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  1. Gareth Morris

    Westfield 919 megablade Job lot

    I am selling my 919 megablade, I have had the car just over 2 years. It’s been a great car and is fast. It’s been on a track day and was a dream to drive on the track. In the time I have had it have have done the following : carbon look stone guards new bonnet new cycle wings i have also put in a new gear selector as it stated to mis-select when changing up, I thought it was a bigger issue and purchased a whole new (second hand) gear box!!! included in the sale is the following Black Nose Cone Black Westfield bonnet (Needs TLC) Set of 4 ‘Team Dynamics’ wheel with R888 tyres, 2 are probably not legal, 2 have about 3mm left but you would get a couple track days out of them 4 brand new interstate soft compound tyres full 919 gear box Spare 919 engine (spins freely) this has been sat in my garage since the day I got the car full gasket set box of bits bad bits few marks here and there and virtually no history, I bought the car with no history. The car is great fumand this is a reluctant sale to fund some building work. £6995
  2. Gareth Morris

    Westfield seats red/black.

    Ok cheers need a set for a narrow body
  3. Gareth Morris

    Westfield seats red/black.

    Are this for a wide body?
  4. Gareth Morris

    Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    D O N T M I S S O U T ! Family fun for everyone! Faringdon’s first festival of transport and so much more, including... FREE ADMISSION • Old/new/retro/classic/trucks on display • Andy’s animal encounters • Refreshments/Burger van • Ice cream van • Inflatables from George Scarrott’s fair • Face painting • Raffle with some AMAZING prizes such as.. brand new BBQ, local restaurant vouchers, entrance to Cotswold Wildlife Park & Crocodiles of The World and much, much more!! A L L P R O C E E D S T O G R E A T O R M O N D S T R E E T H O S P I T A L
  5. Gareth Morris

    Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Happy Friday everyone. This weekend is the 1st ever Farringdon festival of transport, if your at a lose end please pop in there are a few westys coming from the Cotswold meet ( thanks to Tom for your support). It’s a family event so please do bring them along to enjoy a family day out for a good cause. The address is Park Rd, Farringdon, SN7 7BP show doors open at 09:00 Sunday 3rd june. And the weather forecast is good
  6. Gareth Morris


    Thanks guys. Thought it would be a long shot. I will contact AB Performance for a quote!!
  7. Gareth Morris


    Sorry, may not have been clear enough. I currently have a 919 powered megablade and was wondering I the CBR1100 (blackbird) engine would fit the 919 engine cradle?
  8. Gareth Morris


    Does anyone know if the cbr1100 xx engine fits the 919 engine cradle?
  9. Gareth Morris

    Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Thanks to you all for the support, should be a great day out
  10. Gareth Morris

    Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Thanks for the support guys
  11. Gareth Morris

    Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Good morning all, I hope this post is allowed and the right part of the forum to post it. I have been asked by a friend to invite wscc club members to an event he is organising, This a charity event and entry is free. It’s the first time this event has been held and it’s open to anything with wheels!!!! There are various car and motorcycle clubs that have been invited along with trucks vans and agricultural plant and It would be great to have a few westys all lined up. The event will take place on the 3rd of June at Farringdon football club anyone and everyone will be welcome. If the event is a success, it could become and annual event.
  12. Gareth Morris

    MX5 Gearbox

    Ok Chris thanks
  13. Gareth Morris

    MX5 Gearbox

    Will this fit a narrow body westy
  14. Gareth Morris

    saab powered westfield

    Stumbled upon after a google search. Thanks for the pointer
  15. Gareth Morris

    saab powered westfield

    I know this is an old post but what engine management did this guy use? I have a 919 megablade and looking to swap out for a more conventional set up. Looks like a type 9 box as well? Really interested in the out come of this

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