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  1. Phil J

    Favour req. Polo/coolex rad dimensions

    I had a radiator made by them and they asked me where I wanted the mounting brackets. It was an uprated escort style radiator to my dimensions.
  2. Phil J

    Petition to sign

    Signed - I think there should be a route by which such vehicles or parts of them can be saved if they are worthy of saving.
  3. Westfield SEI.docx The car is at my home in Looe, Cornwall The price is what I paid for it £2500 Westfield SEI (narrow) fully registered (Q plate) as a Westfield SEI, the V5 is in my name. The story so far, I bought this unfinished rebuild from Ralphy on here back in December. My intention being to use all the body and engine parts of my unregisterd pre-lit to build one car and move on the extra bits Today was the first chance I’ve had to offer up my pre-lit bodywork to the SEI chassis and found that it will not fit as various measurements and angles just do not match. I don’t have the time or space to build two so the SEI is for sale. So what is included in the sale? SEI fitted with a zetec blacktop 2 ltr engine with Ford fuel injection rail and Mikuni throttle bodies, type 9 gearbox and Westfield front and rear suspension. All connected up with brakes and an Omex 600 series ecu to make it run. The engine reputedly came out of an accident damaged rear-ended Focus which had done 77k miles. I cannot comment on the condition of the gearbox, axle or brakes as I have not driven the car. The good bits; The body tub, bonnet and nose cone are previously unfitted – no holes. Only loosely put in place for the photos but not attached to the chassis. Genuine Westfield parts but not in matching colours. It has fitted alloy injection tank with fuel sump so no need for a swirl pot. Bias brake bar and pedals fitted and appear to be working. Stainless exhaust manifold and silencer. Windscreen, sidescreens and roof. Ralphy spent considerable time and effort blast cleaning, zinc spraying and painting the chassis and it appears all sound. What needs to be done. Electrics – the wiring is mainly present and some is labelled but all untested. Plumbing needs improving, the pipe runs are wrong. Engine mount needs a spacer to lift it so that the exhaust clears the chassis rail. Dials and gauges need fitting and probably replacing. Alternator bracket is wrong and the belt fouls the engine slightly. Price £2500 firm.
  4. Phil J

    garage clearout parts for sale

    If they are still available I'd like to buy the 'lamp extravaganza , rear led lamps, rev lamp, rear fogs, number plate etc' PM me some payment details and I will pay you, thanks, Phil.
  5. Phil J

    Hello and advice on setting toe-in

    Hi Jimmerog, It is nice to learn that there is another westy on this side of the Tamar! There are a few of us in Cornwall but we're spread out, I'm in Looe. I can't really help with your questions as I have a (never finished) prelit and a narrow SEI but for that the Westfield build manual gives 1degree 16 minutes (or less) toe in and ride height as 5 inches front and 5.25 inches at rear (both plus or minus 1 inch) based on 185/60 13 tyres but I'm sure someone will be better able to advise. The manual also gives toe in, caster and camber angles for the rear end as well! Regards, Phil
  6. Phil J

    Drive belt supplier

    I use these people https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/Belts/c4601/index.html they have a belt calculator on their site, no connection other than a happy customer for their good service.
  7. Phil J

    4 Speed Type E Swap

    Quick reply, there is no type 9 four speed gearbox, it was Ford's first five speed gearbox. Try this to identify what gearbox you have http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides.html
  8. Phil J

    Brake warning lamp off - help!

    When your multimeter arrives work logically, you have tested the switch end of the circuits so it is time to start at the fuse end to prove to where you have power. On a DC 12 volt or more voltage scale on your meter, black probe to a good earthing point on the chassis (bare metal, a bolt or the battery negative terminal if the leads are long enough) then red probe to where you want to test to. With ignition on I would start at fuse box to prove the circuit after the fuse supplying this circuit, then to lamp holder to prove that the power gets that far. Edit to add - test all the output circuits if you cannot find which fuse it is - they should all be live. If that is all good then it must be a break in the circuit after the bulb holder, it must be a break as a short circuit would result in the lamp being permanently on. I would the test to the switches but guessing that if neither circuit work that fault must lay between the lamp holder and where the circuits spilt to the brake master cylinder and hand brake switches. Good luck with finding it.
  9. Phil J

    Brake warning lamp off - help!

    The low brake fluid switch on the reservoir, whilst operating the same warning lamp, is a separate circuit from the handbrake operated switch. Both circuits are powered by the ignition through the warning lamp and make their circuit to earth through their respective switches. Therefore either can operate the lamp independently, neither will effect the way the brakes work. You could try connecting the two wires at the handbrake, which is what the switch is doing, that will show if the switch is duff or that the fault is elsewhere. Have you got a multimeter? If not a cheap (under £10 on ebay) multimeter will become your friend when tracing faults like this.
  10. Phil J

    Disc to ali Hub bolt torque

    Ford cortina disc bolts are 32 Lb/ft but that is into steel hubs so certainly no more than that but I can't find an actual value for alloy hubs.
  11. Phil J

    Minor G'box leak advice

    Looks like it has been leaking for a while from the residue, looks more like engine oil. I have limited experience of K series engines but are the engine breathers clean?
  12. Phil J

    Minor G'box leak advice

    What engine have you got and are you sure that it is gearbox oil coming out?
  13. Phil J

    jonjh1964's XI Build

    Have you checked the pressure of the fuel delivery, I see you have a pressure regulator and is your carb. float level set for the angle that it is mounted at?
  14. Phil J

    Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Personal email and the quiz question pro forma , all done and sent.
  15. Phil J

    Xflow 1740 4speed clutch help

    I watches someone do it with an MGB that had been standing for years without disabling the ignition and it shot off down the road!

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