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  1. I've just taken these off my Westfield SEiW; Four 15" pro race 1.2 gloss black wheels 4x108 pcd in great condition but I think they are 23 or 24mm ET. Complete with four nearly new 205/50/15 Toyo Proxes R1R Tyres. Located in Colchester, Essex.
  2. Honda CBR900RR Fireblade Engine It is beleived to be a low mileage 919cc engine. It is not a complete engine package, the pictures show what is included with the engine but it is offered for spares or repair. A few known issues are listed below; This engine was purchased as a complete engine from AB Performance in 2016 for £1200 + VAT, as per the pictured invoice. It has been installed in a Westfield Megablade for a limited time, although it has had troubles; Upon installation, the spark plug thread was found to be faulty and the cylinder head was kindly replaced by AB Performance under warranty, so is not original to the engine. Shortly after, first gear became impossible to select and the engine was removed from the car, although despite the transmission trouble, the "engine" was running ok. When inspected by others, I was informed that the copper sealing washers under the main bearing bolts are missing (hence a slight oil leak), in addition to a smaller crankcase bolt (thread condition unknown). I have pictured and arrowed these, so please make your own decision/research on this. I can also confirm the following components are also not included as they where removed for the replacement engine, although the list is not exhaustive; Water Pump Thermostat Housing Front Hose Coolant Connection Housing Oil Pick Up Oil Pressure Relief So in short, this engine could be a good base for a rebuilt engine or for spares to repair an engine, it should not be considered as an engine ready for installation. I would recommend inspection and rebuild should be completed by a dedicated specialist, such as www.mistralperformance.com. Collection from Colchester within 7 days of auction end. Any questions, contact me on 0797 010 8844. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153199151592
  3. RJC


    I'm selling a 'Blade engine but it is only really a base unit for a full rebuild as I've had some trouble with the engine, also the guy who supplied it :bangshead:.


    I'd use this chap for any rebuild work;




  4. RJC

    Christmas Karting - Interest?

    Yep, I'm in....... 9th should be ok for me too. Slightly off topic but is there a Xmas meal etc this year too?
  5. I'll let them go for less to a WSCC member, how does £400 sound?
  6. I have been asked a couple of times if these seats will fit inside a narrow bodied car but as I've only had these in a wide bodied car, I'm not personally sure. However, I can confirm that they are 40cm wide, so any perspective buyer can now measure the space available in their car. Hope that helps?
  7. Pair of Sport Turbo Westfield Seats and Runners Black with Yellow Piping Just removed from a 2013 Westfield SEiW and are now surplus to requirements. Good general condition but there is a tear in the rear/side of one of the seats and the other is marked in the same area, just on the opposite side. This was caused by the seats rubbing slightly on the bodywork. See pictures to asses for yourself. The seats feature seat belt apertures in the upper rear section of the seat and the material is sagging slightly, as seems to be "normal" for these seats. Again, the area is pictured. Both runners are also fully functional. For information, Westfield Sports Cars list similar seats costing £937 below; https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/sport-turbo-seat-vinyl-pair There is no postage offered on these items and are therefore collection only. The seats are in Colchester, Essex. They are also listed on ebay, so have a look here but obviously, WSCC members dont need to pay full price ; https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153153358052 Any questions, drop me a line. Thanks for looking, Rob.
  8. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Thanks for organising another great trip out Kev, I know everyone appreciates your efforts. I'm glad to say I dont ache too much with only my dodgy shoulder playing up, I think the wet session saved me...... I think we should get some practice in before next year, with some tuition from Ken and next year we can go for the outright win!
  9. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    I havent heard anything from Kevin (Banshee) about picking him up, does anyone have is phone number to drop him a text?
  10. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Yeah, no problem. I'll pick up Darve as previously discussed and I believe that the other Colchester person is Banshee? If so, Banshee could you PM your address and phone number? I'll therefore leave Kev, Ken and Jim to sort themselves! If I've missed anyone, just let me know and I'll pick them up on route....
  11. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Yep, registered this morning....
  12. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Yep, no problem, if we allow another 10 mins, so I'll pick Darve up at 1.40pm, Kev 2.20pm and Ken about 2.45pm, give or take. Room for one more at a push, just let me know....
  13. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    It looks like the signing in starts at 3.30pm on Saturday, so I guess pick Darve up about 1.50pm and Kev about 2.30pm? If anyone else wants a lift, might need to adjust slightly but I'll let you know.
  14. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    You'll need to be a little more specific, it is a long road!! Your more than welcome for a lift, just PM your address and the time to pick you up. I'll drop Darve a line as picking him up on route.

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