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  1. It’s for a highline. No gel coat. My darling daughter left the lid off when she was messing about unsupervised. I bought it off eBay. Black gel coat is black gel coat so is easily procured.
  2. 100%, I would keep it as a back up but trying to free up cash for the parts I need to complete my winter upgrade
  3. Yes realised just after and can’t figure out how to remove so I have contacted admin. Deep cracks and several tiny holes to stop the cracks spreading. I intended to and started to sort it myself but lost interest and bought a new one.
  4. Thanks Guys, essex is a right trek for me. But will Bear in mind!! Does anyone knew of a tuner closer to Oxfordshire? I fully intend to have it on the rollers with out a doubt.
  5. Black nose cone few scratches no cracks I don’t even think it’s ever been on a car £100 black bonnet quite rough needs some work £80
  6. I will do, but wanted to know if anyone has this set up and get some proper feed back from someone living with it. Tweaks and tips they have picked up along the way. Cheers chris
  7. Hi guys, slowly pulling parts together for my engine swap. I will using CBR900 carbs and would like some advice/shared knowledge/experience on jetting these carbs to suit a 2.0 Zetec. I have a mega jolt ignition system ready to go and will be using the danst intake manifold. Cheers
  8. I am looking for an intake manifold to suit CBR900 Carbs to 2.0 black top application. I know I can get from from DanST but thought I would test the water on here first thanks in advance
  9. Hi all, hope this is ok to post to this section. 2nd Faringdon festival of Transport will take place on the 9th June 2019. We had a moderate crowd last year with just over 100 cars turning up. We have 4 westys and GBS and a few cobras but hoping more of you guys can make it this year. It’s a local show for a good cause and open to anything from a horse and cart through to Bugatti. Hope to see you there
  10. Ok I will send you a photo of them and if your happy there what you want we can sort something out
  11. not sure but I think i have two, one currently installed and a spare in a box of bits! I am Sawping the engine out for a 2.0 zetec
  12. Hi just testing the water, I am about to remove a CBR900 engine from my Westfield and will be selling it. I thought I would see if anyone is interested on here 1st before sticking it on eBay and other kit car forums. I will also have the exhaust manifold and a few other bits and bobs. I will be retaining the carbs for an engine swap!!
  13. I have been informed that my advert is in correct and my Westfield isn’t a mega blade. It’s an se with a fireblade engine. How ever it’s got a blade engine and still mega!!!! either way I am selling my 919 blade powered Westfield , I have had the car just over 2 years. It’s been a great car and is fast. It’s been on a track day and was a dream to drive on the track. In the time I have had it have have done the following : carbon look stone guards new bonnet new cycle wings i have also put in a new gear selector as it stated to mis-select when changing up, I thought it was a bigger issue and purchased a whole new (second hand) gear box!!! bad bits few marks here and there and virtually no history, I bought the car with no history. The car is great fumand this is a reluctant sale to fund some building work. I am looking for around £6k for the car.
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