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  1. Unused boot box in ivory. £80 plus post. SOLD
  2. Not that easy to show on a photo but mine is more or less as the diagram with the proviso that the line from the header goes to the bottom hose on the radiator. I have an electric water pump so there is a plate over 1 and 2 and the supply from the electric pump goes in on the front of the engine where the original pump sat. 3 is to the top of the radiator. 5 joins with a bleed from the top of the radiator and then to the top of the header tank. 4 is plugged off. The plug incorporates the thermostatic switch for the fan.
  3. I had a similar problem with Sierra calipers which was solved by getting someone pushing the pedal rather than using a one man bleeding device. Seemed to need that extra push to get the fluid through. Now have Hi-Specs and bled them in a similar fashion without issue.
  4. I saw some 3D printed inlet stub trumpets for a 45 DCOE made by Swiftune that apparently gave an extra 3bhp on a mini miglia. Clearly could take the heat OK.
  5. I have booked this.
  6. Standard tank for SEI wide body. £40 plus postage or collect from Hereford.
  7. Set of AVO single adjustable dampers with 200lbs (rear) and 300lbs (front) springs. £100 plus postage or collect from Hereford.
  8. Approx 2 gallon fuel tank with fittings and sender unit. Brackets suit mounting on the sloping frame at the rear of the diff. Very little use. £60 plus postage or collect from Hereford.
  9. Price is £1800. Apologies for the omission.
  10. PRG covered trailer. Internal dimensions 5'7" W x 12'61/2" L x 4'8" H at ridge. OA width 7'2" and OA length 17'1". Gross W 1300kg, unladen W 450kg. I have had this trailer from new. It has been regularly serviced and recently fitted with new brake linings. The tyres are the correct 5 ply steel belted and were renewed in 2016. It tows superbly and quietly at the legal limit and being single axle is highly maneuverable when unhitched. Comes complete with ramps, winch, jockey wheel and rear props. Please call 07831424667
  11. I have just started a rebuild on my Zetec SE (Puma). The Ford manual says that the main bearings should not be dismantled whihc is a bit limiting in terms of inspection and possible replacement. I have found posts on other sites from a number of people who seem to have successfully ignored this. However it is a big step and I wondered f any member has experience of rebuilding this engine? Thanks, Martin
  12. The only 2 ways that I can think of are either the fulcrum point where the clevis on the master cylinder meets the pedal or the bore of the master cylinder. A smaller bore will give more travel but less effort whereas a larger bore will give the reverse. I did find an xl spread sheet that will calculate the correct size of everything but you do need to enter a lot of data on front and rear weight distribution, brake cylinder sizes, disc size and even C of G height. Anyone interested in going that far I will see if I can find it.
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