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  1. Now that is very interesting indeed! It sounds like we are using a similar concept. Huge benefit on torsional stiffness, on the carbon fibre bit but the joints themselves are rather prone to torsion; in fact, they could be the weakest point of the entire car. The FEA analysis however suggests that it is sufficiently strong, up to a safety factor of 3 for regular forces applied. Cheers!
  2. Thanks! I'd appreciate if you could spread the link to your friends as well. I'm trying to get as much responses as I can. Cheers, Will
  3. Hi Dave, Thanks for your feedback. I'm sorry that the form was unresponsive; must have been a glitch. Really appreciate the help. Cheers, Will
  4. If I promised a beer for every response, I'd probably be bankrupt by now hahah. Cheers guys and thanks a lot for the information! If you could pull in more of your friends to answer the survey, that would be great! Regards, 7Fan7
  5. Hi everyone, I'm a university student, currently working on a project with regards to the use of carbon fibre in kit cars such as the Westfields. Essentially, we are working with Axon Automotive on a passenger tub, where the passenger and the driver are seated, made entirely of carbon fibre (including the beams, the flooring and the side panels); whereas, the front and back of the chassis remain with the original steel frame chassis. So the method used to join the steel frame to the carbon fibre tub is through nuts and bolts. I'm currently conducting a survey just to determine your perception on the use of carbon fibre in kit cars, especially for the tub. More information about the product itself is available in the survey link below and I'd really appreciate if you could take a couple of minutes to answer the survey. All responses will be stored anonymously and I really hope that I can get a great number of responses from you all. Click here for the Survey. Cheers, Will
  6. Cheers for the reply guys! I heard from the guys at the show that the carbon fibre tub could save at least 40kg; which I think is substantial but then that is for the chassis only. Eventually, I guess the 40kg saving is a much smaller proportion of the fully assembled car. Although, nonetheless, it would have a pretty noticeable impact on acceleration (I guess we're looking at 0-60mph in less than 3sec with Westfield's using the Honda v-tec 2.0l engine). @graham frankland I guess you're right, cost will indeed be over the roof; but Axon tex is supposedly able to manufacture these using cost-effective operations. Do you foresee any other drawbacks of using the carbon fibre tub in the future, costs aside?
  7. Hey guys, was wondering if anyone happened to know a bit more about (I think) Axon Automotive and Westfield's prototype on replacing the standard passenger tub (originally made using steel or aluminum bars) to carbon fibre. I tried to look through their website, I thought the kit car was supposed to be in production by the end of last year but I don't see much information about it. On the other hand, I did manage to find a picture, below, of (what I think is) the prototype. Any thoughts on the use of carbon fibre for the tub? I assume it will provide substantial weight saving, and possibly extra stiffness on the tub but I'm not sure about the connections between the front and rear steel frames with the tub. What do you think?
  8. Interesting stuff! Any idea if it actually went into production? Tried to look at their website, but I don't seem to find any information! I presume, though, the weight-saving must be massive since a carbon fibre tub would seem pretty light. On the other hand, I found some pictures on the web, which I believe was the prototype. What are your thoughts on using carbon fibre as part of the tub?
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