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  1. Jim G

    classic shape or FW

    I’d go for either body shape, it would be spec and price that swayed me one way or the other.
  2. Jim G

    Whats yours called and why!

    ‘Rosie’ because the wife likes to name things..
  3. Jim G

    Worn out carpet in the drivers foot well

    I have no idea, I don’t have those mats, but I wouldn’t have thought it would make a difference. In my case, I can’t even stand resting my bare heels on the floor when sat, I need to hang them over a cushion.
  4. Jim G

    Worn out carpet in the drivers foot well

    Mine is the type 9 gearbox with a bit cut out of the tunnel for your left foot to rest in. Not sure what type it is? I think I have the same trouble as you with dodgy heels. Plantar fasciitis? Damn painful..
  5. Jim G

    Worn out carpet in the drivers foot well

    £37 doesn’t seem out of the way for a pair tailored carpets. If you went to your local carpet place they may be able to edge a mat for you, our will and it not too dear. Or you could just get some rubber matting off Ebay and make your own as I did. Item number 391874809107
  6. Jim G

    Fire extinguisher s

    This is the one I bought, perfect size for between the seats if you want. I keep it in a helmet bag behind the passenger seat Halford jobby
  7. Jim G

    It should have been so easy.....

    A couple of weeks ago now. They said they were not stocking it any more. Had proper reduced stickers on so not a mistake..
  8. Jim G

    Howwwww much!

    If yours was £27k new, 13 years ago, I don’t think £35-36k for a limited edition, if that’s your bag, is ridiculous. Overpriced, probably, but not when you consider what else, similar, you can get for that money.. If you want to talk having your trousers down, try looking at a Caterham!..
  9. Jim G

    It should have been so easy.....

    Our local Tesco had the Castrol magnatec 5w 30 on at £1.23 for 4 litres!.... We bought the lot!
  10. Jim G

    Howwwww much!

    If someone mocked me about how much I’d spent I’d tell them to get fooked! I certainly wouldn’t let it take the shine off my fun. Anyone who let it do that must be a bit uncomfortable with themselves about it anyway..
  11. Jim G

    Cat c Westfield

    From what I remember, it had had a bump on the near side front but it seemed to have been repaired well. The rear bodywork has some stickers in front of the boot lid, covering some light cracks. And the engine had a cracked mounting lug, in the offside front area, that had been repaired with what looked like araldite. This may have been fixed now though. The photo shows where the cracked mount was.
  12. Jim G

    Cat c Westfield

    I thought that car was sold? I had it in my garage for about two days..
  13. Jim G

    WSCC Magazine

    Hi Mark. Ive just had a look and my address is correct. Thanks - Jim
  14. Jim G

    WSCC Magazine

    I’m still on the winter 2017 mag. Have I missed one?
  15. Jim G

    Westfield 2.0 Duratec SEiw 2013-SOLD

    As long as there are plenty of build photos and receipts, the IVA and registration should be fairly straightforward.

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