17620344687 price. 10,000. Very little mileage has been put on the car since purchase on a car that was already very low mileage. circa 2000 miles including the trip over from newquay to nurnberg. Please await more detailed pictures
  2. Thenwood

    Introduction and first question.

    The trip went over 3 days, Cornwall to surrey. Surrey to aachen. then straight to work from aachen. 3 4-5 hour stints with i think 6 fill ups.
  3. Thenwood

    Introduction and first question.

    Great news! She made it! With Huge thanks to sparkymarts AKA Martin who lent me some doors. I really wouldn't have enjoyed the trip as much without them! The car ran great, was comfortable, and smooth enough with the dampers set to the softest setting. The only issues: Got very hot once after hitting standing traffic on the M4, had to pull over and turn it off to cool down. Have done some reading to attack thus. When the transmission is hot i get terrible juddering when i pull away in first. Even with plenty of revs. Any advice there id love to hear it. After a run and turning the car off, turning it back on it doesn't like to idle, just slowly lowers revs until cutting out. All can be addressed I'm sure, I'm just happy we are back in one piece!
  4. Thenwood

    Introduction and first question.

    Hey chaps, im being a wuss I know! I've got a pair of half doors on the way. I may fab up a small wind deflector if I have time in the next couple of days.
  5. Thenwood

    Introduction and first question.

    Sadly Westfield have well and truly let me down with the doors. We have just been informed, in the last week of the stated build period on the website, that they want to redesign the doors to have a better fit. This means they can't tell me when I will get them. i have posted a last cry for help to any members I may be able to rent a set of doors off for the trip and ship back immediately on arriving. anyone who might be able to help I'd be forever great full TOM
  6. Hi all, I apologize if the subject t hand isn't strictly associated with the section. I am hoping to target members from the south west specifically with a cry for help. im due to be driving back to Germany for the first time in my new Westfield this coming weekend. Some details can be found in my introduction thread here Westfield have let me down with the doors that were ordered with enough time to have them here for the trip. Long story short they have just told me at the end the stated build window, they are redesigning the part and don't know when they will be done. I was wondering if any members have a set of doors I may 'rent' for the journey and immediately ship back. Of course a fee will be arranged should anyone be able to help. Its the last piece to the puzzle after soft bits were great in getting me a roof very quickly. i should add that I'd be able to come to anyone along the m4 corridor as I will be traveling from Cornwall to the crossing thanks tom
  7. Thenwood

    Introduction and first question.

    Its still showing up? Hope you managed to find a car. Its a limousine, dad is an undertaker and a long time volvo owner. Soft bits really came through and managed to make and ship me a half roof in super quick time. Just wanting on the doors to arrive now
  8. Thenwood

    Introduction and first question.

    Great question, one i cant really answer until i try it. I was dreading the drive without any kind of roof, luckily the guys came through and are getting one together really quickly for me. ill report back once its fitted. managed t do just this, counted out the be 48 splines so I've ordered the appropriate boss. thanks! Ive ordered a quick release spacer to go with the boss. Currently the boss on the car is quite deep, I'm hoping the new boss will keep the a similar depth so i can add the QR to bring it closer the right amount. Ive used a few types in the past so I'm hoping it will work out. Ive always liked the wheel close but my legs out straight as I'm quite lanky!
  9. Thenwood

    Introduction and first question.

    Thanks for the welcome folks. Ian that would be great! I had a quiet season last year with the car as i was still settling into the area and work. So to get together with some like minded people sounds great. In regards to the Boss, what would be the typical donor rack for a sew of this year? that was I'm sure i could buy a memo type boss to fit.
  10. Hi Everyone, My names Tom I'm currently living out in Germany but originally from the UK, Newquay to be exact. Im a designer at Adidas, a new venture for me after working in the car design industry. I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a westfield from Andrew at Toy Box cars towards the end of last year. The car is still sat at my parents place in cornwall, and I'm planning to drive it to nurnberg next week! Im running it along side my 987 Cayman S which i use daily, and still pinch myself thinking ill soon have the choice of impractical, and super impractical In the photos you see it as it was delivered, and also what the final look will be once we finish the wrapping and painting next week. For the drive back i have purchased a soft bits half hood and some much needed doors of course. I haven't had much time with the car as i wasn't in the UK for long over xmas, so its still a new steer for me. The basic spec is as follows 2006 Wide body car vauxhall redtop 2.0, Twin 45s As i get used to the car here in germany i hope to update certain parts as we all do over the months. The photos below show the car as it was delivered, as well as an image that shoes the look of the car once the wrapping and painting is finished, its currently half way there. I have added a photo of the steering boss, in the hope someone can direct me to a standard 6 hole fitment boss that will allow to fit spacers and a new wheel. Im 6,4 so i need some extra space for the drive back. Thanks and look forward to tapping into the knowledge on the forum in the coming season. Tom

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