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  1. Geordie-D

    New Year Clear Out

    A few people have asked me about further details on the wheels. They are 15 x 7” inch 4 x 108 PCD with an offset of 21mm - still available if anyone is interested.
  2. Geordie-D

    New Year Clear Out

  3. Geordie-D

    New Year Clear Out

    Hi Chris, Wheel & bosses are still available Thanks, Don
  4. Geordie-D

    New Year Clear Out

    They are the standard ford spacing, not sure of the offset they are the wheels my old Westy came on.
  5. Geordie-D

    New Year Clear Out

    Hi, Syman you dibed first do you want straps & wheel?
  6. Geordie-D

    New Year Clear Out

    So the Westy went last year just got round to having a bit of a garage tidy & I've got the following bits & pieces for sale. Set of 4 TSW Hockenhiem 15" alloys with Falken ZE502 205 55 15 Tyres, wheels are mint as new condition with all clips & centre nut tool tyres are all very good with 5-7mm of tread good spare road set up ........looking for £250 ono Genuine Westfield Aero Screen, Lower firbreglass part recently painted in gloss black, top clear Perspex is brand new never fitted. Some light storage marks in the paint, I've just given it a quick polish with some autoglym & it's come up really nice be mint with a t cut & polish.....£120 ono Set of heavy duty trailer ratchet tie down straps & wheel links.......£10 ono Flat bottom 11" suede steering wheel on BL boss & a unknown quick release boss, seems decent quality was on the car when I bought it........£60 Ono for the lot Collection preferredl from Newcastle area, But happy to post if buyer is happy to pay postage.
  7. Geordie-D

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    Deposit taken car is provisionally sold. Someone has got a real bargain, but I'm pleased it's staying in the NE
  8. Geordie-D

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    Not at all Chris pleasure to meet you both & good of you to take the time to give some guidance.
  9. Geordie-D

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    If anyone is interested the car is list back on ebay the auction starts at 5K it will sell for what it goes for as i need to get the car out of the garage its currently kept in
  10. Geordie-D

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    Not being anti social Chris I just don't have the time. My job keeps me away from home 3-4 nights a week & as I mentioned in the ad some unfortunate family circumstances mean the little bit of free time I have cant be spent playing with toys at the moment.
  11. Geordie-D

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    I've just pulled the cars files out & it has a SVA cert from 2004 when it was first registered I was a little worried there as I didn't recall seeing one. It would appear the registration thing was a bit open to interpretation? I guess the upside is that it now has historic vehicle status & doesn't need taxing.
  12. Geordie-D

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    How do I know if it has been SVA? Surely it wouldn't of been issued a V5 if it hadn't?
  13. Geordie-D

    2004 Westfield SEW - SOLD

    OK, So I've been putting this off for a while but due to some unfortunate family circumstances a new job, lack of time to use the car & now the loss of the garage the car is currently kept in I'm reluctantly selling my 2004 Westfield SEW. I've had the car on ebay a cpl of time & really cant be bothered with any more idiots, dreamers & test pilots Car is a wide body SE powered by the legendary Toyota 4AGE 16V big port engine running on Dellorto 45's & Omex 100 3D ECU with a Ford Type 9 5 speed box. Correctly registered as a Westfield on log book using the donor vehicles registration, I have had a lot of questions about this & I have checked with DVLA & the car is correctly registered, log book states it was assembled from parts not all of which were new the car has recently been given historical vehicle status & no longer requires taxing I'm the 3rd owner the 1st being an RAF technician that built the car to a very high standard. I bought it in 2015 with the intention of using it for sunny weekend blasts & the occasional track day, which it did admirably until I blew the head gasket on a track day in August last year, I used this as an opportunity to refresh the car a little & have really just finished the little jobs that needed doing this weekend. The 4AGE engine was stripped, cleaned & rebuilt & balanced by the respected Guys at Engine Services in Musselburgh to the following spec at the cost of over 4.5K including the parts Stage 1cylinder head tune & high comp skim TRD 1mm head gasket CAT Cams 7105138 hot street/track profile using the correct CAT retainer set & HD spring set Genuine Toyota small port 11:1 pistons - weighed & balanced Forged steel H beam rods with ARP bolts ARP cylinder head stud kit Aisin OE spec oil & water pump ACL HD main & crank bearings Lightened flywheel Crank, flywheel & clutch assembly fully balanced. Engine is still running in on mineral oil with around 200 miles on it but it feels strong & will rev very well with the Cat 267/262 cams but remains very tractable at normal driving speeds, similar spec 4ages are running around 170-180bhp & rev to well over 8K While the engine was being rebuilt I had First Motion (Type 9 Specialists) strip & rebuild the gearbox to their FM298 heavy duty spec at the cost of 1K. Chassis wise the car was fully set up for fast road work with a set of matched & dynoed Protech coilovers by its previous owner I have treated it to a brand new set of gloss black 13" TD Pro 1.2's with Toyo 888's these have done half a track day & a small amount of road work, loads of life left in them, the car handles very well on road or track! Car has covered 7,336 miles in total & comes with mountains of detailed history & receipts. It has nice detailing like carbon dash, stack instrument cluster, Hawk fighter starter button tidy engine bay (I spent a day steam cleaning the engine bay while the engine & box were removed), lots of lock wiring, twin fuel pumps Cobra seats, Williams harness's the list goes on & I'm sure I've missed loads of stuff. I wouldn't describe the car as mint as it does have the odd mark here & there, its been used! but its in good clean condition. I'm looking for 7.5K for the car which I can assure you is a huge loss on what I've paid for it & have spent on it over the last cpl of years. If you have any questions please give me a ring or drop me a text on 07855443754
  14. Geordie-D

    Brian James Minno Covered Trailer SOLD

    No Idea John, I bought it from a guy in Leeds that was racing single seaters. I know he'd had it a few years.

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