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  1. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Thanks for organising another great trip out Kev, I know everyone appreciates your efforts. I'm glad to say I dont ache too much with only my dodgy shoulder playing up, I think the wet session saved me...... I think we should get some practice in before next year, with some tuition from Ken and next year we can go for the outright win!
  2. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    I havent heard anything from Kevin (Banshee) about picking him up, does anyone have is phone number to drop him a text?
  3. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Yeah, no problem. I'll pick up Darve as previously discussed and I believe that the other Colchester person is Banshee? If so, Banshee could you PM your address and phone number? I'll therefore leave Kev, Ken and Jim to sort themselves! If I've missed anyone, just let me know and I'll pick them up on route....
  4. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Yep, registered this morning....
  5. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Yep, no problem, if we allow another 10 mins, so I'll pick Darve up at 1.40pm, Kev 2.20pm and Ken about 2.45pm, give or take. Room for one more at a push, just let me know....
  6. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    It looks like the signing in starts at 3.30pm on Saturday, so I guess pick Darve up about 1.50pm and Kev about 2.30pm? If anyone else wants a lift, might need to adjust slightly but I'll let you know.
  7. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    You'll need to be a little more specific, it is a long road!! Your more than welcome for a lift, just PM your address and the time to pick you up. I'll drop Darve a line as picking him up on route.
  8. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    I'm driving down from Colchester in my road car, so can pick up four others, call it payback for all of the lifts I've blagged over the last few months....... So, if your along the A12 just drop me a PM with your address and phone number if you would like a lift.
  9. As my car has no engine, I'm going to watch some sprinting at Debden, otherwise I would help out. I've got a copy of the Spreadsheet from PeteG and it really is easy, even I worked it out so anyone should be able to do it! If you get really stuck, let me know and I'll try to change my plans.
  10. I wont be making either date I'm afraid.
  11. RJC

    Buckmore Park 3 Hour Enduro

    Im in, started my diet already.....
  12. The car will be fixed and I'll be there!
  13. RJC

    Snetterton 23rd August 2017

    I've not actually looked at the car yet, job for Sunday or Monday. It looks like a big end has gone, the oil temp got really high and then no oil pressure with a nasty rattle. Used alot of oil too, the catch tank had some in it and the exhaust was very black/sooty. Got a feeling that the engine had a few issues, as seemed to lack a little oommph too. Got the spare engine lined up to be dropped in and then it will be back in action! Priced up swapping to a 'Busa engine today, need to remortgage! Great day none the less, enjoyed going sideways (alot) with Darve and meeting Bernie/Bob, cheers guys.
  14. RJC

    Snetterton 300 20th September 2017 - Javelin Trackdays

    I'm doing both, make sure you do the same!
  15. RJC

    Snetterton 23rd August 2017

    I'm still planning on it, got the day off work and just got to sort a trailer which is easy enough....... I'll probably do the September one too, if I still have the right number of conrods in my engine that is. When are you booking up Darve? And what about SootySport?

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