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  1. Wowblaauw

    Dry sump push fit unions

    Pm sent
  2. Wowblaauw

    Oil 3x 1L SOLD

    See pm
  3. Wowblaauw

    Oil 3x 1L SOLD

    I’ll take them thanks Craig
  4. Wowblaauw

    SOLD Quick lift jack - long reach SOLD

    Hi, do you have any images? Craig
  5. Wowblaauw

    PRICE DROP again!!! box, prop, sump, ecu/loom

    Pm sent re prop
  6. Wowblaauw

    OMP wheel - SOLD

    Mark, I think this wheel is worth about a tenner plus post
  7. Wowblaauw

    Garage Clear Out

    Pm sent re cams and steering wheel hub thanks Craig
  8. Wowblaauw


    Hi, I’m interested in the sill protectors. Can you let me have dimensions please? Thanks,
  9. Wowblaauw

    Bit of a clearout.

    Hi, I’ll take the hydraulic master cylinder, pm on way
  10. Wowblaauw

    XE dry sump belts for SBD setup //

    Hi, I’ll take them for a tenner plus post. Cheers, Craig
  11. Wowblaauw

    Zetec 1.8 exhaust cam wanted

    All, Wanted!! Zetec 1.8ltr exhaust cam - must be in original and good condition. Thanks Craig
  12. Wowblaauw

    Ducting for nose cone NOW SOLD

    great, I'll take some measurements over the weekend and I'll let you know. Cheers Craig
  13. Wowblaauw

    Ducting for nose cone NOW SOLD

    width, height, and depth please
  14. Wowblaauw

    Ducting for nose cone NOW SOLD

    Hi, can you let me have some dimensions please - might have an application for this. Thanks Craig
  15. Wowblaauw

    Tailored Indoor Cover (sold)

    Oh yes please pm on way

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