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  1. Wowblaauw

    Diff, box, prop, engine, ecu/loom

    Pm sent re gearbox
  2. Wowblaauw

    Honda S2000 engine/supercharger parts/etc etc

    Hi, would you sell the damaged engine separately? Thanks Craig
  3. Wowblaauw

    Sold Venom Headlights

    Pm sent
  4. Wowblaauw

    Sold Venom Headlights

    Will this include an instruction manual on how to hook up? Thanks Craig
  5. Wowblaauw

    Zetec water pump

    Scott, received today, thank you very much. Cheers Craig
  6. Wowblaauw

    Zetec water pump

    I’ll take it if it’s still available - pm sent
  7. Wowblaauw

    *SOLD* Narrow tonneau and boot box cover.

    I’ll take it off your hands -pm on way
  8. Wowblaauw

    Zetec water pump

    What’s the new price please?
  9. Wowblaauw

    Bits and Pieces VERY cheap!

    Pm sent for agv and diff pump cheers craig
  10. Wowblaauw

    [SOLD] TRS 4 Point Harnesses

    Super, pm on way
  11. Wowblaauw

    [SOLD] TRS 4 Point Harnesses

    I'll take them if you include postage
  12. Wowblaauw

    Carbon NV Westfield carbon fibre half doors.. new

    Hi am interested, can you tell me whether or not these are for a wide or narrow car? Thanks, Craig
  13. Wowblaauw

    Carbon half doors - seconds - SOLD

    I’ll take them if they don’t sell. Thanks, Craig
  14. Wowblaauw

    Mocal Remote Oil Filter

    Hi, I’ll take the Mocal - please pm meyou oaypal address and I’ll send the dollar. cheers craig
  15. Wowblaauw

    Race Seat Mount - Adjustable (price reduced to £30)

    Many thanks for the update. If it’s ok with you I’ll check measurements tomorrow evening and get back to you. Thanks, Craig

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