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  1. Luigi_S

    1989 Westfield sei

    Deposit taken and soon to be given a new home in Devon!
  2. Luigi_S

    1989 Westfield sei

    Thanks I know wish I could keep it- I've just come back from a blast and it was fantastic- think I'll miss the noise most!
  3. Luigi_S

    1989 Westfield sei

    Hi up for sale is my narrow body Westfield. Originally built in 1989 my father in law purchased the car 12 years ago and carried out a ground up rebuild of the car- changing the colour from red to the now blue with silver stripe also fitting the Ford crossflow engine with the 711M block which was rebuilt by local builder Thatch using Kent cam and upgraded parts. He then sold the car due to having a big tax bill, to my Friends father in 2007. Unfortunately he could not use it due to a illness so it was in his garage from 2007 until I purchased the car in December 2016. I have now had the twin 40 carburettor fully rebuilt and set up by a local specialist, new facet fuel pump, new filter/regulator and new distributor. I also have renewed both front calipers and using mintex racing pads, The car went through its MOT at the centre that has been doing this car for 12 years- and I have been enjoying it on dry days going to work during the week and having fun at weekends! My wife is now expecting our first child so my long term plan of getting it perfect has gone! It runs very good and starts very quickly and is glorious to drive. The body work has got micro blisters in places but for the age of the car it still attracts attention from all. It has genuine Westfield seats fitted. The speedo has not worked for a long time due to cable so a digital speedo is included. Will make someone a good westie! £5500 Ono located in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire- car is taxed and insured so I'm happy to take people out on test drives. 07545962646 Luigi
  4. Luigi_S

    Brake refresh

    Hi, I got a set from my local factors jayar previously bucks autos £40+vat each just standard replacements.
  5. Luigi_S

    Brake refresh

    Thank you for your suggestions. Today I have replaced both calipers with new M16 type and mintex pads.... BUT in doing so I've now got a leak coming from one of the braided hoses actually from inside union (calliper side) does anyone have any idea of what kit I need to replace the goodridge hoses?
  6. Looking for a hose for my m16 type calliper- just fitting new calipers and the hose has decided to leak through the braid! Typical sunny weekend im located in Buckinghamshire but will travel to salvage the weekend
  7. Luigi_S

    Brake refresh

    Thank you all for your replies! It is indeed a crossflow you have all pretty much confirmed my thinking on the matter and I will just renew my current set up. does anyone recommend a particular brake pad? Also has anyone got part numbers for the M16 calipers, discs and pads. Also as someone mentioned I need to renew the rear wheel cylinders aswell but have no idea what they are? Is it case of removing and trying to match up at a factors.
  8. Luigi_S

    Brake refresh

    Hi, after getting my new Westfield back on the road after 7 years of no use the brakes calipers need replacing. I believe I have M16 type callipers fitted with solid discs. What do people recommend to do? I just replace for like for like, I've seen vented upgrade- is that worth it? The car will see no track work just some spirited driving at weekends etc thanks
  9. Luigi_S

    Coolant change on crossflow

    Thanks for all the information- I love this forum already! I've put a thin hose from the expansion bottle to the thermostat housing as- coolant was pouring out from from both outlets when hot so hopefully that has sorted that? The cap on top of the thermostat housing has no spring but the radiator has indeed got a spring.. does anybody know if that is correct? I'm getting so confused with all these caps.
  10. Luigi_S

    Coolant change on crossflow

    Hi guys, I'm trying to put coolant back in my crossflow. It has a heater- so has a ford expansion bottle, but I've also got a cap on the thermostat housing and on top of the radiator... my question is where do I actually fill it up from and is there a certain procedure and amount I put in also ive got a open outlet on the thermostat housing and also on the radiator are there meant to be little hose on them? Just to finish off by saying the car has been off the road for 6 years- so had no coolant in.
  11. Luigi_S

    Hello from Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

    Hi guys, does anyone know of any Westfield specialist/tuners in the Buckinghamshire area? Looking to get the xflow checked and set up and get a once over the whole "project" to see what I'm up against I'm really struggling with finding the time with work at the moment- I don't want to get to the point when the weather is improving but my Westfield isn't ready to use I know owning a kit car is all about DIY but i would love someone to get it usable for me then I could do all the fun bits like making it look lovely
  12. Luigi_S

    Hello from Aylesbury Buckinghamshire

    thank you everyone for the warm welcome, It's nice to know that there is a local place we can meet to talk cars- I hope to see people soon.
  13. Happy new year to everyone! My name is Luigi and I've just purchased a 1989 Westfield crossflow. It has not been used for 5 years but I have got it running. Im looking forward to modernising and improving to use as a weekend toy and hopefully use on track- but not sure if the cross flow is up to it.. I look forward to hopefully meeting some members at future events.

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